The 10 things you clean way too often

The 10 things you clean way too often

Can things really be too clean?

We hope that you already know how important it is to clean some of the things you use every day. We needed two articles in order to name them but today we'll focus on the flip side of that coin instead, by revealing all the stuff you clean way to often – yes, a thing like too much cleaning does exist (just don’t quote us on that, when it comes to some of the world’s most famous cleaners).

There’s more – in some cases, over-cleaning may even ruin the things you love and care about.

We surely know that many people find cleaning unenjoyable, to put it mildly, and it never gets far from being a necessary chore. So we’re here for you to spread the good news. Now take a deep breath and leave the cloth for a bit because it’s time to reveal which are the things you wash far too frequently than necessary.

Put the duster down (at least for now)

Some may say that society nowadays contains many clean-obsessed germaphobes but if you have ever been in a student dorm you can certainly argue with the statement above.
Still, there’s some truth attached to it, since we can enumerate at least 10 things that you are probably cleaning too much. What we're trying to say is that, sometimes cleaning may do more harm than good.

Over-Cleaning Does Exist

Over-cleaning will not only waste your precious time and vital energy but may ruin your stuff in the process as well.

Curious to see if you are over-cleaning your home? Then check our list below and tell us your score in the comment section below.

  • Mirror, Mirror on the wall – which is the cleanest of them all
    This is one of the exact cases when cleaning can do more harm than good. Actually, mirrors hardly need as much cleaning as you may think and if you overdo it, you can ruin their backing.
    We know how annoying a fingerprint might look on the shiny surface but try to resist the temptation to wipe it off with half of your cleaning solution.
    The moisture can easily get behind the mirror and harm the backing. There’s already quite a lot of humidity from the steam of the bath and theshower, so simply don’t add more to the mix.

    Now put the window cleaning solution down and instead just wipe the glass surface with a clean cloth after your morning shower and you will be just fine.

  • Magic carpet ride

    When it comes to carpets and rugs, it’s always best to trust the professionals. This will not only spare you the hassle but will preserve the specific fabric in the process as well.
    Over-cleaning your rugs and carpets can cause additional wear and tear and ruin the fibres of the carpeting. Using cleaning solution after every little accident can damage your carpet to a point when it will be almost impossible to preserve it and on top of that, the spills and stains will become incredibly hard to wash and remove.

    Don’t ruin your carpet even if it’s not a magic one

    Over time the residues of cleaners (especially if you mainly use soap) will backfire and will attract even more dirt making all of your efforts pointless. Not to mention how hard it is to fully rinse all of the suds of the fabric and absorb the moisture yourself.
    There’s much more to over-wetting your carpet than meets the eye – this can cause the growth of mildew and mould beneath the surface – and once the deed is done there’s no turning back.

    Long story short - it’s best to bet on professional steam cleaning twice a year in order to well maintain your carpeting and keep it as long as possible.
    Still if you’re determined to do it yourself, take a look at our article about carpet cleaning and all the things you should know when it comes to it.

  • Being a sofa spud can actually repay you
    At least it will spare your sofa the huge amount of wear and tear, which you can cause by over-cleaning it.
    All of the things that we mentioned about the specific fabric of your carpeting can be said for your upholstered furniture as well. It’s far too easy to ruin your household property in an attempt to keep it nice and bright. In this case, the do-it-yourself approach can actually cause more harm than good.

    Being a sofa spud can actually repay you

  • Ideally, your upholstered furniture should be professionally steam cleaned with proper cleaning products at least once a year.
    After all being said, it’s still advisable to vacuum your carpeting and upholstered furniture at least once weekly since this will help you to keep dirt and dust from embedding fibres and fabric. You can learn more about the right way to clean your suede soda from our article. But still - it’s really best to leave anything besides that only to the professionals.

  • There’s a solid reason why Pinocchio doesn’t take showers
    Owning proper wood furniture can make every home look classy and sophisticated, not to mention so much cosier and somehow warm.
    Those are just a few of the reasons why you should keep these capricious surfaces safe and sound, since over-cleaning them is among the worst things you can do.

    Wood furniture can be hurt extremely easy in an irreversible way. So even the specialized wood spray polishes should be used as sparingly as possible, if at all.

    The wax-based facing should be treated with high care, since ruining it will result in the attraction of more and more dust and dirt. And once the damage is done, the wood itself will start to rot, leaving the replacement the only option on the table.
    Using a harsh cleaning solution or even simply soap can be detrimental for your wood furniture, so the best you can do is to polish the wooden surface at least once a month and stick to wiping it down with a damp microfiber cloth between the polishes.

    Keep cleaning solutions away from your wood furniture

  • Pre-washing dishes is a waste of time. Here’s why:
    As strange as it may sound, you want your dishes to be dirty… before putting them in the dishwasher.
    Trust us on this - It’s safe to slowly back away from the sink and let your dishwasher take it from here. It’s more than enough simply to scrape off food scraps - no rinsing, no wiping, and especially no pre-washing.

    The makers of one of the most common dish detergents – Cascade - strongly discourage their customers to pre-wash the empty plates simply because the cleansers are designed to attach to food particles and without the leftovers on your dishes there’s nothing to latch onto, which inhibits the solution from properly working.
    So hand-washing not only won’t get your dishes any cleaner but will make the use of a dishwasher totally pointless. Not to mention that pre-washing seriously wastes energy and water – and we need to keep those, you know, especially nowadays. To give you an idea – if you pre-rinse your dishes, you waste more than 6,000 gallons per year.

    Pro-Tip: In case you have only a half-full dishwasher and you want to wait until the next meal, don’t leave the dirty dishes in the sink or the dishwasher for days, simply run a rinse only cycle instead. You'll still save a fair amount of water, energy and time.

    Pre-washing dishes is a total waste of time

5 down – 5 to go.
The rest of our list is fully based on your appearance and especially on the things which lie in the hamper when they should actually be sent back to your closet or drawer.
The truth is that you may not need to clean your clothes as often as you do or think you should. Is one wearing really all it takes to throw everything in the hamper?!
The answer is NO! and here’s why:

  • The Outfit, you’ve worn yesterday
    You can’t go to the office with the same shirt for more than two days in a row and we totally get it but do you really have to toss everything in the wash after just a couple of hours at work? When you put it that way – it doesn’t sound quite logical, does it?
    It’s perfectly normal to wear your sweater, jersey or skirt more than once. If you have the habit to toss every single item of clothing directly into the hamper by the end of each day, you surely are washing some of your clothing far too often.
    You can wear your clothes at least three times (if there aren’t any unforeseen accidents) before washing them. This is not our personal belief but the opinion of Carolyn Forte, the director of the Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

    After all, over-washing is not only a waste of water, energy and time but a waste of money too, since it can prematurely cause wear to some of your favourite clothes. Leaving the underwear (and eventually your gym wear) aside, simply launder your clothing only when necessary.

    You are washing your clothing far too often

  • Suits and dress slacks
    A nice dress or a fitting suit and you’re magically transformed in your much more sophisticated version, ready to conquer the world (especially when combined with the right pair of shoes or a watch, which can make a loud statement itself).
    We hope that your high hopes for the day were fulfilled but when you’re back at home it’s far from necessary to toss everything in the hamper.

    Let us present you some figures – annually every average English household completes around 300 loads of washing, which means 27 gallons and an average one hour of time (washing, drying, folding and putting the laundry away) per load.
    If for nothing else, rethink your washing routine because of the days you’re wasting each year doing laundry. Time is the one thing we can’t buy, so it’s only fair to use it as wisely as possible. And here are a few tips on how.

    Slacks can be refreshed by simply steaming them in the shower, with a hand-held steamer or iron. This way slacks will be good to go for a minimum of two wears and potentially reach even five depending on the conditions, the colour and the season.

    When it comes to suits - do you always wash them as a pair? A lot of people do and this is among the most common mistakes out there, since we all know that the jacket can go through three times as much wear as the pants.

    How to save your slacks or suits longer?

  • Jeans
    Nowadays jeans are a significant part of our closet but back in time before growing in popularity as a symbol of rebellion and significant part of Western culture, they were originally designed for miners… so they are bound to be rather resistant to tear and dirt.

    The denim we use now isn’t far from its origins, which means that you can cut washing this item of clothing for a good amount of time. Actually, jeans should be washed as little as possible and when they are, it’s best to take them to your local cleaners to be dry-cleaned.
    Freezing this type of pants overnight to de-stink and refresh them is indeed a thing that some people still do today. Probably because the makers of raw denim recommend waiting up to six months between washes.
    If you’re up for this challenge, you can make your own DIY refreshing spray by mixing equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water with 3 drops of lavender essential oil. Now it’s enough to spritz your jeans every few wears to kill all the bacteria and keep them smelling fresh.

  • Outer Clothing

    After you’ve read the paragraph above, we will hardly WOW you with the fact that your outer clothing can wait up from three so six months between washes. Jackets and coats usually don’t come into contact with your body, so basically there’s no reason to worry about them, especially since you wear them only when going to and leaving off work.

    Leave your jackets alone until next season

  • Some will say that washing your outer clothing once a season is more than enough. We can easily agree since it’s winter we’re talking about and you’ve chosen the right fabric in dark colour.

  • Your Bra
    When we've said underwear we included everything besides the bras. Washing this kind of lingerie too often not only might but surely will make it to not fit well anymore.
    According to far too many people in the clothing industry - bras are the most over-washed item in each woman’s wardrobe. Frequent washing of this lingerie not only stretches and tousles it but changes the whole shape of the bra.

    So basically, if you want to keep your brassieres nice and bright, you should wash them as infrequently as possible.
    Try to put them in the laundry at a minimum of three to four wears and when you do, always zip them in a mesh laundry bag (or in a pillowcase) to ensure they don’t tangle with the rest of the wash and never ever put them in the dryer - only hang them to dry.

    Bras are the most over-washed item in each woman’s wardrobe

    Well no matter if you’re obsessed with cleaning or this definitely is not your thing – we are here for you – in case you need professional cleaning services in London.

    We can offer you a 200% guarantee that once our team closes the door of your home behind its back, you will be beyond satisfied with the end result. Our team of highly qualified professionals can answer even the highest demands and knows how to reach perfection each and every time.
    So don’t hesitate and Get your quote today to ensure a cleaner and much brighter tomorrow.

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