The Things you Should Know before drop by at The Borough of Bromley

Going for a Walk at the Square of Bromley

Inroducing the Borough of Bromley

London is the biggest district in England and exploring every single space of it is an adventure. Everybody has heard about the City of London, but there are other places, which are not less fascinating and interesting.

The little known principal settlement of Bromley has been covered by Royal Cleaning in this article. Review to get more information regarding this part of the British capital.

Just an ordinary day at the borough of Bromley

Geographic Location

The landscape is covered by large green fields, underneath the river Thames, in the South East of England. The principal settlement is located in the North West corner of Greater London, surrounded by Shortlands, Widmore, Sunridge and New Beckenham.

With the average attitude being 245 meters, the Marine West Coast Climate of the area undergoes mild changes between the highest and the lowest points, because of the Ocean currents.

History of the Borough

The town dates back to the second half of the 9th century. At that time, the area was a woodland inside the country of Kent. The earliest documents for a settlement are from 1158.

The district of Bromley was an ancient parish that served as a market town. Translating the name to old English, it means woodland clearing with brambles.

The transformation of Bromley from an agrarian village into a commerce and retail area, wouldn’t have been possible without the construction of the Railways station in 1858.

Thanks to the increasing population and the introduction of suburban architecture, Bromley was promoted to a municipal borough in 1903. After the change of the English borders in 1965, the town became the center of a borough in Greater London.

Once upon a time in Bromley

Main Routes

The most lively place in Bromley is the traffic route from London Road that continues along WIldmore Road.

There is a number of bars and restaurants as well as banks, stores and other facilities that offer public services.

In order to leave the district of Bromley, you should take one of the following four routes: the London Road to the North, WIldmore Road to the East, Beckenham Lane to the West and Kentish Way to the South.

Railway Traffic

At Bromley North, the services are carried out by three trains every hour from Monday to Saturday. The lines start from Grove Park and lead to inner London or the stations in the South East district.

Bromley South provides non stop railway transportation services to the station of London Victoria. The other routes are towards Central London, the International Railway and the South Eastern Main Line.

Because of the decrease in usage, Bromley North has been serving a bit less than 500 thousand people annually since 2016. The South station, on the other hand, has been getting busier over the same period, with over 8,5 million customers per year.

Bromley North Railway Station

Parish Church

The main religion in Bromley is Christianity, with more than 60 percent of the inhabitants identifying themselves as Christians. St Peter and St Paul or simply Bromley Parish Church is the main religious center in the borough.

The current building was reconstructed in 1949, by using flint form the original structure, with Queen Elizabeth II being the one to lay the ground stone.

The main feature is the tall medieval tower with a clock. Inside you can take a look at the stained glass windows, the tombs underneath the ground floor or the multifunctional organ.

There are 15 other religious buildings in the area. Among them are the Methodist, the Baptist and the United Reformed Church.

St Peter and St Paul or simply Bromley Parish Church at Church Road

Parks and Leisure

The Church House Gardens is where the citizens of Bromley can enjoy a walk in nature. The lakefront park offers many flower gardens, tall trees, green fields to explore and a playground for kids, with ducks and geeses swimming in the ponds or running across the land.

The Martin Hill Open Space is perfect for walking the dog, jogging outdoors or riding a bike. The place is famous for the war memorial, dedicated to the soldiers who fell during the First World War.

While at College Green you can have a picnic, walk along the eco paths and admire the community gardens or some of the other green installations.

The Church House Gardens at Bromley

Sports Teams

Just like in any other British town, football is the most beloved sport by the local community. The town has four football clubs, but none of them is playing in the League.

Hayes Lane Stadium is where the games of the Cray Wanderers FC and the Bromley FC take place.

While Oakley Road is the training ground of the Holmesdale and the Greenwich Borough football clubs. As one of the teams in the Conference National, Bromley FC is one level away from playing in the Football League.

The other sport that the residents love is rugby. The game is played by the Beckenham RFC, the Bromley RFC, the Parkhouse FC and the Old Elthamians.

Enjoy a game at Hayes Lane Stadium

Churchill Theatre

The best stage play venue of Bromley is The Churchill Theatre. The building has been hosting performances since the construction was completed in 1977. Back then, the Prince of Wales was the special guest for the opening ceremony.

The Churchill is integrated into the complex of the Central Library. The architecture of the European opera houses was the inspiration behind the design of the theater. The building has a large stage with several workshops beneath it.

The venue looks smaller on the outside, because the auditorium is below the ground. That is why there are descending staircases at the entry.

A night out outside of The Churchill Theatre

Famous People

The novelist H.G. Wells, who was born in Bromley, is known worldwide as one of the fathers of the science fiction genre. During his life he has written a lot satirical work and short stories.

In Woking, England you can see the statue of the tripod from the worldwide novel The War of the Worlds. One of the most significant books in the science fiction genre ever written.

William Owen Chadwick was another writer, grown up in Bromley. He was a British Anglican Priest and documented in his intelligible books the complicated history of Christianity.

Last but not least, we must mention Enid Blyton, the woman who made a name for herself in the world of literature, with her children’s book series.

The Tripod Statue, dedicated to The War of The Worlds, in Woking

Shopping Venue

The Mall of Bromley, more popular simply as The Glades, has 135 stores for the buyers to choose from. The 43 thousand square meters shopping center was founded in 1991.

The facility is divided into three parts - the main entrance, the river island mezzanine and the street area. Aside from the major brands, spread around the 2 floors, there are small boutique shops, plus 5 restaurants on the terrace extension.

''The Glades is Back'' in Bromley

Restaurants To Eat at

The Nam Thai Restaurant is a late night eatery and takeaway, that offers amazing dishes from the Asian kitchen. The seafood delicacies and the vegetarian plates are also worth trying.

Customers of The Partridge can have a drink at the carpeted bar or at the beer garden. The traditional Victorian pub serves home-made pies and hosts live music every Saturday.

The Havet Restaurant is a Turkish-Cypriot eatery with a bar, suitable for big groups and private dinners. The chargrilled meat and the cold meze are the two main items on the menu.

Belgo Bar & Restaurant at the Glades, High Street is another common dinner place for the residents of the borough of Bromle.

Belgo Bar & Restaurant at Bromley

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