Ways to Remove Various Stains From Your Clothes

Don't Let the Stains Ruin Your Clothes.

Having nice clothes is more than a necessity, this is a way to express yourself. The things you wear tell about you more than you think. This includes favourite colors, financial status, type of personality, originality and much more. After all, our outlook is the first impression we make upon meeting with close friends, relatives and strangers. Since nobody wants to be misjudged, we have to be careful what we wear, depending on the circumstances, the time and the place we find ourselves at. That is why staying in touch with the latest fashion trends is a must in the modern society. Purchasing new clothes helps us stay relevant, plus we surely feel good as people praise our outfit, because it gives us confidence and boost our self esteem.

Getting Your Clothes Dirty

No matter how much you pay attention to your outlook, accidents do happen now and then. When we buy a new shirt, a jacket, a sweater or a any other article of clothing, we hate nothing more than getting a stain on them. Whether they are from food, dirt or chemicals, filthy marks must be cleaned right away. Some of them are harder to wash off than others, so don’t give up if the washing machine fails you. Before you think that the stain is irremovable and that your clothes are ruined, go through the paragraphs below. We have collected information about different kinds of stains and the proper way to erase them.

Nicely Folded and Dirty Clothes.

Before we begin, take the following notice into concern. It is not 100 percent certain that the methods we’ve listed are going to work in every situation. We just want to provide some tips that can be of good use to you just like the cleaning services we offer to the tenants of London in need of professional help. Our company promises picture perfect result, plus there are no risks for you, because all of our customers get a free guarantee. Now let us show you how to deal with a variety of nasty stains.

Clothing Dye

White and colorful or bright and darker clothes must be washed separately, otherwise the dye from the latter can leave a stain on the former. Even when you sort the laundry, a colourful sock could easily sneak into the other clothes as you stick everything in the washing machine. Once the damage is done, you will need some oxygenized bleach - one that is free of chlorine. Use it to make a mixture with the cool water in the washing machine and soak the stained items of clothing in the liquid. Leave things like that for eight hours and if nothing has changed, repeat the procedure over and over again. After the stain is gone, give the clothes a regular wash.

Remove the Dye From the Wash Cycle.

Getting Sweaty

Bodybuilders and sports players always deal with sweaty marks when doing their laundry. To remove these stains, you will have to get a hold of an enzymatic detergent and some oxygenized non-chlorine bleach. Pour them both into the washing machine and set it to the highest possible temperature that the fabrics of the clothing can withstand. Once the stain has been erased, check the laundry for bad odors. Should you detect any, wash one more time with a detergent specifically made to improve the smell of the wear. As efficient as this method can be, it works only on stains left by an organic protein.

Eggs and Dairy Products

Professionals chefs are aware that filthy marks left by dairy and eggs are nasty and hard to remove from your clothes. Such a stain contains proteins, so you shouldn’t apply hot water to wash it off. This will literally cook the proteins and cause discoloring of the affected fabrics. First you better check if the stain is dry - in that case start by scraping off the crust with a brush. The next step is to soak the item of clothing into an enzyme mixture and last but not least into cool water, where it should remain from 5 to 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure several times. To finish the job, wash the article of clothing with a bleach product, suitable for the texture, that will take care of any potential discoloring.

Wash off the Stains from Eggs and Dairy Products.

Bloody Marks

Cutting yourself with a knife or falling down while running will result in getting a bruise. The body will heal itself but the blood stains won’t come off on their own. You could either take the clothes to the dry cleaner or try the following method. Soak the fibres into cold water and carefully rub the stain off with your fingers. After the water turns pink, pour it out and start over - keep repeating the process until the liquid remains clear. Next thing you should do is to rinse the article/s of clothing and apply some enzymatic detergent on the stained area. Let it stay like that for a while before putting it in the washing machine. If the stain is still there, use just a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to erase it. However, have in mind this might alter the coloring of the fabrics, so try on a less visible part of the clothing at first.

Mud and Soil

Dirt becomes mud when it’s wet outside, a substance which is quite sticky and unpleasant to wash off. Most people put the stained clothes straight into the washing machine but that is a mistake. You should wait for the mud to dry off instead and then scrape off as much dirt as you can. To clean the remaining particles you will need a standard laundry detergent and water. Mix them into soap suds as you rub the fibres together and rinse the garment. Repeat everything over and over again until the filth is completely gone. Colorfast items of clothing can be a bit more difficult as they could require another procedure in addition. That would be to use a solution of water and vinegar upon the stain to wipe it off. Once you are done, the final step is to wash the garment with the help of an enzymatic detergent.

Muddy Shirts Need a Proper Cleaning.

Fruit Juice

Since fruits are good for your health, they should be consumed on a daily basis. The problem is that their juice is quite sticky and easily soaks into the fabric of the clothes. To remove such a stain, you have to dilute it with cold running water, then make sure to apply an enzymatic detergent directly on it. Cover the whole affected area and leave the garment like that for 20 minutes. As you prepare the article of clothing for a wash cycle, do not clean off the detergent. Set the washing machine to the hottest temperature that is suitable for the fabrics and turn it on. Once the program starts the detergent will dissolve the stain.

Spilling Wine

This is the most famous vintage grape drink around the world and every wine lover should know how to deal with these stains. To erase the red mark, pour some salt over it and wait for it to absorb the color by becoming pink. The next task on hand is to soak the garment into a mixture of cold water and an enzymatic detergent. Leave it like that for the night and check in the morning. Repeat the whole process again if you have to. In the end, just give the clothing a regular wash.

How to Remove Wine Stains Efficiently?

Caffeine Drinks

A hot cup of coffee in the morning is the best way to start the day but sometimes this includes a stain. Should that happen, rinse the affected area with cold running water. Next thing to do would be to apply an enzymatic detergent onto the stain - you better use a brush to work the cleaning mixture into the garment. Leave the item of clothing for about 5 or 10 minutes. Last but not least, as you throw it into the washing machine, do not scrub off the detergent, and set a cycle at the highest temperature the fabrics could withstand.


Although this is also considered a type of fruit, the method for stain removal mentioned above may not work. The problem is that tomatoes are quite greasy because they include oil. Therefore the usage of a liquid dishwashing detergent, one made to dissolve grease, is the best solution. Pour some of the cleaning mixture directly on the stain and scrub it either with your fingers or via brush. Afterwards, rinse the article of clothing with clean water and repeat the same procedure as many times as it takes to make the oil come off.

Make the Tomato Stains Disappear.

Grassy Marks

Walking through the grass or falling on the lawn, can leave green marks on the clothes. Still, there’s no need to worry. Do the usual procedure with the help of an enzymatic detergent. Pour the mixture directly onto the stain to soak into the fabrics - use a brush or do so by hand. A stain treater can do just fine as well. To finish it all, give the clothes a wash without removing the detergent and check them afterwards. If they are still covered in grassy stains, use some diluted white vinegar. Apply the liquid directly on the stains and wash the garments one more time.

Grease and Oil

Whether you are dealing with grease, motor or cooking oil, the way to clean either of these stains is the same. Start by soaking the garment in cold water, then cover the filthy area with a dishwashing detergent. Afterwards simply brush and rinse the mixture. You should do that several times in order for the grease to loosen up. The next action is to pour an enzymatic detergent over the spot. Rub it into the texture all the way to the other side and leave it like that for 10 minutes or a bit longer. The greasier the stain, the stronger the mixture should be. Last but not least, don’t rinse the detergent as you put the clothes for a wash cycle. Just make sure the settings are at the highest temperature which is suitable for the fabrics.

Cooking Oil Makes the Clothes Nasty.

Ink Blots

A pen can easily mess up our clothes, especially when the ink is pouring out of it. To get rid of the stain, place a dry paper towel underneath the article of clothing. Get a can of hairspray and apply the content directly on the filthy area until it fully soaks. Wait a few seconds before using a clean piece of cloth to wipe off the ink. If the stain is a hard one, do everything over again. Once the item of clothing looks good enough, give it a proper wash with an enzymatic detergent.

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