Events in 2020 That Could Change the Future

2020 - What Could Happen This Year?

Why do we Need Predictions?

You can’t live your life without thinking about the future. Day by day, things change on a constant basis, so you have to keep up with them in order to adapt. People who are not aware of what is going on around them, won’t be able to solve the problems they encounter or avoid potential trouble. Although it is true that the future is a mystery and cannot be predicted, we can take preparations. Making a plan is the best way to take control over the events in our life. That is why some people try foreshadowing the future.

When it comes to making the right guess, logic is the key to handling this matter. The same goes for coming up with an authentic prediction. Analyzing the past and the present helps to predict how certain events will develop in the following decades or centuries. Various circumstances could change the fate of mankind but some of them might cause disorder and destruction. Either way all possible outcomes have to be taken into concern, because having awareness is crucial in such cases.

It’s Useful to be Prepared Ahead of Time.

What Awaits Us in 2020

Since we want you to be prepared, we have gathered several predictions for the year 2020. Whether these are correct or false, we do not know - only time can tell. Still, we don’t want to cause panic without a reason, be the bearer of bad news or get your hopes up just to disappoint you. Therefore, keep in mind that the information we are about to present is not 100 percent accurate. There is a lot of room for errors in regards to making predictions. Not each of them will happen for real, some for the worst and others for the best, but when one turns out to be true, you are ready to act in time.

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What the Year 2020 Could Lead to.

War in the Middle East

This potential risk is not a surprise with all the conflicts raging in Eastern Asia. The war over resources and control has been going on there for decades and the interventions from the Western World haven't changed anything. However, considering the recent attack undertaken by the USA and the counterattack that followed, the chances for a peaceful solution are not looking good. Experts fear that the countries in the Middle East (Iran, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon) will unite in order to fight against their common enemy. The United States on the other hand won’t hold back when their own safety is at stake. Should that happen, political interests will get other countries involved in the action and before you know, the campaign will expand on a global level. We can only hope a solution can be found before it’s too late.

Another Economic Crisis on the Way

Although the world managed to overcome a financial disaster of 2008, it seems nobody has learned anything. For the last decade, the people on the markets have been making the same mistakes that led to the crisis in the first place. There are three reasons why the economy is about to crumble once again. Firstly, the exchange markets are reaching panic levels. The balance between supply and demand is more fragile than ever.

Is the Economy Going to Crumble Again?

Secondly the economic fundamentals are slowly but surely losing their meaning. The rise in the number of deals in the black and the grey sector is becoming a bigger burden every day. Third, hundreds of closed hedge funds are so unstable that they might suffer bankruptcy at the same time. The moment that happens, the international trade market will have to close. In case of an economic crisis, the USA will be the first country to fall victim and the rest of the world will follow.

England Will Have a King

We don’t wish any harm to befall upon her Majesty but nothing lasts forever. This prediction sounds possible, since Queen Elisanbeth II has lived for a long time. 2020 could really mark the coronation of a king, yet, many have been making such guesses for over a decade and her Majesty has proven them wrong. Therefore this year might not be any different. Aside from being the oldest, Queen Elisanbeth II is also the longest reigning monarch in the history of England. Every year she’s on the throne only expands these records further. The one thing we are certain of is that the next candidate for the throne is her son prince Charles, so there is no doubt the next monarch of the country is going to be a man.

Will England Crown a New King?

Wildfires Across Europe and America

Global warming and climate change are serious matters but keep getting underestimated. The cost for neglecting these issues comes in the form of natural disasters that take their toll on mankind. Eco activists have been warning local governments for decades but no one is taking action. Nowadays, the question is whether everything is already out of control? The wildfires that consumed large areas of the Amazon in 2019 were just the start. The rainforests were saved but almost 1 million hectares of land were lost.

Currently, Australia suffers because of the same disaster but the damages are much greater. At the start of 2020 over 4 million hectares of land are gone, 30 people have died and 6000 buildings have been destroyed. The dryness and the rising levels of heat are bound to have the same effect on Europe and North America in the summer. This concerns countries like France, Spain, Germany,Portugal and Netherlands as well as the states Los Angeles, California, New Mexico and Palm Springs.

Wildfires are Spreading all Over the Globe.

Implanting Chips in the Body

Interactive technologies have become an important part of the 21 century. The electronic devices we use on a daily basis, such as computers and cellphones, spare us both time and effort, while improving our quality of life. All of them wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the chip. This tiny item is the key to the operating system of every modern invention. Aside from mechanics and electronics, some scientists believe they can go further by implanting chips into humans. We are not talking about turning people into machines.

The idea is to implant a small chip in the body that can work as a remote control key which allows you to operate the devices at your house or at work. An American company, located in Wisconsin, has already made good use of this innovation. Instead of carrying badges, the employees can enter the office, register themselves and record their working hours via chip implant. Although this practice is currently limited, we can be sure more people will take advantage of this innovation in the future.

What Are the Benefitts of Chip Implants?

21st Century Moon Landing

It is quite strange mankind hasn’t gone any further since the success of Apollo 11 in 1969. For over 50 years the technologies has advanced beyond expectations but Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are still the only people to step on the Moon. That is why the suspicions that the whole mission was staged haven’t been confirmed or disproved. However, NASA might change that very soon. As the plans for exploring the Milky Way are in progress, the US agency is preparing astronauts for another flight to the Moon. If the mission is successful, the world will find out the truth about Apollo 11. Afterwards the next step will be making a settlement on the Moon. This would not only prove whether it is possible for people to live there but will make it easier to contact any potential life forms beyond the galaxy.

End of the United Kingdom

At the start of 2020, it seems the United Kingdom is no longer standing strong. because of Brexit. Unlike England, the other members of the UK are not keen on leaving the European Union. Although the decision was accepted, there are many consequences to think about. The main issue is that both England and the EU will lose benefits in terms of stock trade, travel licences and job opportunities. The same applies for the other members of the UK. Therefore, experts believe that once Brexit is finalised, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will consider leaving the United Kingdom to re-join the European Union. To put it simply, the independence of England could come at the cost of losing touch with its neighboring countries.

Could Brexit be the End of the UK?

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