Well Known Stories in Their Real Form

The unedited version of several stories for children.

National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Nobody likes a good story more than children. The little ones are hungry for knowledge and have an active imagination because they believe nothing is impossible. Therefore kids would really appreciate it if you honor the tradition tonight on the National Tell a Fairy Tale Day. Every 26th of February makes people think about the importance of having the talent to create a story that will last for centuries. Although fairy tales are written for children, grown ups enjoy them as well. Telling one can take any adult back to his childhood.

Fairy tales have been told again and again over time along with the teachings and the morals behind them. However, long ago these stories were not as joyful as they are nowadays. Originally fairy tales were meant to teach people to be cautious and fear the unknown. As the times changed, the content was altered to be more kid friendly. In the fairy tales we hear nowadays evil is punished and good prevails, but the ones from the past teach us that acting irrational or taking risks is what gets you hurt or even worse - killed.

Get in the mood to read a fairy tale.

Need of Kid Friendly Content

To put it simply, in comparison to the original text, most of the stories in their current form are correct except for a minor detail - the happy ending. Despite that, we don’t want to traumatize the kids. For the sake of sparing them the harsh reality, lying with good intentions is not a crime. Besides, sooner or later children will learn the truth on their own. If you prefer optimistic stories like the little ones, you should not proceed further. However, for those who are curious we have collected a few classic fairy tales to describe their other endings.

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Reading the little ones a good story.

Peter Pan

The boy who will never grow old is not as nice as the stories tell. Indeed Peter shelters lost children and fights bad guys in Neverland, but there is one issue. Unlike our main character, the other kids are actually aging. Since Peter doesn’t keep adults at his place, what does he do? The answer is both simple and horrible - he murders them. Being forever young in Neverland comes at a price and Peter is willing to pay it. Once the children become adults they are no longer friends but enemies instead. That is also the reason why Peter does not want to get emotionally attracted to people. The kids he meets will either leave Netherland to live as adults in the real world or will stay with him to meet their demise at his hand.

The forever young flying boy from Neverland.

Red Riding Hood

Just like any other child, this little girl was given a simple task but she got carried away while playing. On her way to her grandmother’s house, Red Riding Hood went off the road into the dark part of the woods, where she met a wolf. From here on, the story has two different endings. In one of them the girl is eaten by the wolf on the spot. The moral is that kids should never wander into the unknown alone. According to the other version, the wolf tricks the girl into revealing the location of the grandmother. Later he eats the old woman and after impersonating her manages to devour Red Riding Hood as well. No huntsman comes to the rescue afterwards. The moral in this version of the fairy tale is never to trust strangers.

The red hooded girl who wandered in the woods.


The real ending of this tale does not concern the main character but the people around her. Storytellers skip the part in which two individuals go to horrible lengths to get what they want. Before Cinderella can put on the glass slipper to prove she is the woman the price loves, others try on the shoe without success. Among them are the stepsisters of Cinderella. In order for the slipper to fit, each cuts a part of her own foot off. One of the sisters removes her big toe while the other sacrifices her heel. Although the shoe fits after the self mutilation, the bloody footprints left by the stepsisters reveal the fraud. The two women are then punished by getting stripped of their wealth. That is how the greedy stepsisters end up crippled and poor after cheating.

The midnight princess with the glass slipper.

The Three Pigs

Despite the different ending, the moral of this story remains the same. Each of the three pigs built a home of its own. The first two completed the job quickly. The third one used better materials and used extra time and effort, but instead of being praised he was mocked by the other pigs. As the story goes, a hungry wolf managed to demolish two of the houses easily. However, the pigs who lived there never managed to flee and find shelter by the third. In reality they were eaten. The third refused to let the other two in because of the insults towards his hard work. The conclusion is that being sloppy and lazy could get you killed or exposed to danger. Therefore don’t over rush things and use the right tools.

The pigs who managed to build themselves houses.

Frog Prince

In fairy tales a kiss can break an evil spell, because love triumphs over evil. Although this is the case with the frog prince, we often ignore the fact that the princess believed him. When it comes to love, finding the right person is important. It is not normal to kiss a random stranger, so the question is would a woman do it for a talking amphibian? In the original story, the princess doesn’t believe the frog claiming to be a bewitched prince. Disgusted by the amphibian, instead of granting a kiss, she has the poor creature slammed into a wall and killed. After the cruel deed, the lifeless body of the frog transforms into the corpse of a prince. The princess realizes her mistake but it is too late. Prejudice has turned her into a murderer.

One kiss turned the frog into a prince.

Snow White

Most fictional villains are meant to meet their demise, but sometimes the way and the moment it happens can be altered. A good example is the current tale about Snow White. Here, the evil queen meets her doom after being cursed by the dark forces she used to hurt her stepdaughter. The event takes place before Snow White is saved and married to the prince. In the earlier version of the story, the heroine gets to witness the demise of her stepmother. Without any awareness, the evil queen goes to the wedding of Snow White and the prince only to walk into a trap. Upon arrival she is captured and punished by the king. The evil queen is forced to wear red hot iron shoes and dance in her pain until she collapses dead.

You can name the fairest of them all.

The Little Mermaid

If you read the original text, you will see this is the saddest fairy tale about true love. The heroine sacrifices everything to be with a young prince she has feelings for. Through magic the mermaid is granted human form but at the cost of losing her voice. Afterwards, she does win the affection of the prince for awhile but later he falls in love with another girl. Because of the spell, the mermaid will turn into seafoam and disappear once her beloved one is married. The only option she has to save her own life is to kill the prince - an action she refuses to commit. As the mermaid jumps into the ocean and her body dissolves her spirit is spared. Her pure heart and selfless act turn her into a daughter of the air - a noble spirit who will watch over mankind.

The mermaid who wanted to become a human.

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