Options for Automising the Cleaning Process

Gadgets for removing dirty stains and dust gatherings.

Exhausting Hand Labor

Cleaning has been an unpleasant task even before the Middle Ages. Sure, to some people removing dirt on your own and enjoying the cleanliness of the home afterwards seems worth the hard work but that doesn’t apply to the majority. Most of us would prefer to postpone the task or leave it to somebody else. Still, we can not leave the house dirty for too long or keep passing our responsibilities onto others. Whether we want to or not, sooner or later, we will have to get our hands dirty.

Although cleaning is the least favourite activity in almost every residence, there are ways to get it done faster and better. In the modern age, automatic tools make things easier, so why not use them to do the house chores as well. Forget about getting down on your knees and scrubbing by hand like a servant. With the right set of cleaning products that work automatically, you won’t have to waste too much time and effort to give your home a splendid outlook. Take a look at the tools listed below and put an end to the inconvenient physical labor.

Stop hurting your limbs while cleaning the house.

Before you decide to purchase, keep in mind we are not promoters and we do not offer any guarantee. Should you doubt any of the mentioned items or simply dislike the thought of performing a cleaning session alone, why don’t you turn to us instead. On our website you can find not only tips and advice but actual services as well. Contact the online support team to get a quote and once we discuss all the details, our employees will come over to your place to achieve picture perfect results.

USB Vacuum Cleaner

When working on a desk in front of a computer occupies most of your daily schedule, you have to clean it regularly. The more time we spend at one place the quicker it becomes dirty. The best tool for cleaning the desk along with the computer, is the USB vacuum cleaner. This tool removes dust, hair and crumbs better than a cloth. Using the latter might wipe away most of the filth but some particles will get stuck in the cracks, the uneven surfaces or the corners, which applies especially to the keyboard. In comparison, a vacuum that fits in the palm of the hand is easy to navigate and can reach these tiny spaces. To use the device simply plug the USB cable in the port of the PC and you are ready to clean around the desk and the appliances you have placed on top of it.

Light and portable tool with the power of the vacuum.

Handheld Washing Cleaner

Placing all the utensils in the dishwasher to get all of them clean at once is convenient. When you have this device washing every item one by one with your hands won’t be necessary. However, you have to wait until you fill the dishwasher before turning it on. Sometimes when you don’t have enough clean utensils, you have to take a dish out of the machine and wash it by hand. Still, there is a way to make this activity a bit more convenient. The handheld washing cleaner does the same job but it is portable. Hold the dirty dish in one hand and the device in the other. Once you press the button, the rotating brush of the device will spare you the hard scrubbing. The cleaner comes with three brushes and each of them is suitable for different kitchen items. Therefore, aside from dishes, you can use the toll on pans, pots, silverware and glass.

Turbo Scrub Cleaning Brush

The benefits of using a mop with a handle is that you don’t have to fall on your knees to clean the floor. It can remove spills, erase stains and wipe dust even underneath the furniture. Although the standard mop is still a thing nowadays, you should try a device which is more efficient because of its scrubbing properties. It consists of an extension handle and a rotating head. We are talking about the turbo scrub cleaning brush. This is the right automatic tool for every area of the house from the floor, through the walls and up to the ceiling.

Erase the grime from each and every surface.

Aside from the regular brush attachments for cleaning hard surfaces such as tiles and wood, you get another two. The smaller one is for corners and tight spaces, while the other has more delicate fabrics suitable for washing windows. In order to use the device, first you have to power it with the given charger.

Rolling Vacuum Cleaner

Removing dust and dirt particles from the floor and the upholstery is always easier when you have a vacuum cleaner. The first issue about this cleaning tool is how heavy and uncomfortable it is to carry from one room to another. The second one is that it’s limited to moving forward and backwards. In order to overcome these limitations people have created the rolling vacuum cleaner. The spherical shape of the invention allows it to move easier and cover more surfaces in less time in comparison to the standard tool. The rolling vacuum cleaner is fully automated, so you don’t have to navigate it. Just remember to charge it before a cleaning session. Each of the cells covering the spherical structure removes dust and dirt from the floor with every move. Currently the idea for a vacuum cleaner rolling around the household is just a concept but with so many positive reviews it will become a reality pretty soon.

Portable Shower With Pump

Once you scrub the dirty stain you either wipe it away via cloth or wash it off by pouring water. That is why a portable shower head is very useful for cleaning the bathroom. The power of the water stream can even remove stains without the use of a detergent. Therefore, having a tool that harvest these properties can help a lot in the daily cleaning duties. As you can guess, the portable shower with a pump fits the given description perfectly.

Having a stream of water at hand at any time.

The device can be used for cleaning the car, the windows, the carpets and a variety of household items. In addition, it is perfect for taking a shower outdoors while camping. The tool consists of a shower head, a hose and a pump. Although you can take the device anywhere you like, remember that the one thing you need is a water source.

Steam Jet Cleaning Gun

Removing dried off stains or layers of dirt requires a strong detergent and a lot of hard scrubbing. The issue regarding this practice is you can easily damage the surface by leaving scratches upon it. Luckily, there is a better option for erasing stains or filth gathering than scrubbing. The steam jet cleaning gun uses nothing but water to get the job done. The tool is light and portable, so it can be held with one hand. Just connect the gun to a water source and you are ready to start cleaning. The tool has a heating mechanism, which turns water into steam. The heated liquid has the properties to loosen up the grip of the dirt particles and to weaken their consistency. In order to achieve the desired result quickly, the steam is released under pressure in the form of a jet stream. Once you turn on the tool, be careful not to get yourself burned.

A simple to use steam powered cleaning tool.

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