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Life at the Blackfriar Street in Southwark

Introducing Southwark

If you’re looking for excitement and entertainment, London will surely fail to disappoint you.

Among the many boroughs, you will stumble upon interesting landmarks and cultural diversity. As a location in the capital, Southwark is no exception from that tendency. To prove you why, we have collected some information that can be useful for you.

Before we get into details, we’d like to recommend our cleaning company to the local people who are just moving in or are regular citizens of the area.

Location in Britain

Southwark has a size of 28,8 square kilometers. The urban structures are located in the North, while the southern parts have more green spaces.

The whole district is inside the Eastern half of Greater London. If you travel along the river Thames, you will spot it lying on the South bank. It stands opposite the City of London between two other boroughs, bordering Lambeth to the West and Lewisham to the East.

The main British highways that cross the land are Old Kent Road and Peckham Road.

Once upon a time in Southwark...

Early Ages

Translated, the name of the borough means southern defence fort. In recent years the area became known for archeological finds from the Prehistoric era. This includes evidence for farming activity, items for religious rituals and burial sites.

In the past, the Southwark area was a wetland with herbaceous plantation. In the 10th century the Anglo Saxons found, that the place was quite suitable for a defensive work. The folk members were also the first people to build a bridge over the river Thames.

During the Middle Ages, the district became one of the most visited entertainment centers in Britain. That is why, the Saxon bridge continued to serve as an important traffic route. People were coming over because of the theaters and the brothels, or to enjoy activities like bull and bear baiting.

Southwark Iron Bridge

Railway Lines

The stations of the London Underground are located close to the riverside. The busiest one is London Bridge, which lies on the Northern and the Jubilee line. Opened in December 1836, it is the oldest running railway station in London.

At first it only provided transport to Greenwich, but over the years it was rebuilt to lead towards Croydon, Brighton and South East London. With its 15 platforms, London Bridge welcomes over 45 million customers annually.

Canada Water station is connected to the Jubilee line of the London Underground. Aside from that, it serves the Overground between Rotherhithe and Surrey Quays, plus the National Railway. Originally planned as a single stop, in the late 1990s the project was changed to an interchange station.

The Underground and the National Railway facilities have annually 15 and 25 million users respectively.

Population Status

More than 314,200 people are living in Southwark, with the majority being born in England. Around one tenth are South Asian immigrants, which are slightly more than the ones from the Carribbean and South America, while another one fifth comes from Africa. Among the Asian community, you may come across Indian, Chinese and Pakistani citizens.

Statistics show, that the residents prefer the single life. A quarter of the population is married and over 15 percent live with a partner. If you combine both groups together, they are still going to be less than the singles. Despite that, the median age is at a good level, as most people are 32 years old.

Talking about the people of Southwark, while walking through the borough, don't forget to take a look at the colourful mural, which has been created at Artworks Elephant by young artist Ibiye Camp.

The mural celebrates the famous people who grew up and lived in the borough of Southwark. It goes as far back as Michael Faraday, who was born in Southwark, right through to the rapper Peckham.

Among the others, famous names you'll see Sir Michael Caine, the redheaded singer Florence Welch, former wrestler Giant Haystacks and the former mayor of Southwark - Dora Dixon Fyle.

The Colourful Mural, celebrating the people of Southwark

Religious Beliefs

Southwark Cathedral is one of the two main religious centers in the borough. The original building was a monastery, which dates back to the 9th century. After the structure was damaged by the Great fire of 1212, it was reconstructed as a church.

The new building, which represented Gothic architecture, served as a parish until the 19th century. In 1905 the church became the founding ground of the Anglican Diocese of Southwark.

The other religious institution is the Baitul Aziz Islamic Cultural Centre. Before the 1990s the site was a school for Arabic classes. After the Muslim community gained a permission, a small mosque was built. Over time a new facility was built, as the number of followers kept growing.

The current building is a multicultural center for all the Muslims, where they can pray and sent their kids to school, not to mention that women are welcome as well.

Southwark Cathedral

Theater Venues

Shakespeare’s Globe is the place for theater lovers. At the outdoors venue, actors perform classic plays, created by the writer of the same name. The circular oak-and-thatch structure replicates the original Elisabeth theatre from the 1600s.

The Menier Chocolate Factory is a small theater, famous for its own original work. The program includes stage plays, musicals and comedy shows. As shown by its name, the venue is a former sweets factory, where visitors can not only watch theatrical performances, but dine at a stylish restaurant as well.

The Southwark Playhouse occupies the vault of an abandoned railway station. The small studio supports the development of arts by giving young talented writers and artists a chance to perform before an audience.

The Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre at Southwark

Gallery and Museum

Tate Modern is a modern gallery that welcomes 5,5 million visitors annually. It contains britsh artworks from the 1900s as well as exhibitions from all around the world. The gallery was established in the year 2000 at the former Bankside Power Station. The two storey glass extension is the only addition to the original structure.

The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret is perhaps the oldest of its kind. The 17th century building stores a large collection of vintage medical tools, medications and anatomy models, divided into three sections. These include an apothecary, an operation room and a medieval exhibit.

Inside The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret

Outdoor Spaces

Southwark Park is a large green area, founded in 1869. It’s a place to walk along the routes, explore the many flower gardens or play at the bowling green. In the center there’s a lake for you to rent a boat and row as ducks and swans are swimming in the waters.

The other great features at the parks are the bandstand, the fountain with dolphin sculptures and the figures of characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Burgess Park has been opened for the public since the 1940s. Many families and couples enjoy having a picnic outdoors at its green fields or going for a walk around the lake.

Motorbike and bicycle racers, on the other hand, come to take advantage of the BMX tracks in order to compete or perform stunts, while other sports enthusiasts use the fields to play rugby or football.

A small Part of the Alice in Wonderlandin figures in Southwark Park

Local Restaurants

If you are hungry for Italian food, Padella is the dinery for you. Have a seat at the modern bistro and choose one of the homemade pastas, that come in various shapes and tastes. The vintage wines, the seafood plates and the desserts are also something worth trying.

Honest Burgers works late at night, to serve its customers the best fast food. The modern dinery is all about the United States kitchen. The best items on the menu are the juicy meat burgers with hot fries and the traditional American breakfast with eggs and bacon.

The top dishes of the British kitchen wait for you at the Hawksmoor. The steaks and the ribs is what their chefs cook best. In the casual relaxing atmosphere you could also order different kinds of large meat plates and seafood delicacies such as lobsters and oysters.

The Padella Restaurant in Southwark

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