Show Appreciation to the Army on the 4th of March

Hug a soldier to express gratitude to the army!

Protection of the Country

Unresolved conflicts can easily get out of hand. There will always be issues of economic, ethical or political nature, which concern matters such as the trade of resources, the rate of emigration, the national reforms and more. Although diplomacy is the key to finding a solution, sometimes the negotiations fail the affected sides resort to extreme measures. Not everybody listens to reason, which is why almosty every conflict can lead to war and terrorism.

Nowadays, being prepared for the worst case scenario is mandatory for the well being of every nation. A country must be able to defend itself and the citizens from any attacks. That is why the 4th of March is dedicated to the bravest people on the planet - the troops of the military. The date marks the national Hug a G.I. Day and is the one time of the year when we show our appreciation to the troops for their hard work.

Soldiers deserve appreciation for protecting their country!

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Facts About the Tradition

Although the term G.I. refers to the US army, the 4th of March doesn’t exclude the military forces of the other nations on the planet. After all, conflicts are raging throughout the world and every country has a special force of its own. Protection is the purpose of each and every army, because the people who form this institution are willing to risk their well being for the sake of others. When the life of citizens is endangered and there’s a threat for national security, the troops will be summoned.

The iIntense training prepares the soldiers for action!

The abbreviation G.I. has two meanings. One stands for government issue, while the other for ground infantry. During World War One, the term was used by the US army to warn the troops on the battlefield for incoming enemies. As time went by, the abbreviation became associated with people who are participating in military campaigns. This meaning was constantly used by army generals and became popular during Wоrld War Тwo. In 1944 the abbreviation was written for the first time in a US military document - the Montgomery GI Bill.

The very first national Hug a G.I. Day took place in 1996. The one who came up with the idea was not the US government or an army member but a regular person who wanted to pay tribute to the troops. The suggestion for a national holiday was made by a woman named Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith. Her local community and later the state liked the idea very much and before you know the entire country was involved. Once the initiative got official approval, it became an annual event and part of the US calendar.

A day that makes you proud to be the troop in the family!

Since there is a meaning behind the date of an event, that applies also to the national Hug a G.I. Day. Rather than a famous person or a historical moment, the reason why the 4th of March in particular was chosen for the initiative was a simple pun. The date marks the one time of the year that sounds both like a sentence and an order at the same time. We are talking about the military command “March Forth!”

Being Part of the Army

Being a soldier is a noble profession but it comes at a great price. For a soldier going on a mission, survival is always under question. The daily routines, the training, the campaigns and the constant threats cause both a physical and mental exhaustion. In addition, soldiers are far away from the people they love the most. The thought of returning home and being reunited with the family is the main source of hope and strength.

Members of the army do not take part only in military actions. The army will come to the rescue in case of a natural disaster, an industrial accident or other critical situations. In the midst of destruction and tragedy people tend to panic and cause mayhem. Therefore the military will send its men and women on a mission to prevent casualties and save the survivors. In the meantime the troops will do their best to prevent further damages.

Performing humanitarian actions in third world countries is also among the duties of the army. After acts of terrorism, natural disasters, disease outbreaks or other major problems, the citizens are desperate for help. When the state can not afford to cover the damages or provide medication, food and shelter, the military of the developed countries arrives to deliver and distribute the necessary resources among the population.

Troops distributing first aid resources to the needy!

Despite all the trouble they go through, soldiers believe their cause is worth it. Unlike others, they don’t do their duty because they expect rewards and fame in return. Contributing to the wellbeing of their nation is what gives their lives meaning. Therefore, nothing makes the brave men and women of the military as happy as being appreciated by the citizens. Moments like these make the troops proud of themselves and their efforts.

Appreciating the Military

If you’d like to show respect to the army, you can take part in the Hug a G.I. Day initiative on the 4th of March. A simple gesture of kindness speaks better than words. Giving a hug is not just a way to express affection but to show gratitude as well. We personally, believe the tradition should not be only a thing in the USA but a worldwide practice instead. It would be nice to have a date dedicated to every serving military officer on the planet.

Free hugs for all the brave soldiers of the homeland!

To those who like the idea we have to give a word of advice. Having good intentions is not an excuse for being unreasonable. Before you approach a member of the army, ask for permission. Not every soldier is willing to accept physical contact while others may not know about the initiative. Furthermore, some of these troops could be in poor health because of spinal injuries, chronic pain, PTSD or else. These are not issues you can notice at first sight, so be careful - hugging injured or menatally unstable people isn’t appropriate. Otherwise, you could either cause them more pain or distress.

1,4 million is the number of troops honored every year on the national Hug a G.I. Day. The idea is to show appreciation to any member of the army, whether it is a person close to you or a stranger. Rangs, divisions or branches do not matter. Every trooper follows the same moral codex and has dedicated his life to a whole country. So on the 4th of March, think about the troops who defend their homeland inside and beyond its borders. Should you spot a person from the military today, honour him or her by offering a hug.

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