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What carpet cleaning methods do we use?

The service that our teams carry out is done by using the method which will suit the fabric of your carpets best. Some carpets and rugs are made out of natural fabrics and others are made out of artificial materials. As you probably guessed the two kinds couldn't be cleaned using the same techniques and equipment. Fortunately our cleaners know exactly how to treat each and every time of carpet, because our years of experience have thought us how the individual materials behave when treated with watter, steam or detergents.

It is very important for our customers from London and Greater London to understand that carpet stains are much easier to clean when they are still fresh. If the stain is left with time it gets harder to remove and this could mean that it will take more time for the cleaners to get it off. Our professional teams always give advises to customers like this to ensure that they keep their homes sparkling clean.

It is also important to know that all stains are not created equal, just like the different fabrics are not all the same.Stains which have an artificial origin are often harder to remove as well.Those include ketchup, jam, orange juice etc. Unlike natural products like fruits or vegetables, spots from ketchup for example could become close to impossible to remove if they are left for longer than a week.


carpet cleaning London

The carpets of my home look so much brighter than before, that when my sister came to visit, she thought we've recarpeted our whole house.You guys are really amazing. Thank you again!

Louis C. - London
carpet cleaners London

I can't believe that the stains that my baby made with his apple sauce got out of the rugs at home.I did not see it at first and by the time I noticed it, it felt like it has been there forever. Virginia S. - London

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