Homes of World Known Celebrities in London

Deni Ivanov

Posted on 12 April 2023


London's Homes of the Rich & Famous

London, My Beautiful City

The UK capital is the most popular tourist destination in the world, but it seems that London is also among the most attractive spots for celebrity nests.

Unfortunately, our swinging city does not have a celebrity homes map like the one especially made for Beverly Hills (although there is certainly no lack of those bathed in glory people here). But do not fear - we are coming to the rescue with our guide on where to find the rich and famous in London.

It may sound a bit overwhelming, but it is quite enough to simply walk down a busy street in The Big Smoke during the peak of the afternoon to bump into a celebrity. When it comes to living on the island, the UK capital is the most common choice for household names and celebrities.

If you are not afraid of restricting order, we have gathered for you some of London's luxurious homes owned by the people whose faces you commonly see on the covers of magazines. Keep in mind that we are leaving behind all the places where once-known magnificent personalities used to live, not because they are not part of the city's history, but because this list focuses solidly on the celebrities that you may still see doing yoga in the backyard.

It is not surprising that the vast majority of British celebrities call London their home, but international stars own their very own place here as well. They may not spend their whole time in the UK, but most of them obviously think that adding the Big Smoke to their already expansive property portfolios is a good idea (and probably looks good on the resume).

The Celebrities and Where to Find Them?

Okay, it's obvious that we're leaving the Royal Family behind, since you may visit their modest home known as the Bucking Palace on a daily basis. Although only Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip live there, while the rest of the royals are scattered in different adorable little mansions dotted around the city or across the country.

Now, it's time to move on to the crème de la crème of the celebrities who have settled down in London (at least for the most part of the time).

The Luxurious Spice's Castle

We're starting with the world's most popular couple - David and Victoria Beckham's London palace. These two celebrities proved that not all-star marriages last just one season. We're not going to walk down memory lane recalling all the reasons why the Beckham family is a household name, peeping out of almost every tabloid's front page. Instead, we're heading straight into their London home.

  1. Ex-Spice Girl (the posh one).
  2. Victoria and the Golden Balls football ace David Beckham are among the most famous Holland Park residents, alongside celebrities like Robbie Williams and Elton John. The star couple moved into their Grade-II listed home at the height of their fame, reportedly spending the lavish £31.5 million, which should not come as a surprise since their former home was dubbed the Beckingham Palace.Back in 2007, the two famous stars decided that the US is somehow better than the UK, buying a home in Los Angeles. However, the star couple can still be spotted in the West London borough of Holland Park whenever they're in town.
  3. Where Does Elizabeth Swan Live While Not at Sea? Keira Knightley has won worldwide recognition after the fantasy swashbuckler films dedicated to The Pirates of the Caribbean. Since then, the young and talented actress has been traveling the world for her movie star career. Still, this English winner of two Academy Awards has remained true to her firm London roots and might as well be your neighbor in Islington. Her luxury three-story mansion spans 2,775 square feet and boasts a wine cellar and a lush landscaped
  4. The Angel Voice of Holland Park Holland Park in London is home to several celebrities, including world-famous singer Robbie Williams, who owns the Woodland House at 31 Melbury Road. The Grade-II listed building has an interesting history. It was built in the Queen Anne style by architect Richard Norman Shaw for the painter Luke Fildes in the 1870s. Fildes lived in the house from 1877 until his death in 1927. The mansion is located next to another remarkable building - William Burges' Grade I listed Tower House. In 1959, the London County Council commemorated Fildes with a blue plaque. Before Robbie Williams, the mansion was owned by film director Michael Winner until his death in 2013. Williams paid £17 million for the property, which has 47 rooms. However, the mansion made headlines recently due to a five-year planning battle between Williams and his neighbor at The Tower House, who happens to be Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. Williams was finally granted permission to build an underground gym and swimming pool.
  5. The Most Photographed Bathroom in LondonEnglish model Kate Moss is another celebrity who resides in London. She lives in a house on Highgate Hill, Highgate, just a few miles away from her birthplace in Croydon, Greater London. Moss used to make headlines for her drug abuse and scandalous behavior, but nowadays she is renowned for her fashion sense and her own clothing range.Moss's home boasts an impressive design, with collaborations with English wallpaper house de Gournay and interior designer Katie Grove. The supermodel's favorite room in the house is the bathroom, where she entertains her guests. Her design sense is inspired by the dusk and transforms her home into a modern state of art. Moss lives on the same street as other celebrities such as Sting and Jude Law.
  6. World War Z and Its Connection with Whornes Place Mansion.Whornes Place mansion in West London was purchased by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for £10 million in 2012, right after Pitt's movie "World War Z" was filmed. The couple met on a film set and ended up married with six kids, only to divorce a few years later. Jolie loved being in London and said more than once that if she could, she would pick Whornes Place in Richmond as her permanent home. After their separation in 2016, it's unclear what happened to their UK property. However, there are no reports that Whornes Place was sold or put on the real estate market.

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