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Since we stepped on the market 15 years ago, the name Royal Cleaning has always been a name which means high quality, amazing standards and a level of professionalism no other end of tenancy cleaning company in London could offer. We have been working closely with the help of a few of the biggest letting agencies in London to ensure that our end of tenancy check list answers all of their requirements as well as the requirements of the most demanding landlords. Hundreds of customers all over London have already claimed their security deposits back and received them, as our service left the vacated properties sparkling and ready to welcome their new tenants.

Perks you could enjoy as a part of our end of tenancy cleaning in London

The reasons why we believe that our end of tenancy cleaning in London is simply outstanding:

While we've been an industry leading company for about 10 years so far, we never stopped evolving and making things better and more affordable for all of our customers. At Royal Cleaning we know that in order to stay on top, you've got to keep working hard and be better than anyone else. And as much as we pride ourselves with the great customer feedback we receive with every end of tenancy cleaning we do in London, we know that we have to keep improving, if we're to retain the trust that we've built all these years.

End of tenancy cleaning LondonWe believe that in order to perform the perfect end of tenancy cleaning in London, you've got to first understand your clients. That's why we love it when you give us your feedback. Since the first end of tenancy customer we've had in London, a few hundred people every year have taken advantage of our services and each and every one of them has made us better. End of tenancy cleaning in London simplified! Not only we offer the easiest way to book your end of tenancy cleaning, but we can also help with your move too. Once you've booked the post tenancy cleaning, we can easily organize a man and van service for you as well. Simple, just like we've promised!

With every single tenancy cleaning or move out service you get, a credit is put on your personal account with us and if you change houses really often, our service becomes even more affordable for you. At the rates at which we're expanding our business, we're hoping that soon we'll cover the whole South East part of England and we'll be able to help with your apartment or house changing even if your new home isn't in London.

The friendly, fully vetted, highly equipped and trained cleaning technicians that we'll send to your home are exactly the thing you need in order to reclaim your security deposit and we know that this is what you care about the most. The reality is that post tenancy cleaning is the least of your concerns when you're moving to a new home. Let us help you with the transition whenever you need it. Our flexible schedule is tailored around your requirements and we always put the customer first and everything else second.

Our prices are also wallet-friendly. You would never have to pay extra when you're booking your end of tenancy cleaning with us. We know exactly what the prices related to changing houses are, which was the reason we've scaled everything around this service, so you pay the least possible amount, getting the best quality possible at the same time.

How do you go about booking an appointment with our friendly crew:

carpet cleaning part of end of tenancy check listBooking an end of tenancy cleaning in London has never been easier. One of the many reasons why we're able to offer you such great prices and flexibility in terms of scheduling the session, is that we have people working 24/7 to answer your queries. This means that we almost never get any cancelled jobs, as we're always ready to help and make the post tenancy cleaning as effortless for you as possible. As we already mentioned, there simply aren't any cleaning companies in London which offer such amazing value and there definitely aren't any others which offer the same customer support as we do. That's the reason we call ourselves Royal Cleaning!

The booking process with us is streamlined to three separate options, all of which are made to simplify everything for the end user. We offer the option that you contact us via live chat, where you'll go over the details of your property in London with one of our office members, which will instantly give you a free no obligation quote - the best possible in London. The second option is that you call us at 020 8050 2865 where one of our polite and trained call operators will do the same, answering your queries and questions in detail providing you with a price you'll love. The third and least preferable option, that some of our customers still use is contacting us via email. You can always send your query to info at royal-cleaning.co.uk. This method takes the most time, but you will still get the answers you want within 30 minutes of your initial email.

So let's sum it up and check how booking your service with us will go.

  • Get a quote fast Get answered in no longer than 30 minutes
  • Get the next available cleaner We offer you a cleaner which will answer all your criteria at a time convenient for you.
  • The insured trusted cleaner comes and performs the end of tenancy cleaning A reliable, insured and trusted cleaner comes and does the end of tenancy up to the highest standards in London and South East England.

At this point you are probably already convinced that we offer the best after tenancy cleaning in London, but if you want to see what others said about our professionalism and quality of work in London, here's what some of our satisfied customers have said and how they saw our end of tenancy cleaning service in London through the customer's perspective.

Lots of satisfied customers took the time to leave feedback about our end of tenancy cleaning service in London

The service which Royal Cleaning perform is something else entirely. I honestly didn't really care what they would do, as long as they can get my landlord to get me my security deposit back from the annoying landlord, which I was moving because of in the first place. To say that they delivered is a serious understatement. I had never seen a company in London that offers such quality before and I immediately became a customer of their regular cleaning too!

Cynthia Kosloski - London

Although it might sound like a story or a bit of a long testimonial for a service as simple as end of tenancy cleaning, the one I used before I moved out of London - Royal Cleaning went above and beyond to deliver fantastic results at an amazing price. I'd recommend them to family and friends any day of the week!

Walter Alberts - London

End of tenancy cleaning testimonial from Cynthia of London

End of tenancy cleaning in London testimonial from Walter