The Other 5 Things in Your Home that Make You Sad

Your home may be the source of your sadness & depression

Face your Fears by Wiping them Away

It’s not the first time when we write about the connection between Cleaning and Mental Health and we’ve already published an article with the first five reasons, which may be the cause of your sadness at your house and the anxiety that gets you every time when you have to get back home. Today we’re about to complete our list on how you can beat the Nostophobia or in other words - the fear of returning home once and for all.

As we’ve already told you the first five bullets of the list of the things at your home that make you feel bad are pretty easy to complete, while those we’re about to reveal to you now, have sentimental value and most likely a much deeper meaning for you - therefore will be much harder to get rid off.

Still, the end justifies the means and in this case, you’ll be doing this for a good purpose - to feel calm, cosy or at least comfortable in your own home.

So now let’s move on to the list itself.

Wipe the Sadness Away

The Other 5 Things in Your Home that are Making You Unhappy

Now when you’ve cleaned that cluttered open space; thrown away the pile of old newspapers and magazines; started to make your bed every morning and gotten rid off all broken and freebie items you no longer need - it’s about time to clean all the unpleasant emotions away, as well.

You can easily do so by simply following the list below.

  • Hobby items you no longer use (or have never used)
    With all those DIY projects and tutorial videos posted on YouTube, nice looking photos on Pinterest and floating posts on your Facebook page - it’s no wonder that you may have numerous tools and supplies which are still on hold, waiting to become nothing less than a masterpiece.

    Don’t get us wrong, there’s literally nothing wrong with being creative or feeling inspired by some new trend but when your place is stacked with dozens of toilet paper rolls, old magazines, variety of plastics and empty soda cans, which are claimed to be the perfect material for a unique hand-made item (often with no other purpose than to store dust) you definitely have a problem.

    Don’t hesitate to throw away all of the above - the idea to turn old trash into treasure may seem rather appealing (plus you’ll get extra credit for saving the environment by reusing random junk) but in most cases those DIY projects remain nothing more than a nice idea which lastс less than a random crush during the spring vacation in college.

    The Things in Your Home that Make You Unhappy - The Hobby items you no longer use

  • So for your own good, leave those off-beat, eccentric drafts to the vloggers who are making a living by filming them, and get rid of the clutter which surrounds you.
    And if you tended to have a conventional hobby like dancing, skiing, knitting or anything else that used to bring you joy and fulfilment in the past - you’re left with two options.
    Either you’re getting back to that one thing you once loved or it would be best for you to get rid of all the unnecessary equipment related with it since now it is only rattling all-around your place. On top of that if you’re for whatever reason no longer able to practise some of your beloved hobbies, every time when you see something which reminds you of the time when you used to have so much fun by doing them, you’ll feel a bit disappointed of your job, your life or even yourself because you’ve ditched on something that used to be so meaningful.

  • Collections that are no longer needed
    We all tend to fall head over heels into some kind of passion to collect a variety of stuff, especially as kids. There were stickers, posters, pogs, dozens of micro vehicles, napkins, coins, stamps, numerous little toys - from kinder surprise series of miniatures to Trolls, and Puppy In My Pocket figures - even matches and stones. The options were countess but the question Why you still keep those outdated collections? is the one thing relevant today.

    We’re sure that years ago you put a lot of effort to gather them but let’s be honest - you no longer need them. Not to mention that pile of old music cassettes, CDs or DVDs. All of the above may and will become burdensome instead of fulfilling. Times are changing and so are we. In the digital era you no longer need those old records and we’re pretty sure that you don’t even remember which albums you own or have owned.

    The Things in Your Home that Make You Unhappy - The Collections that are no longer needed

  • According to Dr Gail Saltz, psychiatrist and host of The Power of Different podcast, those collections are often associated with pleasant memories and to give up on your old collection might even feel like you’re giving up on your past or like you’re abandoning something or even someone you’ve cherished. So yes, it may be hard to throw all of those perfectly matching belongings and the efforts you’ve put to gather them but learning to let go is among the most important lessons that life itself teaches us.

  • Heirlooms and all of the Unwanted and Unneeded gifts
    You shouldn’t feel guilty to throw away something you don’t want, need or even like only because it was a present. According to Dr Susan Bartell, a psychologist and an award-winning author, those de trop gifts don’t give us a thing - they are simply weighing us down emotionally and cause physical clutter. There’s no need to keep belongings that don’t match your sense of style, life goals or genuine personality.

    After all, if your room is cram-full with things you don’t like - then how could you have a place for items that truly bring you joy and make you smile?
    Long story short - don’t think twice before throwing that kind of clutter away and get rid of a huge amount of frustration along the way.

    The Things in Your Home that Make You Unhappy - The Unwanted Present & The Unneeded Gifts

  • Your childhood keepsakes
    Talking about sentimental value, almost every single person out there still keeps his or her old school notebooks, childish diaries or the enormous amount of scribings put on paper in college. But let’s be fair - Are you really going to get through it all again and dedicate hours to rereading something which is no longer true or even slightly significant. It’s natural to change our views, beliefs and perception as we’re growing up so do we really need that old, greasy piece of paper on which we’ve admitted our feelings for John or Judith back in third grade?!

    You don’t have to throw away your favourite teddy bear which was such a significant part of your childhood but it’s about time for the less-important artefacts to be thrown away. According to Christina Waters, PhD and author of the book Inside the Flame: The Joy of Treasuring What You Already Have, at some moment in our lives we have to face the simple fact that we’ve grown up and the things that once were considered to be our greatest treasures no longer have the same values and their magic is gone. This can be tricky and hard, because every change - no matter how little - makes us wonder who we are today and what we want in our lives, as we ask ourselves questions like: What would be my source of happiness now? Can I still have that one special thing that will always bring me comfort? How I’ve changed and am I a better person today than I was before? - and this might be really tough.

    You don’t have to give up on the childhood’s memories or the dreams you’ve once had, but to keep all of your belongings since the age of five can be exhausting and the very thing that doesn’t allow you to move on - you must stop reliving the past in order to see what the future holds for you.

    The Things in Your Home that Make You Unhappy - Your Childhood Keepsakes

  • Or in other words as the notable cartoonist Bill Keane has said - Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present - so don’t make the mistake to take that generous offering for granted and try to make the most and the best of it every single minute because each moment is a precious part of our lives on its own and would never come back once more.

  • Your kids' old stuff
    Okay, we have to admit that this came as a bit of a shock to us at first but when numerous psychologists claim that your kids’ old stuff can have a truly negative impact on your general well-being, who are we to argue?!

    According to Dr Bartell, the reason to include this bullet in our list is that: Kid clutter makes parents anxious because it is so difficult to clean up and to find a space to keep it, so it worsens the feeling of being out of control — a feeling that so many parents already have around raising kids when things aren't going smoothly.

    Plus sometimes you might keep all of those unfitting piles of kids’ clothing and old artworks (which to be honest are pretty close to random lines in different colours than to an actual painting) because of the fear that you will lose your sweet, little kiddos and they will no longer need you.
    A fear that is natural to many parents but at some point, you’ll have to let them be on their own. And all of that old stuff you keep will only be a source of melancholy rather than joy.

    The Things in Your Home that Make You Unhappy - Your Kids’ Old Stuff

Now you got it - the complete list of The 10 Things at Your Home that may be the source of your Depression and Anxiety, we sincerely hope that you’ll put the list above to good use and that by doing so you’ll manage to feel calm and comfortable in and around your very personal, private space.

And if by any means you still can’t feel your domestic place like home, we’ve gathered for you some extra tips to turn your house into a castle.

Still, don’t forget that we are always there to help you feel better in your surroundings

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