The Art of Reading or simply The Perfect Getaway

The Art of Reading

Happy National #ReadABookDay. Each 6th of September is probably among the most beloved dates for the bookworms, bookkeepers, librarians and bookaholics all around the globe, and since this year it is set on Friday, this means a whole weekend of reading, rereading and reliving the magical wor(l)ds, that await you between the written pages.

What better excuse to put on hold the reality and sink in another place and time instead, than the one day of the year, which encourages you to spend it reading?!

If you feel like spreading the message, simply involve yourself in some of the numerous book-related activities and events. Read aloud to children or seniors, attend a book sale, spend a whole paycheck in the bookstore, gift or donate a book or simply reread your all-time favourite chapter.

Whatever you do, just don’t lend any books or if you insist on doing so - take a picture of the person you give one to with your copy and save the date. It may sound harsh but this is how the story of almost every lost book begins.

Now post those #ReadABookDay quotes on social media and let’s head on to a journey through the unknown

Choose something interesting to read

The numerous benefits of Reading

It’s obvious that whenever you need a perfect getaway without leaving your backyard or that favourite chair in the living room, all you have to do is to simply open a good book to forget how troublesome your bank account really is.

You can use the distraction for numerous other things as well. But now we’re about to stay serious for a moment and present you the proven facts which reveal the abundant health benefits of reading.

  • More reading = less worrying
    The researchers claim that frequent readers tend to have lower stress levels than the ones which relax in front of any kind of screen.

  • Reading does so much good to your brain
    By this, we don’t mean only the creativity boost and the rich imagination, that it provides, but its role in the stimulation of the brain activity for the improvement of the memory and the ability to concentrate.

  • Reading makes you social and compassionate
    Well-read people are proven to be more empathetic, acknowledgeable and more aware of societal ills and differences.

  • Reading makes you smarter
    Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise since the more you read the bigger your vocabulary gets. Books also improve our critical thinking and comprehension skills.

  • Reading delays the aging process
    Well, it’s not Botox but researches show that seniors who spend time reading show much slower cognitive decline and tend to participate in more mentally stimulating activities over their lifetime.

Long story short – books are not only an inexpensive source of entertainment and educational tool but can serve as time machines and some sort of universal pills as well.

Reasons why books are good for you

Once upon a time…

As in every fairy tale ever written, the fable behind the beginning of the mystifying Read a Book Day is woven of guesswork.

What we know for sure is that the first celebration of this very special day was around the beginning of the new millennium and was almost certainly an idea of a librarian, who found the magic of the books so enchanting that he/she was eager to find a way to encourage the little ones to read and immerse themselves in the story with love, passion and dedication.

That’s how the Read a Book Day was born and the rest, as they say, is history. We celebrate it at the same time each year no matter how often we tend to switch places. The unofficial holiday falls on September 6th each and every year which makes it incredibly easy to remember and frees up more mental space for reading.

It is not compulsory to finish a whole book in just one day but it may at least give you the inspiration to read your favourite short story, sonnet, chapter… or to host a tremendous party – but this time a book reading one.

Activities the readers can tale part in

Officially, today it’s all about the good old book with soft paper pages, the initial book covers and that conquering smell of fresh ink soaking through the sheets…
But you can still bet on e-books, which can be equally suitable for celebrating the Read a Book Day.
After all, the main goal of September, the 6th is to encourage reading and to open our enquiring minds to the huge unknown vistas of the world .
On top of that, as you already know, spending a bit of your time to simply read and relax is as good for the mind as it is for the soul.

And here’s a fun fact: in Japanese the word tsundoku refers to the act of piling up books but without really reading them. We bet that we can all be blamed – at least from time to time - for buying multiple books and then stacking them without ever getting around to actually read them.
So go with the flow of the Read a Book Day and finish that one novel you’ve started more than a year ago.

Every Book is a new story

How to properly commemorate the National Read a Book Day

  • Finally get to that one book you’ve always meant to pick up and read

  • Revisit your favorite book and its unique story and reread it… again.

  • Join a book club or organize a party for the one you already have a membership for.

  • Ask your friends or colleges about the last book they’ve read or about their favourite one – you’ll be surprised how much this can reveal about the person in front of you.

  • Open Wikipedia and learn more about the life and work of your favorite authors – or even better - read their biography or private correspondence to know them much better.

  • Visit the nearest library and take a book or become a volunteer for a day.

  • Volunteer in a book related event or any reading initiatives in your neighborhood by giving away some of your time, money or expertise.

In a time of screen-based communication, books can bring whole new worlds to life and even change your own forever or at the very least for good.
So switch off the screen and turn the page of your new better story.

Before moving on to the next chapter of your very own fairytale take a look at some of the greatest quotes, which give their best shot to describe the magnificent power of reading, that we’ve gathered for you. They might be quite stirring but still remain just an attempt to put into words the magic awaiting in the pages, you’ve kept on rereading.

Books are a source of freedom

The story is behind the cover

What makes reading so meaningful?

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