Unusual Inventions to Clean Your House With

Unstandard inventions you could use to clean up.

Ideas for Cleaning Tools

Inventing a tool is a complicated process. Having an idea is a good start, but you must develop it further by sketching a design plan, building one or several prototypes to test their properties and undertaking corrections to fix the flaws. Once everything works properly, you have an invention. That is why intelligence, patience and consistency are the qualities of a capable inventor.

Although being creative is also beneficial, one must be able to make a difference between practical and impractical ideas. Committing a mistake can easily get in the way of success. Many have wasted money, time and effort into creating a tool that would only fail on the market. To avoid such an outcome, don’t get anything started without doing research. Despite these warnings, some people tend to do the opposite. Such individuals overestimate their own capability or overrush the whole process. In an attempt to be original, they come up with really weird ideas.

To shed more light on the topic, the current article will introduce to you some of the most unusual inventions the cleaning industry has to offer. We and our readers could only wonder how the mentioned tools got approval to be on the market. Those of you who want to experiment are free to do so, but if you prefer the assistance of real cleaning experts, then hire our company. Arranging an end of tenancy cleaning session or taking care of separate rooms and household items is part of our top notch services.

Remote Control Mop

The concept of the invention is literally turning a toy car into a remote control mop. That way you can clean the floor while playing. The user doesn’t have to walk around the house, he or she can just navigate the mop through the remote. As they stand in one spot of the room, people can clean the entire flooring space. Through this device mopping becomes a fun activity not only for the children but for adults as well, plus it takes less effort to complete the chore.

Control the mop by using a remote.

The invention offers an interesting cleaning game but we doubt it works at all. Moving the mop like a toy car may only spread the dirt by making stains or even leaving tracks on the floor. There is also the inconvenience of constantly taking off the mop to wash it off and putting it back on the device afterwards. Repeating that over and over is uplesant and takes a lot of time.

Mop Suit for Toddlers

Children can do house chores while they are still babies and the mop suit for toddlers proves it. The invention allows the young ones to help with the cleaning while playing thanks to the absorbing qualities of the fibres. Leaving your kid to crawl around the house dressed in this suit sounds like a good idea to make the floor spotless. It would take a long time for the toddler to grow up and perform other house chores but at least you will have one less to worry about.

Yet, turning your offspring onto a mop is ridiculous. Parents should be telling their kids to stay clean instead of letting them troll in dirt. Furthermore how can you guide the toddler in the right direction? Parents will literally have to teach their babies to crawl over the stains and the spills on the floor. Covering the little ones in dirt is surely bad for their health too.

Cleaning Shoes

Here you have an option to polish the floor and wipe the stains with your own feet. Putting these shoes on allows you to do the cleaning simply by walking. Rubbing your feet on the floor is a bad habit but in this case it will make the surfaces beneath you shiny. As you can see, the soles of the shoes are made of the same material as a mop, so the fibres can catch even the tiniest dirt particles. There’s no need for the users to bend or to put pressure on their hands.

Using your feet to mop the floor.

In regards to cleanliness, turning your feet into a mop is more likely to bring pain instead. Since the mop is made to go back and forth, moving your lower limbs in various directions will spread the dirt all over the floor. Rubbing your feet upon a hard surface can lead to hurting and gailing the skin on your heels. In addition, the cleaning shoes make a nasty and unhygienic footwear.

Mini Vacuum Cleaner

You would like to have one of these if you hate getting up to clean the mess you've made around the laptop without getting up. This miniature vacuum cleaner has a USB attachment and can be powered directly from the PC. The light and portable tool will help you remove the breadcrumbs, dust and dirt spills surrounding the laptop in no time. Such a cleaning product is very useful for those who like eating over their portable PC or work in a filthy area.

While evaluating the product, we can’t overlook it is more of a toy than a cleaning tool. Why should you add one more cable to get tangled in instead of using a wipe tissue? The only reason for a person to want such a vacuum cleaner is having a PC addiction. Most of us would prefer plugging a tool in the USB port to clean the desk, the sofa or any other place we sit on.

Power Scrubber

Have you thought about using the rotation principle of a drill for cleaning? That is precisely how the power scrubber works. The brush is attached to a drill and follows the rotations repeatedly to erase all kinds of filthy stains. No need to scrub or apply pressure by hand. The quick rotations can remove even dried off filth. Even better, the power scrubber has different attachments for various surfaces, so you can use it on the corners, the walls and the furniture.

Brushing with the power of a drill.

The disadvantage of this tool is that scraping off is not the same as wiping clean. The fast rotation of the brush does not collect the dirt particles but spreads them. Therefore you have to wipe these later. One more thing - the tool could leave scratches when not used carefully. As the brush wears off, the metal particles will cause damage upon contact with the surface.

Cleaning Cup Shoes

Having such footwear means you won’t be using your hands to brush filth spills off the floor. The things you need are attached to your shoes. One of them has a brush and the other one has a dustpan. In other words, this invention makes collecting pieces of trash with your feet possible. Using the cleaning cup shoes is an exercise for the lower part of the body. It will make your feet more flexible and stronger as if you are practicing gymnastics.

Despite the chance to train and clean at the same time, you can’t help looking silly when wearing these shoes. The idea of cleaning while standing straight is not worth the difficulty. It is more uncomfortable and it will take longer to finish. Since only a few people have the qualities of a gymnast, twisting your legs to get the job done is most likely to cause you pain.

Hair Cleaning Glove

Our last invention combines a hair removal brush and a glove. The tool is perfect for grooming your pets and cleaning after them. The hair cleaning glove collects fur from the animal companions while you are stroking them. Unlike the brush, this tool won’t hurt the pets or get tangled. At the same time, the tool allows you to get animal hair off the furniture too. The glove provides a larger surface in comparison to a brush, so you can clean with your whole palm.

Groom and massage your pet at the same time.

When you have the tool, removing pet hair becomes easier but there’s a limit to how much fur it can collect. Because of that, the glove wears off quickly. Some pets are so hairy, the glove is good for a single use only. Just like a regular brush, the tool is nasty and almost impossible to clean. Hair particles form the tool can easily fall off and get stuck on your close during usage.

Usability of the Tools

As weird as the cleaning inventions we’ve listed might be, practice has taught us we shouldn’t judge a tool without giving it a try. Some people like to say "If it looks stupid but actually gets the work done, then it isn’t stupid at all." and we can‘t disagree. The personal opinion matters as well. Just because one guy finds a certain tool unnecessary, that doesn’t apply to the rest of us. Everybody has an opinion of his or her own, so you can surely decide for yourself which of the mentioned cleaning inventions are useful and which are not.

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