Experience the City of London as a Real Londoner

London - The City you can Not Describe

Crackle the Tourist Bubble while in The City of London

There’s only one way to truly enter into the spirit of the UK capital and that is to spend some quality time in the City of London.

So let’s crackle the tourist bubble and make a visit to some hidden gems, which will brighten your day, leaving the buzz to fade.

We offer you to experience the city like a real Londoner. As one of the most trusted public service companies in the City of London, Royal Cleaning knows a lot about the British Capital.

That’s why we’ll leave aside all of the standard tourist attractions and we’ll take you on a journey through the site’s hidden places.

A view of the City of London

Life Begins After Coffee

Life Begins After Coffee

That’s why our first stop will be Association Coffee, a place where everything is dedicated to the taste of freshly made coffee.

If you’re not ready to make any compromise with your cup of this delightful arousing brewed drink, this is the right place for you. Each and every coffee here is prepared with careful attention and it’s served only if it meets the high standards of the venue.

A yawn is a silent scream for coffee – they said – that’s why we offer you to try one of the best espressos in the whole of London.

And if you are a real coffee aficionado, have in mind that every week there’s something new on the menu.

One more thing – Association Coffee works only with Europe’s finest roasters to guarantee you a rich taste and magnificent scent.

Long story short - your gourmet coffee awaits you in Creechurch Lane.

The Association Coffee in The City of London

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

And we happen to know how you can get them for free.

Just check in Manon Café and we guarantee that you’ll immediately fall in love with everything displayed on the showcase.

At the Espresso Bar, you can add a various number of spices for free and the best part is that you get a complimentary Leonidas Belgian Chocolate, by your choice, with all beverages.

Aren’t those good reasons to forget about the big-chain-coffee-mobs and have a decent cup of coffee in a real mug, instead of one with your name misspelled on it?!

A gift box with one of the finest chocolates known to humankind can always be the perfect present, ideal for any occasion or just to make the Monday morning much more bearable.

Manon Café in The City of London

Authentic Tastes from Italy

We all know that coffee has developed some kind of its own culture in Italy but what if we tell you that you can taste that exact espresso, you would be served in Rome, right here in the city of London?!

Remember the number 1882 – that’ the place where you should be very careful if you’re about to order late. We strongly advise you not to.

Caffe' Vergnano will introduce you to the art of Italian coffee and that kind of masterpiece shouldn’t be ruined with milk!

According to The Times, here is the right place to be if you want to taste the best espresso in the whole of London.

We dare you to experience the transcendent apotheosis of coffee, the transmogrification of espresso hidden in a shot of Ristretto.

Caffe' Vergnano in The City of London

Brunch with Style

What is England without a classic brunch?! And you know what they say - Brunch without champagne is just a sad breakfast. So even though the brunch is often considered for the socially acceptable excuse for day drinking, there’s no possible way to leave this essential meal aside.

We assure you that there are more than one delicious options on the menu at the City of London but here are our top three options for a tasteful afternoon:

  • We’re starting a bit fancy with The Bread Street Kitchen. To be honest, back in 2011 the critics weren’t adulatory, to put it mildly. Still, we advise you to check this Gordon Ramsey restaurant by yourself.

    The open-plan kitchen serves something for everyone with a globally-inspired menu of stoned-baked dishes, charcoal grills and an ever-changing range of salads, mains, starters and desserts.

    Plus you should never doubt the quality of the products, that are being used here – it’s the one thing that will never be compromised over.

    The restaurant is fitted out with an open kitchen, a raw bar and a wood-burning oven.

    So from bottomless brunches to king-sized breakfasts, you can have it all at this city diner. Plus it has a wine balcony storing 2000 bottles of the finest grape juice.

    Still, have in mind that Bread street kitchen is strongly family orientated, since the kids can eat here for free every day.

    The Bread Street Kitchen in The City of London

  • Don't Teach your Grandmother to Suck Eggs…

    and take her for brunch at The Bad Egg instead, but only not on Saturday. You ask why? Well, it’s better to see for yourself, we’ll mention just two words – bottomless booze and the things that alcohol can cause to some people…

    Still, this idiosyncratic little brunch spot is a big hit so book a table in advance and if you manage to visit this place during The Frunch (or simply the Friday brunch), you should consider yourself lucky.

    We won’t surprise you by saying that there’s all kinds of eggs variations on the menu, but we advice you to treat yourself with a must-try Bad Egg burger instead.

    We could keep on talking but the memories of weekend afternoons there are kind of hard to be recreated…

    A sneak peek at The Bad Egg menu

  • As High as a Kite in the Sky

    The highest restaurant in the UK usually pop-ups, when you have in mind something more than an occasional brunch. Still, if you keep up your expectations high as the sky, you’ve just found the right place.

    Sunrise or sunset, the full moon blossom or the starry night before the dawn is born – capture everything while enjoying a meal high up on the 40th Floor of Salesforce Tower London.

    Duck & Waffle is open and serves from sunrise to sunset to sunrise again - and every hour in between as well.

    We can guarantee you that you'll be stunned by the beauty of London like never before – all you have to do is take a look outside through the window and you’ll find yourself dazzled.

    The view up here is amazing, you can see out across all of the city and pick out famous landmarks and buildings from all over the district. You will receive a 360 degree 3D experience, while enjoying a tasteful classic dish, served with a pinch of innovation.

    In case the fear of heights doesn't bother, once you're there, you shouldn't miss the venue’s signature dish: fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup – yes, this is the recipe which gave the restaurant its name. And while enjoying the view outside, remember to look up and explore the extravagant chandeliers made from old wine bottles.

    Climb up to the 40th floor of Salesforce Tower to try the Duck & Waffle

First, There Was the Guacamole…

If you ask for a vegetarian restaurant in the very heart of London, the chances are that 3 of 4 people we’ll point you the Vanilla black – but we’re definitely not 3 out of 4 and we’ll offer you something different.

Come and say hello to Avobar. The chances are you’ve already known this unique Insta-famous venue and yes, the avocado fewer caught us too. Even though we didn't fall for this superfood, the Avo Bun Burger would still be on our regular menu.

Avobar offers its eclectic mix of fresh dishes during the whole day, so you can start your day with a healthy breakfast, a great coffee and have a nice and smooth dinner accompanied by futuristic cocktails.

The king among superfoods has some serious influence on the beauty routine all over the world as well and here you can purchase lovely avocado-based beauty products from the in-house mini-store.

Everything served in Avobar has at least two things in common – it’s green and photogenic. The menu changes quite regularly as the staff constantly experiment with fresh new recipes – that’s why it would be pointless to tell you how refreshingly tasty the food is but if you’re not ready to gamble, there are some things that are here to stay and we can guarantee that they definitely deserve this.

Still, if we have to choose just one thing – stick to the burgers – you won’t regret it, we promise.

The bohemian, California-inspired setting is another reason why the first UK’s restaurant, dedicated to the avocado, is often described as quite literally the epitome of millennial dreams but don’t all of us need to reveal our inner hipster from time to time?!

The Elect(r)ic Green Avobar

Take a Sip from London’s History

When the night is dark and full of terrors, don’t be so fast to light a balefire. There’s a better way to raise your spirit higher, as Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald used to say: Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life and the City of London knows how to serve even better than Brian Flanagan (if that name doesn’t ring a bell – you surely should add Cocktail to your watch list).

The Jamaica Wine House was originally London's first coffee house which opened in 1652 and was often visited by Samuel Pepys – the famous administrator of the navy of England, who rose to Chief Secretary to the Admiralty under the rule of both King Charles II and King James II.

Affectionately called simply the Jampot, the historic birthplace of London’s coffee scene is looking forward to being discovered from Monday to Friday. Weekends are fully booked in advance for private events – making the place one of the best private hire venues in the whole of London.

The Jamaica Wine House is now home to one of the Square Mile’s finest pubs and wine bars. You can find this must-visit venue hidden away in St Michael’s Alley, amid the labyrinth of charming medieval courts and backstreets near the Monument.

The Jampot is a crossing point where two worlds meet. The place is split in two in order to offer the very best of each and to cater for all tastes.

At ground level, you’ll find a traditional London pub, with wood-panelled bar, high ceilings and a splendid selection of Kentish cask ales and international lagers.

While down in the snug basement, lies the famous Todd’s Wine Bar with its outstanding wine list. If you prefer open spaces, you can always enjoy your drink of preference in the alley outside.

Put simply, The Jampot offers the opportunity to spend one of the most special nights in the City, especially if it’s your birthday, as the pub will compliment you with one of its finest dishes for free.

The Jampot or The Jamaica Wine House

Life is a Cabaret, old Chum - Come to the Cabaret

Vintage clothes, jewellery, furniture it’s all coming back in our homes and closets but what about a night of vintage-inspired fine dining?!

Prohibition cocktails, fire breathers, belly dancers and of course, beautiful burlesque performances – you can find all this and much more if you choose to slip into Proud Cabaret City.

This retro supper club won’t let you down and we assure you that if you choose this venue, it would totally be a night to remember.

This speakeasy will dazzle you not only with its breathtaking stage performances but with its sophisticated menu, offering all range of British classics and extensive wine list to accompany your dinner.

It’s all about that jazz, so bravely step into the jam and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the outstanding Proud Cabaret City, which we find way too hard to put into words.

When Life Gives you Lemons – Grab Them and Make a Mojito

Talking about the 1920s, there’s one more place which offers its spellbinding atmosphere in the heart of the City.

Books lining the walls, vintage wallpapers and soft, tender music, playing from the piano – it’s all here sheltered cozy under the ground.

Still, there’s something else that captured our attention and that would be the cocktails.

The BYOC mixologist can do their magic onto any kind of booze and transform it into a prominent cocktail, which makes the spirits lift your spirits. All this takes place it the bar’s speakeasy vibe, which perfectly mimics the American prohibition style.

You can bring your own bottle of booze and watch it transform before your eyes into a fabulous drink.

After all, you know what they say – Cocktails may not solve any problems but then again neither does water, so add some taste to it and call it a night.

P.S. In case you wonder, and in order to keep you away from troubles, the C in BYOC stands for cocktail, not cocaine.

The Alchemy of a Night Well Spent

Our top picks wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one copper cased wonderland, which pays tribute to all weird and wonderful things happening in our imagination.

Step in the flaming atmosphere and take your first Alchemy lessons from the masters of the dark arts of molecular mixology, whose demonic skills manage to capture the unholy spirit and put in a martini glass.

There's is Far Too Much to be Described

London is not a place that you can simply describe by putting it in words no matter how many or lavish they may be. The only Real Way to at least try to understand it is to Feel & Live it.

Still, since our article about the UK's capital has to come to an end we've gathered for you a few honourable mentions that we simply can’t miss when talking about significant venues in the heart of the city:

  • Dine at the Sky Garden – we know that you can enjoy the tremendous view and the amazing atmosphere at London’s highest public garden for free but to share a meal there is totally worth it.
  • There’s one more top venue we love - Vertigo 42 Champagne Bar. Located at the top of Tower 42, one of the city’s highest buildings, the stylish bar offers spectacular panoramic views and a unique collection of Champagnes, wines and cocktails as well as a global tapas style menu. Definitely is a place designed to impress.
  • Hung, Drawn & Quartered – we really welcome the name of this jewel in the crown of Tower Hill pubs. Fine ales await you at this 1914s public house.
  • And if you want something different and a bit raw we offer you to visit Sushi Samba, where Asia and South America are closer than anywhere else. Taste your way through the flavours of Japan, Brazil and Peru with a menu that reflects their continental best.

Vertigo 42 Champagne Bar

Which is your favourite place in the City of London to share a meal or a drink at? – Let us know in the comment section below.

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