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The capital of England is a fascinating place to visit, whether you are going on a holiday or you are looking for a place to settle. Each borough has so many areas to explore, that picking a starting point isn’t easy. Among the various options, Harinway surely deserves your attention. To learn why, go through the informative date we’ve collected for you. To find a real estate agency or to clean your home at the borough, the Royal Cleaning staff at Haringey can be of good use to you.

Geographical Location

You can find the district in Southeastern England above the city of London. The land has interesting features, that start from the high woodland to the West. As you go East, the altitude drops to a flat area near the river Lea.

With its 29,60 square kilometers, Haringey is among the smallest London boroughs. A quarter from the area is occupied by public parks and other green spaces. Aside from the borough, Haringey is also the name of its main town, located in the Southern part.

To get around, you’d better take Green Lanes - the main traffic road. It runs from Winchmore Hill in Enfield to the North, all the way to Newington Hill between Hackney and Islington to the South.

The Borough of Haringey

Historical Facts

During the Ice Age, the land was covered by a large glacial mass, therefore there were no settlements before the start of the Stone Age. The first documented inhabitants in the history of Haringey were the Teriniobantes - the strongest Celtic tribe to ever live in Britain. Their time came to an end several years after the Roman invasion began. Some of the streets built during the reign of the latter have been preserved until nowadays.

After the Saxons took over, and founded Essex and Middlesex, the land was named Haringey. The meaning behind the renaming, was that herring fishing was a common practice at the district. For most of its existence, the land was a rural village, until urbanisation began in the 18th century. The current borough was formed in 1965 after the municipal districts of Hornsey, Tottenham Wood Green were merged.

Demographic Status

The borough is currently populated by 282,900 people, with statistics showing that the number hasn’t stopped increasing since 2001. Half of the residents are from England, with minority groups being mostly Black British or Black Caribbean. Among them you will find immigrants from Jamaica, South Asia, Africa and other countries in the UK. If you listen to the foreign citizens, it becomes clear that the most spoken languages after English are Turkinsh and Polish.

Haringey is preferred as a location by the younger generation, with the median age being 32 years old. The presence of people between 20 and 44 is bigger, while those over 65 are less, compared to the other London boroughs. Yet, the marriage rate in Haringey is quite low, as less than one third is married, while more than half are either single, widowed or divorced.

Redundant Presbyterian Church

Religious Beliefs

When it comes to religion, most of the population believes in Christianity. Another one seventh are Muslims, which puts them in second place and the Jews stand third in line. A quarter distance themselves from any religious beliefs.

St John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church is known for its colourful and bright hand painted murals. The interior of the brick structure stands out with its two spires on each side of the entrance and the long triangular roof. The building was once an Anglican church but was later converted into a religious center for the Greek community.

Another institution dedicated to faith is St John Vianney Catholic Church. It’s mission is to bring together different ethnicities together by the good nature and values of Christianity.

Parks and Leisure

The Lordship recreation ground is the largest outdoor public area in Haringey. In its center there’s a big lake, surrounded by tall trees and green plants, with ducks, swans and geese swimming in its waters. Those who like working out can take advantage of the outdoor gym facilities, while thrill seekers like to come and perform at the near skatepark.

While you are at Chestnuts Park, you should take time to view the green fields, blossoming with yellow flowers, as well as the animal sculptures, built from twigs and tree branches. Sports enthusiasts can play at the tennis courts and children can have fun at the playground.

The recreational ground of Downhills Park is popular among dog owners. The public space has 19th century Italian gardens, planted with various flowers and bushes. As you walk you will stumble upon graffiti arts and many routes that are perfect for jogging.

Alexandra Palace

Inside Alexandra Palace

Sports Teams

The local sports team is Haringey Borough FC, with its members playing in the Isthmian league. The football club was founded in 1973 at the Coles Park at Tottenham, which has been their training ground ever since. The latest success of the team was playing in the first round in the EA Cup during the 2018-2019 season.

The other sports the community loves are rugby and ice hockey, with the local teams being the London Skolars and the Haringey Greyhounds respectively. The former was founded at New River Stadium in 1995, while the latter - at Alexandra Palace in 1992. The Skolars are members of the Kingstone Press League 1 and the Greyhounds compete in the English National Hockey League.

The Arthouse

Local Cinemas

Arthouse Crouch End is a multifunctional venue. The brick building is a small vintage cinema theater with a big collection of pictures. Aside from movie projections, the Arthouse is dedicated to other performances such as stage plays, live dances and music concerts. If you check the events from the program, you will see that venue would gladly host your party should you make a booking on time. Have a sample at the lobby - try the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and the catering with many snacks to choose from.

Crouch End Picturehouse is the right place for movie lovers. The multiplex cinema plays the latest blockbusters from hollywood, old classics, low budget private pictures and stage performances from the world famous theaters. The bar and restaurant are on the upper floor serve fast food, desserts and home-made dishes, with a fine selection of beer and wine sorts.

The Salisbury

Diners and Eaters

Selale is one of the best Turkish dineries in Haringey. Kebab and meze are the main items on the menu at the late at night restaurant. Despite being a casual venue, Selale stands out with its brightness, stylish interior and modern furniture.

Another great option regarding the Turkish kitchen is the Hala restaurant. The large venue offers breakfast early in the morning and works even late at night. There, you can taste not only traditional dishes, but rare delicacies as well, including hot stews and hand rolled pastries.

To experience real Italian gastronomy, visit Durazzo Restaurant and Pizzeria. Whether you want a rich flavored pasta, creamy risotto, seafood plate or a crusty pizza, just place your order and you can have it all it in a nice family friendly atmosphere.

Crouch End Broadway

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