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The City of London is the center of the British capital. Although it is the liveliest and most popular among the English boroughs, the others are worth your attention as well.

Among them, Barnet stands out as a great destination. If you want to relocate here, don’t forget that we can assist you with our cleaning services in Barnet at anytime.

But for now, keep on reading because we've gathered some interesting features for which the area is known for.

Cosy homes at the borough of Barnet

Geographical Location

The district stands West from the William Girling Reservoir above the river Thames. You can find it in the Northern part of Outer London between the boroughs of Enfield and Harrow.

The area occupies 86,74 square kilometers with many green spaces East from the Watford Way.

Barnet is divided between two British home countries, as the Northern part is inside Hertfordshire, while the Southern one is in Middlesex.

The main town, which has the same name as the borough, stands 18,6 Kilometers South from the City of London.

Transportation Facilities

The tracks of the National Railway running through the district are served by Thameslink. Travellers can take either the East Coast or the Midland Main Line. The latter one is the busiest with some of its stations serving over 1,5 million customers annually, while the ones on the former welcome around 1 million people every year.

Most residents prefer using the Underground, which is operated by the Northern line. It provides transport from Southwestern to Northwestern London with Edgware and High Barnet being the branches inside the borough. Golders Green and East Finchley are their busiest stations respectively, having over 8 million passengers annually.

Historical Data

The oldest artifacts found at the district are from the Roman Era. Those include first century pottery works and third century coins found at Brockley Hill and at Burnt Oak respectively. Another for Roman craftsmanship that remains to this day is the road on the Western border.

The name Barnet was given to the district by the Saxons. Translated into old English it means land cleared by burning.

The battle of Barnet in 1471 is the most important event in the English History the borough is known for. The town is where the House of York achieved a major victory in The Wars of the Roses, to establish King Edward IV as the rightful ruler.

The Wars of the Roses, which lasted more than 3 decades

Demographic Status

Barnet is currently populated by 387,800 citizens, with White British forming the majority. Every fifth person belongs to the South Asian community. The immigrants you may stumble upon include Indian, Pakistani, Chinese and Arab descendants. Another one tenth of the residents, more than one half coming from Africa, represent the Black ethnicity in Barnet.

Due to the diversity in the borough, the most spoken languages after English are Polish, Persian and Gujarati. The rates regarding marriage are quite good - every fourth individual is married, while every third man or woman is single.

Political Matters

Barnet London Borough Council is the authority figure responsible for providing social services, billing, education, environmental care and housing. The district consists of 21 wards, with each having three representatives at the institution.

The Conservative party forms the majority, which comes at 38 seats, with the Labourists being second in charge.

The Council’s headquarters are located in Hendon, which served as an administrative centre even during the Norman Era. Centuries ago this town was the only area inside the borough to be recorded in the Domesday book.

The Barnet's Town Hall at Hendon

Religious Beliefs

When it comes to religin, there are five main groups among the citezens of Barnet. 40 percent have faith in Christianity. The second place is taken by the non-believers, while third in line are the Jews. The rest of the citizens are either Hinduists or Musilims.

The Christ Church Barnet is an Anglican religious building, while the local Catholic center is the St Mary Magdalen’s Church.

Although the district has the largest Jewish community in England, the only Judaism temple in the borough is the Barnet Synagogue.

Muslims on the other hand go to the Finchley Masjid, an educational facility for Islamic classes and seminars.

The Christ Church in St Albans Road, Chipping Barnet

Local Museums

To learn more about the history of aviation, visit The Royal Air Force Museum. In the 20th century, the facility served as an aerodrome for the training of young pilots during the First and the Second World War.

When the museum was founded in 1972 by Queen Elisabeth II herself, it contained only 36 exhibits. Nowadays, their number is over 1000, among them you will see transportation, battle fleet and stunt show aircrafts as well as helicopters.

Each of the six hangars stores flying machines from different time periods, along with photographs, books and paper documents.

Outdoor Public Spaces

Victoria Park has many green fields, with colorful flower gardens planted all around them. The picnic tables and the play area make the outdoor public space perfect for families with children. There are also sports fields and tennis courts for people who lead an active lifestyle.

Friary Park is a place where dog owners can walk their pets. The main feature is the Greek statue monument. Sport enthusiasts can play a game at the basketball or at the tennis court. In the center of the park there is a skatepark and a kids playground to the Northeast.

Once upon a time in Victoria Recreation Ground

Sports Teams

Barnet F.C. is a professional local sports team that plays in the National League. The football club was founded at Chipping Barnet in 1888. After using the Underhill stadium as a training ground for more than a century, the team relocated to the Hive Stadium in 2013.

With its three Cups, Barnet FC holds the record for most Championships of the Football Conference.

In 1991, two football clubs merged to form Wingate & Finchley FC. The new sports team was named after both of its successors. Maurice Rebak stadium has been their training ground ever since the club was established.

Currently, Wingate & Finchley FC participates in the Isthmian League, with its biggest success being winning the Cup in 2011.

''The Bees'' at The Hive Stadium

Entertainment Venues

Artsdepot is an arts center and the main cultural venue of Barnet. Visitors can check out the artwork at the gallery or watch a performance at the two theater halls. The latter sections have hosted various dance shows, live concerts and stage plays. Artsdepot is also known for organizing classes, courses and workshops for adults and children to develop their creativity.

Movie fans who are interested in the latest blockbusters are welcome at Everyman Barnet - a state of the art cinema theater with modern equipment for 3D and regular projections. If you enjoy the latest productions as much as the old classics, check out Phoenix Cinema. The venue is a 1910s picturehouse, which is also screenings live stage shows like opera and ballet.

The main Cultural Venue of Barnet - Artsdepot

Restaurants and Diners

To taste the South American kitchen stop by at El Vaquero. The Argentinian restaurant with modern furniture is known for serving grilled meat as well as fish and chips, not to mention the all you can eat buffet.

Taste of Nawab is a compact diner with a glass front, that works late at night. At the curry house you can try classic Indian and Bengali dishes, seasoned with various Eastern spices, or order a delivery at your residence.

Istanbul Restaurant is a turkish diner with outdoor seating. The meals from the Near East come in small or large plates. The best items on the menu are fish and grilled meat, that go well with a refreshing cocktail from the bar.

Dine in El Vaquero at night

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