The Things You Should Know before Visiting the Borough of Brent

The Brent Center and its Large Buildings

Introducing the Borough of Brent

The country known as Middlesex was established by the Saxons and existed long after their reign had ended. Among the London boroughs that occupy its former lands is the district of Brent.

The old Enlish culture is still remembered in the modern suburban area. The center is a preferred location for most of the citizens, which is why Royal Cleaning is there for Brent and its many households.

Once you read this article, you will know the most common facts about the borough.

Above the Borough of Brent

Location and Geography

The area stands in the Northwestern part of Outer London, above the river Thames. The ocean currents are the reason for the mild climate throughout the year.

The size of Brent is 43 square kilometers and is one of the smallest districts in England. Still Brent is divided to 21 wards. The biggest ones are Wembley, Kilburn and Willesden.

The borough is named after the river that divides the land in half from the highway on the South to the reservoir on the East border.

Since Brent is located in Southeastern England, the North Circular Road is the major traffic highway. It leads to the borough of Ealing to the South and the borough of Barnet to the North.

Historical Facts

Brent has an intereting heritage. The first people to live in the area were the Celts. Their settlements date back to the Prehistoric Era. After the Anglo Saxons inhabited the land, they created hamlets and villages in two separate locations, one on each side of the river Brent.

Most of the current communities were named by the medieval folks. For example, translated into Anglo Saxon language, Wembley means the forest clearing of Wamba while WIllesden literally means the hill of the spring.

The settlement of Kilburn, was founded in the 12th century. Around that time, the lands of WIllesden were taken over by the local church, while Webley was run by its own royal aristocracy. Kilburn on the other hand, didn’t have a distinct ownership. The place was a shelter by travellers and pilgrims.

Once upon a time in Hendon

Local Politics

Brent - as we know it, was created in 1965 after Kilburn, Wembley and Willesden were merged to form a new district. The crest of the borough is a shield in the middle of a green field with a royal lion on top. The Wembley lion is on the left and the Willesden dragon on the right.

Brent London Borough Council is the authority, responsible for the management of public services, tax billing, education, housing and environmental health. The institution started a Regeneration Strategy in 2001, with its main goals being to improve the quality of life for the sake of the residents.

The three political groups that compete against each other during the elections are the Labourists, the Conservatoive party and the Liberal Democrats.

Brent Town Hall was the first headquarters of the authority establishment, until it was relocated to the Brent Civic Center in 2013.

Brent Civic Center at 32 Engineers Way

Railway Stations

When it comes to the railways, Brent has a well developed public transport. Wembley Central and Wembley Park are the two busiest stations in the Southwestern part of the district.

Most people use them to get to the football stadium or the indoor arena. In the opposite side of Brent are the Willesden Green and Willesden Junction stations. From there you can take a train towards Kilburn.

Only two stations in Brent provide services to the National Railway, the London Underground and the London Overground. To take advantage of all three options, choose Willesden Junction or Wembley Central. The other stations, Wembley Park and Willesden Green, serve only the lines of the London Underground.

Wembley Park Station

Population of the Area

Brent is famous for being the borough with the biggest ethnical diversity. Less than half of its 329,100 residents were born in England. The rest of Brent's population consists mostly of South Asians or Africans.

Visitors can learn from the district a lot about the beliefs, the values and the traditions that make the different cultures unique. With over 30 000 representatives, Indians are the largest minority group. The other immigrants come from countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kenya and Somalia.

In Brent was measured an increase in the birth rate as the middle age dropped below 35 years. Although most people are married or in a relationship, their number is below 50 percent, while the rate of the singles is above the average for the United Kingdom.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir or simple The Neasden Temple in Neasden

Religious Beliefs

In regards to religious beliefs, the Christians are a majority. At the start of the 2000s, Islam was the third religion after Hinduism. However, for the last ten years the Muslims have been increasing and are nowadays surpassing the Hinduists in numbers.

The Wembley Central Mosque is a former church, that currently serves as an islamic religious center. Two of the Christian religious buildings in Brent are the Beulah Apostolic Church and the St Catherine’s Church. Both consist of a simple red brick structures.

The Mosque and Islamic Center of Brent, was also a church once. It was converted in 1976 as Middle Eastern architecture was added to the building.

The Shri Vallabh Nidhi Mandir is a hindu temple that hosts community events. The building has an interior carved out of Jaisalmer limestone. The details surrounding the main structure, the entrance arc and the columns, turn them into a fascinating work of art.

The Wembley Central Mosque

Parks and Outdoor Spaces

The most beloved open space public area in the district is the Gladstone Park. Visitors usually come for a walk along the duck pond or to walk their dogs. Another option is to take advantage of the large play area for sports and working out. People can also have a look at the expositions at the park’s art gallery or sit at the local cafe and enjoy the city views.

The second largest place for leisure is Roundwood Park. There you will find many colorful flower gardens and an aviary with common birds. The routes around the area are perfect for jogging or riding a bike. South from the park is the large green field annex, which is used for public events.

The Blooming Gladstone Park

Entertainment Venues

The most famous landmark in Brent is the notable to many Wembley stadium. It is located in the park of the same name and is the largest sports facility in the United Kingdom. Since its opening in 2007, the venue has held a lot of football events, including rugby and even boxing matches, from the English and the Europen Leagues.

Although the stadium is a sports facility, it has hosted numerous live concerts as well. Teen idol Justin Bieber, pop sensations - Ed Sheeran, Pink, Spice Girls, Beyonce, Elton John and Adele; world famous bands like Bon Jovi, Metallica, Iron Maiden and the inimitable Queen - all of them have held a concert there. It is quite prestigious to sold out all of the tickets in such a tremendous venue, don't you think?!

The biggest Shopping Centre in the borough is on the East side of the football stadium. The London Designer Outlet has been welcoming 7 million customers every year since its founding in 2013. Inside the three floors of the semi-outdoor mall there are over 80 stores. At some of them you can dine and from others you can purchase goods. Inside the complex is held the Cineworld Cinema London Wembley - a multiscreen venue for movie fans.

Wembley Stadium at night

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