What makes our tenancy cleaning different

From the very beginning when you find out that you can book online your service and use fully trained teams at super competitive prices, you should know that Royal Cleaning is the right choice. There are many cleaning companies on the Brixton market for tenancy cleans, but the excellent service that we offer is second to none.

One of the main differentiators is the free re-clean guarantee that we offer for our tenancy cleaning. The tenancy cleaning teams we work with are definitely going to do a great job and the reason for that is that we've worked tirelessly with estate agents to ensure our tenancy cleaning services follow their requirements and the requirements for deep clean of landlords and property management firms.

We offer a free re-clean guarantee that ensures you get your security deposit back in full and with an average rating of over 4.5 stars on TrustPilot and other popular platforms you can rest assured Royal Cleaning's the right company for the job.

Frequently asked questions about our tenancy cleaning in Brixton

Does the service include deep cleaning of the carpets ?
Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning are not part of the standard cleaning service, but they can be booked additionally at a heavily discounted price. Steam cleaning of the carpets ensures they are fresh and the new tenants will definitely thank you for that, while the landlord will probably leave you with a glowing reference.
Do I need to provide the cleaning materials to the cleaning team?
Not at all, we bring all of the necessary cleaning solutions and equipment ourselves. Our teams use special high quality cleaning products to get the property cleaned to the best possible standard.
What does it mean to have a fully guaranteed service?
A fully guaranteed service means that in case the estate agents or landlord you are dealing with have any complaints about the condition of the property at the end of our service and require any additional touch-ups before the new tenants move in, we'll come back and do a free re-clean at no additional cost.
Does the tenancy cleaning service include oven cleaning?
Oven cleaning is not included in the service by default. The oven will be cleaned from the outside, but will not undergo deep cleaning. Some of our clients book this as heavy usage of the oven might mean the oven can only be left in a pristine condition after a deep clean. You can also add extractor fan cleaning at no extra cost to the end of tenancy cleaning if you book deep cleaning of the oven.
Do you only work during the week?
Our teams are available 7 days a week and we can work around your schedule as customer satisfaction is what matters most to our cleaning company.
How long I need the cleaning service should I book the appointment?
Normally we can help out even with a very short notice and neither the cost nor the quality of the service will be compromised.
Should I provide you with a list of specific requirements?
Not necessary at all, as we have an extensive task list that you can read below. Said task makes our cleaners efficient and the services almost always deliver the expected result.
If I need to move to a different part of South London, can you help with that too?
Yes, we cover all of the neighbouring areas and it doesn't really matter where the new property is located, our efficient services are available to you. The house you are moving out of can be in a different part of London and our cleaning company can still help out. Just make sure to let us know in advance, so we can ensure carpet cleaning can be provided in that area as well.
I live in Brixton, but need the end of tenancy cleaning performed elsewhere, can you help?
We definitely can, our company offers high quality end of tenancy and carpet cleaning services throughout London, not only Brixton. If you have a house, a flat or any type of rental unit on the other side of London, we can still assist and would gladly do so.
What are potential problems during the end of tenancy clean which might cause issues and prevent you from doing a great job.
Furniture or personal belongings could cause issues with both the end of tenancy cleaning service as well as with a possible additional professional carpet cleaning. Make sure that all personal belongings are out of the property before the day of the session. Our cleaners will not move any furniture that can not easily be moved by one person, so that might cause issues with the carpet cleaning, should you have that service booked.
Are your cleaners from Brixton?
Some of our cleaners live nearby the area, but we currently don't have any local teams located in Brixton. That said, we do provide our services there and are a short phone call away.
Do you have many customers in Brixton ?
We've dealt with hundreds of clients from both Brixton and the borough of Lambeth.
Yes, we cover all of the neighbouring areas and it doesn't really matter where the new property is located, our efficient services are available to you. The house you are moving out of can be in a different part of London and our cleaning company can still help out. Just make sure to let us know in advance, so we can ensure carpet cleaning can be provided in that area as well.

Professional end of tenancy cleaning task list that we use

  1. Cleaning of the bathroom tiles, shower room, disinfecting tiles, mirrors and other surfaces.
  2. Cleaning of cupboards, cutting boards and all of the other surfaces in the kitchen, along with kitchen appliances being cleaned externally.
  3. Hovering and mopping floors
  4. Clean all surfaces thoroughly ensuring there's no dust or grime left.
  5. Clean radiators, light fixtures, shelves, door frames, window frames, etc.

What's the average rating of your tenancy cleaning service

We're one of the highest rated companies in the Brixton area as well as London in general

Our teams have an excellent rating of 4.3 / 5 stars on TrustPilot and our rating is very high throughout most rating tracking websites where customers are allowed to leave honest reviews about a cleaning company.

Easiest way to get in touch about a tenancy cleaning

We support a few different otpions, such as phone, email and livechat. If you'd like to get in touch quickly and easily without waiting for us to get back, the best option remains a phone call.

If you contact us over email, please pay attention to the content of our email correspondence as it contains detailed information about the end of tenancy.

Get in touch with us for a move out cleaning and take advantage of our high standard service.

Parts of Brixton and the Royal Cleaning Banner

No matter if you're leaving your old house behind tomorrow or in a week, the end of tenancy cleaning is an inevitable part of your relocation If your old home was in Brixton SW2, then you're in luck, because Royal Cleaning offers this type of service to the residents of this area. After working along with real estate and letting agents as well as landlord from Brixton SW2 we have been able to create the ultimate check list for end of tenancy cleaning and you could take advantage of it at the best prices in the city. To do so or at least get a free no obligation quote for this service on your property, simply call 020 8050 2865 and ask one of our professional and polite call operators about it. They will make sure that you get the best price possible for our award winning service.

More about the end of tenancy cleaning we do in Brixton SW2

An industry leader always keeps improving and this is what Royal Cleaning has been doing for a lot of years now. We constantly upgrade the services that we provide to landlords and tenants to meet their every need. Below you can see why we have been able to stay ahead for so many years and people from Brixton love us:

Main benefits of the end of tenancy cleaning

Brixton SW2 is one of the areas where if you call - 020 8050 2865 we at Royal Cleaning guarantee you the best end of tenancy cleaning price possible. Our staff could be reached through email or by using our booking form as well.

End of tenancy cleaning Brixton SW2 prices

Property Type Excluding carpet steam cleaning Including professional steam cleaning
Studio Flat From £89 From £119
1 Bedroom property From £122 From £155
2 Bedroom property From £149 From £199
3 Bedroom Property From £198 From £249

Our End of tenancy cleaning Brixton SW2
4.9 stars - based on 3 reviews


end of tenancy cleaning Brixton SW2

I don't need to look for cleaning company any more. You did everything from top to bottom..carpets,upholstery ,oven. Fantastic end of tenancy cleaning. I'll let my brother know, he's also moving soon. Regards.

Noah Sloanberg - Brixton SW2
end of tenancy cleaners in Brixton SW2

I yesterday had an end of lease cleaning session with you guys and I am so happy. My old carpets looks amazing, too bad I won't be living in this apartment anymore. Pass along a huge thanks to your polite operator Jim and your professional cleaners.

Sheela Konsa - Brixton SW2

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