London's Homes of the Rich & Famous

World-known celebrities and their London’s homes

London, my beautiful

The UK capital is the most popular tourist destination in the whole world but it seems that London is among the most attractive spot for celebrities’ nests as well.

Unfortunately our swinging city has not a celebrity homes map like the one especially made for Beverly Hills (although there’s certainly no lack of those bathed in glory people in here) but do not fear – we are coming to rescue with our Guide on where to find the rich and famous in London.

It may sound a bit overwhelming but it’s quite enough to simply walk down a busy street in The Big Smoke during the peak of the afternoon to bump into a celebrity. When it comes to living on the island, the UK capital is the most common choice for the household names and celebrities.

If you’re not afraid of restricting order we’ve gathered for you some of London’s luxurious homes, owned by the people whose faces you commonly see on the covers of the magazines. Have in mind that we’re leaving behind all of the places, where once known magnificent personalities used to live not because they are not part of the city’s history but because this list is focus solidly on the celebrities that you may still see doing yoga in the backyard.

It is not a surprise that the vast majority of British celebrities call London their home but international stars own their very own place here as well. They may not spend their whole time in the UK but most of them obviously think that to add the big smoke to their already expansive property portfolios is a good idea (and probably stands good in the resume).

View over my beautiful London

The celebrities and where to find them?

Okay it’s obvious that we’re leaving the Royal Family behind, since you may visit their modest home known as the Bucking Palace on a daily basis. Although here live only Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, while the rest of the royals are scattered in different adorable little mansions dotted around the city or across the country.

Now, it’s time to move on to the crème de la crème of the celebrities, who have settled down in London (at least for the most of the time).

  1. The luxurious spice’s castle
    We’re starting with the world’s most popular couple - David and Victoria Beckham’s London palace. Those two celebrities proved that not all-star marriages last just one season. We’re not going to walk down the memory lane recalling all the reasons why the Beckham’s family is a household name, peeping out of almost every tabloid’s front page, instead, we’re heading straight into their London’s home.
    Ex-Spice Girl (the posh one) Victoria and the Golden Balls football ace David Beckham are among the most famous Holland Park residents, alongside celebrities like Robbie Williams and Elton John. The star couple moved into their Grade-II listed home at the height of their fame reportedly spending the lavish £31.5 million, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, since their former home was dubbed the Beckingham Palace.
    Back in 2007, the two famous starts decided that the US is somehow better than the UK buying a home in Los Angeles. However, the star couple can still be spotted in the West London borough of Holland Park whenever they're in town.

    Beckham’s home in Holland Park

  2. The castle od the princess
    The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is the home of a princess as well. After all, not everyone needs a crown to earn this title, especially in the hearts of the people. In this case, we’re talking about the adorable petite Australian singer – Kylie Minogue.
    The pop princess’s £16 million apartment in London is located in 1 Drayton Gardens and is her main residence since the 1990s. When not on tour, Kylie tends to spend most of her time in her three-bedroom property in the UK’s capital. After all, the highest-selling Australian artist of all time is as well the most played female artist on the radio stations across the country, so we appreciate the sentimentality.

  3. The ghosted mansion alternative
    The Chanel muse and one of the most successful supermodels ever Claudia Schiffer also calls her London’s house a home. Although you probably know much more about her enormous ghosted Tudor-style mansion in the English countryside, which dates back to 1500s, Schiffer and her family spend a fair amount of their time in Notting Hill.
    After all, every woman needs to go on a shopping spree once in a while and London can offer one of the most luxurious boutiques worldwide, alongside with so much more but this is a story for another time.
    Don’t worry about the ghosts she often describes them in interviews as lovely and friendly.

    Claudia Schiffer in her mansion

  4. Where do Elizabeth Swan life while not at sea?
    Keira Knightley has won her worldwide recognition after the fantasy swashbuckler films dedicated to The Pirates of the Caribbean and since then the young and talented actress is travelling the world for her movie star career. Still this English winner of two Academy Awards has remained true to her firm London roots and might as well be your neighbor in Islington.
    Her luxury three story mansion 2,775 square feet and boasts a wine cellar and a lush landscaped garden. If you can’t find it there, it’s probably because she headed to her other property - a $6 million apartment in New York City.

  5. The Gardens of a pop megastar
    You may know Rita Ora as a British singer, actress or one of the judges on the X-Factor reality TV show but one thing is certain – you’ve definitely have heard her name more times than you can count. Ora will forever stay in the history of music as the first British female solo artist to have thirteen top ten songs in the UK’s music charts.
    But now we’re leaving this aside, focusing on her house, located on the Travelyan Gardens instead. Rumours have it that the 6ft high hedge in front of her home is actually fake and even worse – made out of plastic. Other gossips that you may hear are about her endless, raffish parties taking place in her property non-stop, probably because this girl wants to show off How We Do (Party).
    We won’t argue if this is true or not, especially since this home is already her past residence since she gives it away to her parents to move in Beckham’s neighbourhood instead. She bought her luxury penthouse in the west of the capital at the beginning of the year when her fortune has hit £10 million.

    Rita Ora lives at the Travelyan Gardens

  6. One former stellar love nest
    We’re still trying to put ourselves together since one of the most strong families (for the Hollywood) standards fell apart. The Academy award-winning actress - Gwyneth Paltrow - and Coldplay lead singer - Chris Martin - may no longer be together but their home in the expensive Belsize park area (which back in the time they bought from Titanic star Kate Winslet) is still standing.
    Despite the rumors that the co-founder of the rock band Coldplay is about to sale the real estate (probably because he used to feel worthless - his words, not ours – after the harsh divorce), this beloved stellar home was not put on the market.
    We are not pretty sure who holds the documents of possession but there’s no information for this former love nest to have been resold. So if you walk down the Parkhil Road the chances are that you may meet former husbands or their new partners, who would be the Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson or Brad Falchuk, nowadays Paltrow fiancé.
    If you want to meet Chris Martin in his PJ’s though, it’s best to head up to Malibu, where this spring he bought a fabulous beach home in California for him and his girlfriend, priced at £4.25 million.

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s home in London

  7. A beetle lives in here
    Cavendish Avenue is a well-known street in St John's Wood, London, after all there you will find the world-famous EMI Studios on Abbey Road. Just a short walk from its doorstep you will see one more place, which deserves to take your camera out – McCartney’s home.
    7 Cavendish Ave, St. Johns Wood has been the main residence one of the most famous singers and songwriters of all time - the knighted 18 Grammy Awards winner - Sir Paul McCartney, since he bought for £40,000 it in April 1965, from the doctor Desmond O'Neill. The three-storey Regency townhouse was swiftly discovered by Beatles fans but still remains the musician home today.
    If you’ve ever wondered through the stellar area, you already know that the houses there are mainly large mansions, located on very quiet streets and surrounded by massive old trees. Actor Ewan McGregor and pop star Lily Allen are among the other famous personalities that call St John Wood home.

  8. Why Notting Hill was left behind
    If you’re among the millennials generation, then the chances are that you’ve watched Notting Hill at least once during your lifetime. The adorable 1999 romantic comedy managed to steal our hearts with a then beloved girl-next-door movie star – Julia Roberts and the shy character of Hugh Grant. But leaving the well received by the critics film (and still the most successful one for Grant) behind, we’ve somehow guessed that Notting Hill has left a soft spot in the actor’s hearts. And we were terribly wrong since Hugh Grant has bought a £17.5million six-bedroom home in Chelsea.

    Hugh Grant’s residence in Chelsea

  9. He can still be spotted in his semi-detached house in one of the most exclusive streets in the Royal borough altogether with his wife and their three children. And they have quite the impressive neighbours, among who we can point Pippa Middleton and her husband James Matthews.
    Hugh Grant’s former Notting Hill abode, however is on the market with the modest rent of £7000 per month. And did we mentioned that he has a property in Fulham, as well? It looks like the UK’s capital is the one and only place that Hugh Grant still considers home.

  10. The greenest among the greens
    Colin Firth and his wife Livia London house made the headlines because of their attempt to install a large solar panel in an architectural conservation area. But when you choose a Grade II listed family home in Bedford Park the things are a bit more complicated or in this case – somewhere near impossible.
    The story of his property goes like this – actually it is a Victorian estate of Queen Anne-style houses in Chiswick which can claim to be the first garden suburb. So the only logical solution for the Hounslow council’s was to turn down the actor’s wish because the large solar panel will surely harm to the historic setting of the conservation area, which outweighed the environmental benefits.
    It seems that the couple’s eco-home in Umbria, Italy simply couldn’t be recreated in the heart of London. Long story short no matter if you are a common mortal like all of us or a successful movie star the laws in the UK are the same for everyone, which can only make us proud.

    Colin Firth’s in Bedford Park

  11. Britain’s Got Homes
    Well, at least the Britain's Got Talent judge, Simon Cowell, owns one exclusive Wimbledon’s home since the beginning of the year when he swaps his Holland Park house for a new family nest in south London. The reason why is quite farseeing – he wants to be as close as possible to the school he and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman has chosen for his son Eric. Although his official spokesperson said that the true reason behind the family’s relocation is the adorable area itself.
    Reportedly Cowell has spent £15million on his new six-bedroom house, leaving the star-studded area of Holland Park and their lavish property behind, moving from one exclusive part of the capital to another.
    Don’t moan though because you can still be neighbours with the Beckhams and Robbie Williams in Holland Park since Simon Cowell has put his former home in London's favourite celebrity enclave on the real estate market.

    Simon Cowell’s home in Wimbledon

  12. The man with too many beloved homes
    The noteworthy musician, which we all know as one of the most recognizable London’s music icons - Sir Elton John may say that he has too many homes but we still think that his place in the capital is worth mentioning for numerous reasons. Elton and his husband David Furnish have six properties – scattered in splendid locations all around the globe - in Beverly Hills, California, Atlanta, London, Windsor, Nice and Venice.
    The Guardian’s reporter Alexis Petridis is among the few chosen ones who have set their foot in magnificent musician London’s home in Holland Park. So since we weren’t invited there for an afternoon tea, we’re about to re-create his susceptive impressions.
    Each of Elton John’s homes has its own identity and glamour. His London base is the home of his collection of blond wood furniture, which glows with the colours of the sun. The notable musician wanted rooms that look like a European villa with colours, inspired from the landscape of the sky, the ripple of the water and the wildflowers.
    It may come as a shock but there’s no a piano in Elton John’s London home as the musician explained himself – he is playing 107 shows a year and the last thing that he wants when finally gets home is to play on a piano again. He claimed never touched the keys of his pianos in his Atlanta and Woodside houses so it’s pointless to have one in the UK’s capital, as well.
    What his living room in London does have however is a lot, and we mean a lot of contemporary art. So basically going there would be as an exclusive, private walk through a really carefully curated gallery.

    Elton John’s home in Holland Park

  13. The angel voice of Holland Park
    We’ve kind of ruined the surprise, since we’ve already mentioned that Holland Park is a home for numerous celebrities, among who is the world-known singer Robbie Williams. We can dedicate a whole article of the Woodland House at 31 Melbury Road (or originally 11 Melbury Road if you preferred it that way – but the whole numeration thing is a story for another time) itself. The Grade-II listed building has a really fascinating origin.
    The extremely large detached house in the Queen Anne style was built for the three year period in the 1870s by the architect Richard Norman Shaw and commissioned by the painter Luke Fildes. Fildes moved into the house on October 1877 and it remained his home until his death on February 1927. Woodland House is situated next to another remarkable building - William Burges' Grade I listed Tower House. The Grade II listed mansion was the second of two houses in Melbury Road designed by Shaw, the first, located at 8 Melbury Road, was designed for another famous painter Marcus Stone. In 1959 the London County Council commemorated Fildes at Woodland House with a blue plaque.
    Before becoming Robbie Williams’ property, the mansion was the home of the film director Michael Winner until his death in 2013. The pop star can be regularly spotted around his Holland Park house. In order to call it home, he paid the staggering £17 million. After all the place has 47 rooms. However recently Woodland House made the headlines because of Robbie Williams’ conflicts with his neighbour at The Tower House, who happens to be another world known musician - the Led Zeppelin guitarist, Jimmy Page. It coasted five-year planning battle, which in the end has been won by the angel-voiced pop star, who finally received the green light for his home’s renovation and was allowed to build his very own underground gym and swimming pool.
    We can only guess that those two won’t gather at a garden party any time soon at least not at the same time or place...

    Robbie Williams’s home in Holland Park

  14. The most photographed bathroom in London
    The English model, who was one of the main reasons the heroin chic to become a high-profile fashion trend - Katherine Ann Moss – is another distinguished resident of the UK’s capital. Happily, for us, she has chosen to stay true to her roots, moving just a few miles away from her birthplace in Croydon, Greater London. You can easily spot the reputed supermodel near her home at Highgate Hill, Highgate. Previously she used to make headlines because of her drug abuse and scandalous behaviour but nowadays Kate Moss steals the spotlights with her tremendous fashion sense and her own clothing range.
    When it comes to the home of one of the sexiest woman alive, we can easily dedicate at least 10 paragraphs to her bathroom alone but it would be quite enough to say that this room is the supermodel’s favourite place in the house and she even invites and entertains her guests there. Probably not with joint tube baths but in our opinion, it’s okay to save that though for some alone time later.
    However, Moss’s home proved at least one thing for certain – the fact that her design sense extends way beyond her impressive wardrobe. The collaboration with English wallpaper house de Gournay and the interior designer Katie Grove has indeed transformed her home in some sort of modern state of art. Kate Moss is among the most famous night owls so it’s only logical that the poetic inspiration of the look of her home comes from model’s favourite time of the day - the dusk. Simply – in her own lyrical words - Picture a summer night when it goes silvery-blue from the light of the moon and you get the idea of the design of her London home (or at the very least - its bathroom alone).
    It’s good to know, that Britain’s most iconic fashion icon lives on the same street with celebrities like Sting and Jude Law – or in other words two more reasons to go on a walk down the Highgate Hill.

    Kate Moss’s favourite room

  15. World War Z and its connection with Whornes Place mansion
    Once upon a time, there were two covered in stardust king and queen, coroneted because of their flawless looks. They met on a film set and ended up married with 6 kids only to divorce a few years later. You get it right – we’re talking about the super couple known as Brangelina. We’re skipping the whole divorce part and head back in 2012 when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to add Whornes Place mansion in West London to their already staggering collection of homes. £10 million later they settled in London right after Pitt’s movie – World War Z – was filmed. After all – why renting when you can buy the place instead?
    Jolie said more than once that if she could, she would pick the Whornes Place in Richmond as her permanent home because she simply loves being in London. The star couple may separate ways in 2016 but there are no reports that their house in the UK’s capital was sold or even announced on the real estate market. We have no idea how those two split their estates and possessions after being divorced but we guess that Whornes Place ended up in Angelina’s ownership.

    Branjelina's Whornes Place mansion in Richmond

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