With Royal Cleaning you are surely going to get three really importat things that you are certainly looking for in your search for reliable cleaners in the city of Oxford.

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Cheap end of tenancy cleaning Oxford
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Professional end of tenancy cleaning Oxford
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Guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning Oxford

No matter how bad your tenants left your property in Oxford, our end of tenancy cleaning teams based locally in the town can make it shine again. Our Royal class services are affordable and our name and services are the only thing that will feel royal to you. The prices are the best in Oxford and the whole OX postal town, but don't take our word for it. Call as many of our competitors you want, then call us and see for yourself. Royal end of tenancy cleaning - just one call away - 01865 570870. The office associates will describe the whole procedure and you'll fall in love with the services we offer, that's a promise. Our move out cleaning London teams are just as good as our Oxford teams, so if you're moving to the capital and require move in or out cleaning there, we can help with that as well.

More about the End of tenancy cleaning we do in Oxford

Royal Cleaning now offers high quality standards for post tenancy cleaning in Oxford as well. We've opened up an office and got local cleaners in your area now too, so if you're moving away from your old house into a new one, there's only one option if you want high quality and professionalism. Call us today at our toll free number - 01865 570870 and we'll make sure that you not only get a professional service, but you get amazing value and low prices too. Royal Cleaning is your friend when it comes to moving and we'd love to help you make the transition as smooth as possible.

Here's what we offer tenants looking for end of tenancy cleaning in FAB Oxford

Here's what landlords can expect from our end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford

With the past few months we've developed a new better way to serve our customers in Oxford and the nearby areas which have OX in their postcode. Everyone here at Royal Cleaning is really excited to let you know that we've acquired some new cleaners which are local to the area and are equipped with our latest cleaning machines. Everyone of them has been carefully vetted by our HR team and is CRB checked so there aren't any questions whether you can trust them with your house or not. Royal Cleaning guarantees the integrity of our end of tenancy cleaning teams in the city of Oxford and all jobs are covered by our 200% guarantee, just like our other services in London. Please feel free to call our Toll free number 7 days a week with any questions regarding the end of tenancy cleaning we offer in Oxford. Our call centre staff will gladly answer your queries and would love to chat a bit about the other services we can offer you in London and Oxford as well

Property Type Excluding professional carpet cleaning Including professional carpet cleaning
Studio Flat From £99 From £119
1 Bedroom property From £129 From £149
2 Bedroom property From £169 From £189
3 Bedroom Property From £189 From £219
4 Bedroom Property From £229 From £279
5 Bedroom Property From £259 From £319

Move out cleaning sessions carried out in Oxford.

Two bedroom apartment we have cleaned in Oxford OX1 1LE

End of tenancy cleaning done in OX1 1UD Property for the price of 179GBP inclusive all taxes. A two bedroom apartment where we’ve cleaned the living room, a kitchen, a bathroom as well as the kitchen oven, fridge and microwave. The property was located on Norfolk street near the Oxford Castle and the whole move out cleaning session took our professional technicians approximately 3 hours to complete. The client has since contacted us for regular house cleaning and also left us a glowing recommendation, which you can find in the section More happy clients.

Another two bedroom flat in OX2 7XD which was cleaned thoroughly for the price of £169.00 inclusive taxes and our own equipment, cleaning materials and detergents. We always bring our own products no matter where and what needs to be cleaned and we’ve been dealt with thousands of properties already, leaving happy clients everywhere we go. In this particular case the cleaning session took about 3.5 hours, but the 2 bedroom flat located on Water Eaton Road road was left spotless, ready for the new tenants to move in. Just another bright example of how fantastic our end of tenancy cleaning is and has been in the past 3 years since we started working in Oxford.

Two bedroom flat in OX2 7XD thoroughly cleaned.

End of tenancy cleaning carried in OX3 0HP

Another OX3 0HP property where we’ve left great impressions on both the leaving tenants and the property owner himself. The cleaning of the house which is located at 25 Weldon Road took about 3.5 hours to complete, but there were flights of stairs which were carpeted which needed to be cleaned. Cleaning carpeted flights of stairs is a time consuming job, especially when done right and we strive to be best when it comes not only to end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford, but also when it comes to other services such as carpet cleaning as well. Just a normal day’s work, making the life of people in Oxford just a tad bit easier.

The cleaning of this large house on 59 Marston Street, just across St Stephens House in Oxford is something that took a bit longer than expected. The place needed some serious work and considering it’s a 4 bedroom house with carpets throughout, we simply had to work a bit more to make the place spotless. The size of the property doesn’t scare our professional end of tenancy cleaning crew in Oxford OX4 1JU and we managed to make the place shine in a bit longer than 4 hours. Cleaning carpets of multiple bedrooms, taking care of the kitchen along with a few kitchen appliances, such as the oven and the fridge added on top of the price of the cleaning, but the total was just under £390, which our client was more than happy to pay after he saw the results of our work.

Carpet and end of tenancy cleaning was carried out on this 4 bedroom house in OX4 1JU

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Although our work hours are listed here and we only appear to work during the standard daily work hours, our cleaning technicians are available even after hours and even for overnight end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford. Move out cleaning is our specialty and we understand how important it is to be able to get the service you expect even if you call in the last possible minute. We're one of the few companies which offer the service even during night hours and although an additional fee is required, having the end of tenancy cleaning done and getting the security deposit back far outweighs the additional overnight cleaning fee. To enquire about our overnight cleaning fees, please contact us over the phone, as our call centre staff works 24/7 and we're available round the clock to help you with your cleaning requests any time of the day 7 days a week. From Monday throughout the week including Sunday, our friendly office staff will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you get your security deposit back with minimum efforts required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer a any discounts for students in the Oxford university or are there any additional discounts that you could offer to people working in the University at all.

As we try to be involved in the community as much as possible, we do offer additional discounts and reductions to the regular price of the end of tenancy cleaning service to both people studying in the Oxford university and people employed by it. If you do happen to be a student at the University of Oxford, feel free to use the coupon code “OXUNI” to get an additional price reduction of the service.

Q. Do you have any plans on making your end of tenancy cleaning service available in any other parts of Oxfordshire and if yes, which parts of Oxfordhshire are you planning on covering first.

We do already offer end of tenancy cleaning coverage to the following cities near Oxford in the Oxfordshire county. Places such as Banbury, Cotswolds, Iffley and many others. There’s an extensive list of postcodes that we’re offer our end of tenancy cleaning services for and the list is always expanding and growing. If you’re uncertain if we do cover the area you’re living in, just give us a call on our Toll free numbers and receive a free quote from one of our friendly phone call representatives.

Q. Are you looking for new employees or recruiting new cleaners in the Oxford area?

Currently there aren’t any new free spots on our team of professional end of tenancy cleaning technicians in the Oxford area. We’re planning on expanding the team soon though so feel free to check out our Facebook page for updates about such openings, as we’ll post the ad there as well.

Q. What are the reasons you do not have a precise price list on your website, so I have to call you over the phone to obtain a detailed quote.

Dealing with hundreds of end of tenancy cleaning jobs on a monthly basis has taught us that it’s important to get to know the client well and obtain as much information about the property they need the job done at in order to be able to provide them with a precise quote and not mislead them when pricing the service. We try to be as transparent in terms of pricing as possible and our clients can get detailed information on the price of the cleaning per room and per item if they wish to do so. Suffice to say, our prices are the best for end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford. This is why we need to hear the details about your property in order to be able to help you save money and still get the best end of tenancy cleaning possible and the most value per pound paid.

Q. Do you offer any price discounts for seniors or people with disabilities.

At the moment we still do not have specific prices or discount codes or coupons for senior citizens or people with disabilities, but as we understand that they both the elderly and clients with disabilities are just as important as any other type of client, but might not have the same meanings to afford our services, we are more than happy to offer discounts to them. We simply require a phone call to our office and mentioning that you’re either an elderly person or someone with disabilities and we’ll offer you a custom discount based on the type of property that requires end of tenancy cleaning.


Carpet and end of tenancy cleaning was carried out on this property in Oxford

I was studying in Oxford and when I got my bachelors's degree I had to move out to London. Fortunately Royal Cleaning was providing end of tenancy cleaning all the way down in Oxford. I know that it's a small town, but apparently there are companies providing this service in here too.

-Roger F. Oxford OX1
Property located in Oxford on Leckford Road cleaned by Royal Cleaning

I often have tenants that study in the university of Oxford and I have to get their apartments cleaned up for the next ones after they graduate. Royal Cleaning is a local company and has really good rates for end of tenancy cleaning!

Caroline V. Oxford OX2

End of tenancy cleaning in Oxford
5 stars rating
4.8 stars - based on 11 reviews

There are a number of reasons why a landlord won't like to give your deposit back, but a property that hasn't been cleaned is on the top of it. Tenants in London might be the ones that are the most demanding, but the people of Oxford aren't far behind. Truth be told, you wouldn't want to pay a high price for a place that doesn't look it's best the first time you see it. First impressions are without a doubt extremely important and we at Royal Cleaning understand that. This is the reason why our end of tenancy cleaning Oxford service exists in the first place. We want to help landlords show their properties in the very best light possible, which results in them being able to ask for a higher rent. In case you are a tenant, we can help you as well, because our end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford is tailored around the requirements of estate agents and landlords too. The way the property looks is a guarantee that both your landlord could ask for more after you leave and a guarantee that you will receive your security deposit in full.

Tenancy agreements are hard and that's well known. This is why our Oxford tenancy cleaners are prepared to help and enable you to reclaim your security bond. We strive to achieve excellence and that's the reason why we have now changed our 48 hour free re-clean policy into a 72 hour one. We know that scheduling your cleaning is sometimes hard and getting your job, kids or other stuff might get in the way. That is why we now offer this seventy two hour policy, so you can get to the property you are vacating in Oxford and simply check if it's up to the standards and requirements of the person who has your bond. We are sure that this end of tenancy cleaning is the simplest way to get the hefthy amount you left back and honestly, we haven't come accross any other company that offers such a guarantee as we do in this part of Oxfordshire.
Get in touch with our phone call operators and we promise to offer you a cheap end of tenancy cleaning Oxford. The prices we have are custom tailored around the property, the condition it's in and a number of other factors that we calculate before giving you a final price. Also our prices are final and fixed, so you needn't worry for extra fees, once our cleaners are on site.

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