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Mattress cleaning can be a bit of a hassle and that’s exactly why we at Royal Cleaning in Lambeth take our time when performing this service so that you get the best possible cleaning service within this borough. Our prices are always wallet friendly, regardless of the type or the size of your mattress. Be it a king size or a queen size bed or even a single mattress our prices will simply put a smile on your face. Besides that, we always use non toxic detergents, but instead use green cleaning products which are skin and environment friendly and won’t cause any allergies. Feel free to call us at - 020 8050 2865 and one of our friendly customer service agents will answer any additional questions that you could have about the mattress cleaning we offer in Lambeth.

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Our long experience in the cleaning industry in the Lambeth has showed us what our customers expect from a mattress cleaning and we have developed a method which completely satisfies even the most demanding customers. Call us at 020 8050 2865 and we will take care of the rest for you!

Our services are tailored to the demands of the customers, but whatever they want, we always make sure they get. We use non toxic detergents which are mild to the skin and do not summon allergic reactions to the people using the mattresses and most importantly, the beds are ready to use in just about one hour after our job is done!


Mattress cleaning Lambeth

It's a real treat to see the employees of Royal Clening do their magic and I for one was pleased with what results their mattress steam cleaning delivered. A chocolate stain which was not coming off whatever I tried, was removed in just about 30 minutes by them and when I saw the quality of the work, I required all mattresses of my home in Lambeth to be thoroughly steam treated. After that a Scotchgard protection and we were ready to sleep there for days.

Daisy Glover - Lambeth
Mattress cleaners Lambeth

A steam cleaning machine is quite expensive to buy, but with the low rates of Royal Cleaning I can enjoy the effect of it pretty often in my home. I get my mattresses cleaned at least a couple of times a year and my upholstery steam cleaned even more often and I have to say that Royal Cleaning are the pick you want to make for these two services, guaranteed!

Lucille Nelson - Lambeth

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