Scrub Your Way to Stardom

The Perks of Being a Cleanfluencer

What is a cleanfluencer in a first place?

You may find yourself wondering, so to make it clear - it’s pretty close to the first possible answer that pops up in your head i.e. someone who posts videos about cleaning on social media and has whole lotta views and subscribers.
And yes - you can totally make a living out of it, turn it into a real full-time job, and even salt away enough for your children’s academic education in the process.

Cleanfluencer is not a made-up word but a trend, which tends to be far more than you can imagine. You can find the exact definition in the online version of the Macmillan dictionary and probably soon it will be a part of the thousand others in the Holy Bible of the English language - The Oxford Dictionary, as well.

Although we’ve been part of the industry for quite long (and have mentioned numerous benefits of cleaning more than once) even we were surprised to find out that cleaning can be your straight way right into stardom and even raise you up to the status of a real celebrity.

In the world full of reality show stars, Instagram influencers, motivational speakers and life coaches, who somehow manage to turn the public attention and pushing the Like or Subscribe button into a well-paid profession we should not be exactly shocked that something so ordinary may become a gold mine for those who know how to make it watchable, engaging, entertaining, and on the top of this - useful in our everyday lives as human beings.

Probably even if you’re not the biggest fan of housekeeping, you’ve already heard a little something about the million-dollar names we’re about to mention in this article. We can guarantee that by the end of our list the simple activity of cleaning will surely give you some thoughts and quite possibly a new perspective and an unforeseen point of view.

Talking about guaranty, if even the very thought of having to clean the whole house make you tired and frustrated - we’re here for you, our professional cleaning services are just a phone call away and what we offer is nothing less than pure perfection each and every time.

What does a Cleanfluencer Mean?

The world’s most famous cleanfluencers and their stunning paychecks

The life of the rich and famous has always been a curious topic but when those newly found superstars have the very same origins as us - the ordinary people - they naturally steal all the spotlights.

How can a housewife become an overnight sensation with the status of an online guru? Is the right mop all it takes to become a social media star? And is the bleach the new black?

Those are just a small part of the questions which numerous reports and news sites have to ask.

Unfortunately, we can not give you the ultimate recipe and its right ingredients but knowing the inspirators behind that new trend better is the first step in figuring out the very reasons behind their success.

That’s why the following list will meet you with the 4 most famous cleanfluencers on the Island you can find online and aims to shed a light on their stunning careers.

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  1. Sophie Hinchliffe

    We’re starting big with the best-known name in the UK, when it comes to maintaining your home nice and tidy.

    Sophie Hinchliffe or the household name in the world of cleanfluencers - Mrs Hinch - has the whopping 3 million followers on Instagram. The stunning blonde with a charming smile became an overnight sensation, shooting from a thousand to a million followers with a tiny wink of her perfect eyelashes. She is considered to be the biggest cleanfluencer in the whole of the UK.

    The 29-year-old hairdresser from Essex, UK, is leading the charge of this new breed of Instagram influencer who share images and videos of themselves cleaning and organising their worthy to be covers of magazines homes.

    The trend doesn’t stop with social media presence. Like every self-respected influencer, Sophie has already published her first book - Hinch Yourself Happy: All The Best Cleaning Tips To Shine Your Sink And Soothe Your Soul - the second fastest-selling non-fiction title ever in the UK. A book? Well, make those two because her second author's paper - Mrs Hinch: The Activity Journal, has topped Amazon’s bestsellers list in pre-orders alone ahead of its release last October.

    Mrs Hinch seems to be a woman of many talents since her instant fame got her a spot on the small screen making her a TV Star. As her influence on social media grew bigger and bigger, Sophie Hinchliffe managed to land a regular spot on the popular mid-morning ITV show - This Morning - with a notable presence alongside hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Scofield - to share her cleaning tips with the nation.

    The social media influencer who seems to have taken the world by storm has her very own slang and numerous fans eager to be part of her legion of subscribers known as the Hinch Army.
    Sophie has developed a whole branded vocabulary around tidying up – cleaning is called hinching, buying the necessary products is known as a hinch haul, and her enormous collection of cleaning paraphernalia is kept in a special wardrobe called Narnia - (we honestly don’t know if the book remark here is intended or simply has to sound somehow magical and otherworldly).

    The next big step for the domestic goddess is to team up with Stacey Solomon to release a line of kid’s jumpers and t-shirts for charity. It seems that a bit of cleaning may be all it takes to literally have it all.

    However, it was not always unicorns and rainbows for Mrs Hinch while climbing the ladder to the ultimate top. In June 2019, Sophie was investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority. According to the authority, they’d received 3 complaints that Mrs Hinch was promoting a certain brand of cleaning products on her Instagram feed. According to advertising standards, all social media influencers should clearly state they’ve been paid or rewarded for promoting a product on their feeds. A simple rule, that many influencers, Sophie included, have fallen foul of.
    This didn’t stop her blossoming career, though, leading to her million-dollar name to be officially represented by Gleam Future talent - the people behind numerous other online sensation.

    Having all of the above in mind, you’ve figured out that an exclusive place on Mrs Hinch feed would cost quite a lot.

    According to what we know about how social media works, a single social media post boosted by Sophie would cost you £4,900 on average.

    According to The Sun Online, Mrs Hinch’s can soon be a newly found millionaire if she manages to play her cards right.

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    I feel I need to say this ... My Hinchers will remember this shoot day very well , you were all with me on my stories the evening before , on my way there , behind the scenes and on my way home , supporting me. I know I’ve said this so many times and I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record but without you all I wouldn’t have even considered doing a shoot like this. My family and friends know me inside out and they know how much my Hinchers have helped me and we’re ALL so grateful! 🙏🏼 Now this instagram “fame” as some call it , is not what I ever expected to gain from this account. Yes it’s true what you’ll read today in the you magazine interview .. I have turned down many TV deals and public appearances and this is because my biggest fear is losing my normal life (Tiny sewing machines n’all) But what I am doing is trying to grow myself and grow others on this Hinch journey until “hinching” no longer needs Mrs Hinch .. and I think I’ll know when that time comes in my own heart ❤️ So please .. to anyone reading this right now I hope you can take one very strong message from my interview today ... do not body shame anybody! Never judge a book by its cover! Everyone’s cover is their own and that is what’s so amazing! In fact I can’t even believe I’m on an actual cover 😂 But Please my Hinchers .. never want someone else’s life or even their image .. because you’ll live your happiest life with the most simplest of things .. and if you look close enough you probably already have those things right under your nose. Trust me I know ..I’ve been there! But I’ll stop typing now and leave the you mag and my book to tell you the rest ... All the best my Hinchers ❤️ Soph ❤️ AKA Mrs Hinch xxx #imahincher

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  2. Marie Kondo

    All the single ladies step aside because our next entry is the so-called Beyoncé in the world of cleaning influencers. The founder of has come a long way from Japan to bring the sunrise to the western world and change it for good.

    With her over 3.4 million followers on Instagram, this superstar cleanfluencer may easily be the biggest name in decluttering.

    With her delicate and artistic nature, once owned by the talented female entertainers ofm her homeland - geishas, Marie Kondo has transformed the homes of millions of people around the globe.
    She is not only a social media sensation but one of the 100 most influential people in 2015, according to Time magazine.

    It shouldn’t surprise you that her book - The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up has sold more than four million copies and has been published in more than 30 countries.

    That’s not all, this stunning lady has her own Netflix series - Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, which turned out to be something of a cultural phenomenon.
    The series, released in 2019, earned the Japanese organisation expert a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program.

    Often called the biggest name on the clean scene, Marie started a trend known as the KonMari method which has had an unforeseen snowball effect.

    Long story short, Kondo’s method of organising mainly consists of gathering together all of your belongings in order to keep only the ones that spark joy and get rid of everything that clutters your space, life and mind.

    Marie says that her widely appreciated method is partly inspired by the Shinto (East Asian polytheistic religion, originating from Japan, that revolves around the kami i.e. gods or spirits - the supernatural entities believed to inhabit all things).
    And as you have guessed - cleaning and organising things properly can be considered as a spiritual practice in Shintoism, which is concerned with the energy or divine spirit of things (kami) and the right way to live (kannagara).

    Treasuring the things you already have in your life, treating the objects you own as disposable but still valuable, no matter of their actual monetary worth, and creating displays so you can appreciate each object individually are all essential for the Shinto ways of living.

    The fascinating story of Marie Kondo’s Netflix Show doesn’t end here.
    Actually the series of the organizational guru has sparked numerous donations.
    As a result, charities and thrift stores all around the USA have seen an increase in donations, and thus, an increase in clothing for the poor. So the things that are no longer cherished by their owners can continue to spark joy for the ones in need. As more and more people continue to watch the Netflix series and clean out their closets, charities and thrift stores are seeing massive spikes in donations - and we’re not talking just old clothes and ripped off books but pricey belongings among which even cars!

    Goodwill centres in the Washington, D.C. area have reported an increase of 66% in 2019 compared to last January’s donations. But that is nothing compared to the 372% increase at the Gaithersburg, Maryland location.

    Knowing that Americans create more than 15 million tons of textile waste per year, you can imagine the huge impact this willing to give away can have on the environment and the lives of the ones in need, especially the people in the developing countries.

    Kondo has seemingly inspired a new trend in cleaning and donating in order to help out others and spark joy.

  3. Lynsey Crombie

    We’re heading back to the Island to meet you with Lynsey Queen of Clean Crombie - One of Amazon’s best selling authors in the Interior Design Styles & Decor category.

    By the end of last year her book How To Clean Your House: Easy tips and tricks to keep your home clean and tidy up your life was republished in hard covers with a brand new Christmas chapter, which guarantees that you will manage to arrange the merriest and presumably the tidiest family holidays of them all.

    The Queen of Clean may not have as much liege-man as the ladies we’ve mentioned above but her 171k followers in Instagram are still rather impressive and according to what we know about paychecks in social media, Lynsey should get approximately 1500$ per promoted post on her feed.
    So it’s definitely worth to keep an eye on her ever-sparkling home.

    This prominent British cleanfluencer will not only show you that cleaning doesn’t have to be boring but that you can make your palace shine all year around, while having fun at the same time.

    Still, there’s something else we love about Lynsey Crombie and it is not her charming smile, the stardom status or the love for pink - this mother of premature twins actually has used cleaning to get through some of the darkest times in her life. Now she is here to swipe away the sadness and to make the faces of the ones who struggle with pain, insecurity and low self esteem shine once more.

    To be in the spotlight is not always something you choose or intend to do - sometimes it chooses you.

    The Queen of Clean is here to show us that it’s not mandatory to always be perfect and stunning, while doing the dishes or the laundry. You don’t need to be a Stepford wife to make things work either - all it takes is to be an ordinary woman with a simple goal - to make your home warm and cosy for the ones you love and cherish.
    And sometimes those little everyday efforts can be all you need on the way to a better life and goodness.

    Who can guess that maybe, just maybe, a cleaning schedule routine can be your personal lifesaver, which will pull you out of the dark place you’ve been stuck into, and can even build the stairway to fame, glory, and most importantly to the inner peace and that always wanted a better version of you.

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    Lunging into a fabulous new week 💗 . I love Monday’s it’s the day to kick start your motivation and look forward to the challenges that are ahead . I can’t do sweaty gyms that are full of germs and cost the earth so I make my cleaning my work out and chuck in some lunges and squats as I go . I also make a point of making a few trips up and down the stairs rather than carrying everything in one go . Small changes like this can really help and make you enjoy your cleaning much more . Whack up those tunes grab your vacuum and work it! . . . . #workout #fitness #januarychallenge #keepfit #cleaning #clean #queenofclean #workit #mumslife #familylife #vacuum #weights #pink #cleaningmotivation #cleaner #tidyhouse #motivationalmonday #vaccum #movemore

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  4. Gemma Bray

    Welcome to the tidy world of The Organised Mum - yet another British cleanfluencer and Amazon’s best selling author.

    The thing we love about this charming Manchester mum-of-three is not only the TOMM method she developed to make our homes bright but her inspiring life story as well.

    Gemma Bray is among the many who struggled with depression and anxiety. Cleaning was the thing which helped her get through the darkness and find her very own unique way to shine - literally.

    And we’re pretty sure that you will fall in love with The Organised Mum’s motto - There’s MORE to Life than Housework!.

    Bray’s personal battle with anxiety helped her to develop and perfect The Organised Mum Method well-known among her fans simply as TOMM.
    In other words - this is your new system of cleaning, which aims to transform your home into a shiny palace of perfection in just 30 minutes a day.

    Gemma’s book - The Organised Mum Method: Transform your home in 30 minutes a day known as "The Housekeeping Bible" promises to completely revolutionise your home.
    According to the description, thanks to the revolutionary manageable and ultra-efficient cleaning routine (TOMM) you will not only say goodbye to the mess, the clutter and the excausting hours spent tidying up, but you will also get all of your weekends free of chores.
    All it takes is 30 minutes a day - Monday to Friday. That’s it! Because as you already know - There’s MORE to Life than Housework!.

    The Organised Mum method already has more than 183k followers on Instagram and quite the same number of viewers of her YouTube videos (although they’re more than 20 minutes long).

    Numerous people already claimed that Gemma’s one-of-a-kind cleaning routine is truly life-changing and the best part is that it works for dads, as well.
    So there’s no reason to procrastinate, as Bray says: I strongly believe that we all need to learn to balance the need for housework with actual living. We can’t abandon the dusting completely but neither should we let it rule us. Weekends are purposefully kept housework-free so that you can enjoy your time off without having to do a mammoth clean. My motto is: Get in, get it done, get outta there..

    Still, in case you haven't perfected this simple method, this doesn’t mean that your weekend has to go to waste - just call us and fully enjoy your life.

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    Sometimes in order to successfully spin a few plates, you have to give yourself permission to put a couple down. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Today was one of those days. I have an ill Ben, a dodgy washing machine (on #cleansheettuesday of all days!), 1001 things to do for work and errands to run. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ I knew I couldn't do it all, so I worked out my priorities which were Ben (1st) and work (2nd). ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ The housework and the errands were the plates I chose to put down. Oh and I put no makeup on and didn't wash my greasy my hair (sue me 🤣)⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Expecting yourself to be a superhuman, mothering powerhouse whilst attempting to spin plates like a domestic acrobat will often result in you dropping ALL the plates and hurting yourself in the process. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ It's ok to not get it all done, tomorrow is another day. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Big love, as always, Gem ❤️⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ #mumlife #mom #motherhood #family #mother #parenting #kids #workfromhome #homeoffice #myownboss #wellbeing #love

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The Clean Home is not Enough

As a matter of fact, as we all know from another housekept name - the unreachable Agent 007 - even The World is not Enough. Although, we’re the last ones who will argue with the far too many benefits of maintaining a clean and organised home - there are so many other wonderful things out there.

So why don’t you simply leave the housekeeping job and all the boring chores - to us - the professionals in this field - and get the time to enjoy the things you love?!

Watching cleaning videos may be satisfying but isn’t it enjoying a movie as well?!
After all, there are so many ways to become an astonishing influencer nowadays, that you shouldn’t hesitate to dedicate your time and efforts to the things you truly love and cherish.

As for the perfectly spotless and brightlessly clean home - we are the ones who can make this idyllic picture a reality. The post tenancy inspection services and the many other offers on our site are only one click away.

Follow your passion and dream big - as another inspiring woman once said - You are only as big as the dreams you dare to live, Jessica Watson.
So be brave and never let anyone or anything stop you from stealing the spotlights in your very own, unique way.

As for the rest - there’s always Royal Cleaning.

Cleaning is Way more Fun when Someone else is Doing it.

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