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If you want to stay healthy a mattress cleaning once or twice a year could help tremendously and our staff in Lewisham could provide a thorough and well priced service for you. The more mattresses you need cleaned the better the prices of our services are and especially if you want to clean the beds of the whole family you'll be really happy to see how affordable it could be done. The cleaners of Royal Cleaning have done hundreds of mattress cleaning sessions for the last year alone and we've left the beds of all of our customers in Lewisham healthier and much cleaner than before, ensuring that no allergic reactions to dust mites will occur. Follow the example of many others before you and contact us at - 020 8050 2865 where a Royal Cleaning representative will give you a quote for your particular needs. If you need us to do the job with green cleaning products, we could do this at no extra cost! The best part is the guarantee that if we miss something - every customer of our mattress cleaning in Lewisham is entitled to a free re-clean within 48 hours of the first job.

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Our long experience in the cleaning industry in the Lewisham has showed us what our customers expect from a mattress cleaning and we have developed a method which completely satisfies even the most demanding customers. Call us at 020 8050 2865 and we will take care of the rest for you!

Our services are tailored to the demands of the customers, but whatever they want, we always make sure they get. We use non toxic detergents which are mild to the skin and do not summon allergic reactions to the people using the mattresses and most importantly, the beds are ready to use in just about one hour after our job is done!


Mattress cleaning Lewisham

Spores and other awful critters are what I have strongest allergiecs towards, but the dust mites are not an exception and if I don't get a regular mattress cleaning, these allergies appear and make it hard for me to breathe. The job which your team did for me two weeks ago helped a lot with that and I'm planning a one-off Spring session with these same people in a couple of months. Let me know if you have any special deals in April!

Margart Maricle - Lewisham
Mattress cleaners Lewisham

Every year around May our whole house in Lewisham undergoes a thorough cleaning called Spring cleaning or something like that by the pros from RC. It includes a deep steam clean of carpets, upholstery and the mattress cleaning that we need so badly.

Jacqui Kimbrel - Lewisham

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Our call operators and customer support staff is ready to answer any of your queries and give you a precise quote over the phone or via email. Just call us at 020 8050 2865 or send us an email