The area where we provide end of tenancy cleaning is located south of Wandsworth, east of Kingston upon Thames. Wimbledon is one of the areas within the SW19 and SW20 postal districts so if you got on this page by looking these post codes up you're in the right place and can call us at 020 8050 2865.

More about the end of tenancy cleaning we carry out in Wimbledon SW19

Our cleaning staff is one of the best in the industry not only in London and Wimbledon, but in the whole United Kingdom. This is because all of our representatives have been through a thorough training where they learn the small details that separate a good cleaner fron a great cleaner Here are some of the things that make our end of tenancy cleaning experts the best in the business.

How can I book end of tenancy cleaning in Wimbledon SW19

We offer 3 options to do that. Booking our end of tenancy cleaning service is simple and hassle-free. We offer three convenient ways to book, so you can choose the option that works best for you.


Our live chat feature is available on our website and offers quick and easy booking. Simply click on the live chat icon and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be available to assist you. They will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Booking through live chat is a modern and efficient way to secure your end of tenancy cleaning service.


If you prefer to book through email, simply send us a message at [insert email address]. Our team will respond promptly and guide you through the booking process. Email is a great option for those who prefer written communication or need to provide additional details about their booking.


For a more traditional booking experience, you can give us a call. Our customer service team is available to answer your call and help you >book your end of tenancy cleaning service. Calling is a great option for those who have questions or concerns that need to be addressed over the phone.

No matter which booking option you choose, our team is dedicated to providing you with a seamless and stress-free experience.
Our end of tenancy cleaning teams have carried out thousands of jobs in Wimbledon and the surrounding SW19 areas in the past years. They have learned how to pay attention to the smallest details just as much as they do to the big picture.

End of tenancy cleaning Wimbledon SW19 prices

Property Type Excluding professional carpet cleaning Including professional carpet cleaning
Studio Flat From £89 From £119
1 Bedroom property From £122 From £155
2 Bedroom property From £149 From £199
3 Bedroom Property From £198 From £249

Our End of tenancy cleaning Wimbledon SW19
4.5 stars - based on 770 reviews

How we ensure you get your deposit back with our tenancy cleaning

As a professional end of tenancy cleaning company in Wimbledon, we understand the importance of a full deposit return for our clients. We take several steps to ensure the property is left in a clean and tidy condition to satisfy the landlord's requirements.

Our experienced cleaners pay close attention to detail when cleaning the property, including all appliances, surfaces, floors, and windows. We use high-quality cleaning products and equipment to ensure the best results possible. Additionally, we check for any damages or issues that may affect the deposit return and inform the client in advance.

Deposit back disclaimer

While we strive to ensure a full deposit return for our clients, we cannot guarantee it. Factors such as damage to the property, non-cleaning-related issues, and specific terms in the tenancy agreement can affect the outcome. It's important for tenants to review their tenancy agreement and understand their obligations before moving out.

We also recommend tenants to take photos of the property before and after the cleaning to document the condition of the property. This can help in case of any disputes over the deposit return.

At the end of the cleaning, we provide a detailed checklist of the services provided and encourage clients to inspect the property to ensure satisfaction. We're committed to providing a high-quality end of tenancy cleaning service and helping our clients get their full deposit return, but we cannot guarantee it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the service take in general?

The duration of our end of tenancy cleaning service varies depending on the number of rooms and their condition. While we work efficiently to complete the job in a timely manner, we do not impose any specific time limit on our cleaning service. Our experienced cleaners take pride in their work and are committed to ensuring that every room meets our high standards of cleanliness. We take every necessary step to ensure that our service is thorough and effective, leaving no corner overlooked. With our end of tenancy cleaning service, you can be confident that your property will be left spotless and ready for the next occupants.

Do you offer weekend sessions

Our cleaning company provides weekend and bank holiday cleaning services to fit your busy schedule. Our skilled cleaning teams are dedicated to providing high-quality cleaning services every day of the week.

Can I reschedule and in what cases?

If any changes are required to your booking, we are ready to assist you over the phone, livechat or e-mail. Simply contact us with the new details, and we will handle the rest. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise, and we are prepared to be accommodating and flexible. Please be advised that we require a minimum of 24 hours notice to adjust our schedule accordingly. This enables us to ensure that our cleaning team is fully prepared to provide you with the exceptional service that you expect and deserve.

Does this service guarantee my deposit back?

At Royal Cleaning, we strive to provide the highest standard of end of tenancy cleaning services to ensure our clients have the best possible chance of receiving their full deposit back. However, while we are confident in our ability to meet the expectations of landlords and estate agents, we cannot guarantee that all deposits will be returned in full. Factors outside of our control, such as specific terms and conditions outlined in the lease agreement, pre-existing damages, and unforeseen issues, may impact the amount of the deposit returned. Nonetheless, we assure you that our cleaning teams work diligently to provide a positive cleaning experience and address any landlord or estate agent concerns promptly.

Am I required to do something prior to the job?

To ensure that our cleaning team can provide the best possible service, please ensure that the property has functional electricity, hot running water, and working lights before their arrival. Additionally, defrosting the fridge and freezer and removing personal belongings from the space will aid in providing a comprehensive and efficient cleaning. These basic preparations will ensure that we meet your expectations and deliver exceptional results .

Do I need to arrange parking?

In the event that arranging a nearby parking spot for our cleaning team is not feasible and you have not way to do it, kindly inform us in advance. We'll handle the matter promptly by locating a parking spot for our team for the duration of the cleaning session. Please be aware that any parking fees incurred will need to be paid by the client. However, we will inform you of any additional costs beforehand to ensure complete transparency, something Royal Cleaning is known for.

How about detergents, do I need to provide them?

We come fully equipped with top-quality cleaning supplies and equipment so you can have a hands-off experience. Our eco-friendly products ensure that your living or working space is not only spotless but also safe for the environment. Enjoy peace of mind with our commitment to providing top-notch cleaning services that are sustainable and effective.

I can't be there to let the cleaners in, can we still go ahead?

At Royal Cleaning, we recognize the challenges involved in coordinating key pickups, especially when you won't be present during our cleaning service. To ensure a smooth and stress-free process, we offer flexible options for key pickup, including arranging to collect them from your estate agents or allowing you to leave them in a secure location. We prioritize meeting our clients' specific requests and requirements to make the experience as convenient as possible for them. Please inform us in advance of any such requests or requirements so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Why our cleaners love when they get a cleaning job in Wimbledon

As a professional cleaning company operating in the Wimbledon SW19 area, Royal Cleaning and our cleaning teams are proud to serve this unique and vibrant part of London. With its rich history, beautiful green spaces, and strong community spirit, Wimbledon truly is a remarkable place to live and work .

One of the things we love about operating in Wimbledon is the diversity of the area. From the bustling town center to the quieter residential areas, each part of Wimbledon has its own distinct character and charm. This means that there is always something new and interesting to discover, whether we're exploring the shops and cafes on the high street or taking a stroll through the local parks and gardens. Wimbledon is truly a sight to behold, especially in Spring!

Another thing that makes Wimbledon such a great place to work is the sense of community that exists here. The local residents are friendly and welcoming, and we always feel like we're part of a larger family when we're working in the area. We also appreciate the strong sense of civic pride that exists in Wimbledon, with many residents taking an active role in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the area. More ofthen than not we'd stumble upon someone watering their plants, cleaning their patio or sweeping leafs from the sidewalk. .

Of course, one of the main reasons we love operating in Wimbledon is the opportunity to help local residents keep their homes and businesses clean and tidy. Whether it's providing end of tenancy cleaning services to help tenants get their full deposit back, or offering regular cleaning services to busy professionals and families, we take pride in helping our clients maintain clean and healthy living and working environments. Landlords in the area have proven themselves as some of the people that take the most pride in their properties and we try to reflect that in the end of tenancy cleaning service we offer to them.
Last but not least, we appreciate the convenience and accessibility of Wimbledon as a location. With excellent transport links and infrastructure getting to and from Wimbledon is easy and hassle-free. This makes it easy for us to serve clients throughout the area, whether they're located in the heart of the town or in the outskirts.

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end of tenancy cleaning Wimbledon SW19

I've grown to love Wimbledon and the whole south-west part of London where I've lived my whole life. Calling your end of tenancy cleaners was a hard task for me as it meant that I would have to move out soon, but your friendly staff helped me go through it talking to me during the whole session. Great company and a 5 star rating!

Johnny D. - Wimbledon SW19
end of tenancy cleaners in Wimbledon SW19

Your company is an example on how every business should work in the UK. I was so pleased with everything from the call operators to the friendly staff that I even gave your end of tenancy cleaners a tip!

Scarlett O. - Wimbledon SW19

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