An extra Bit of Funny yet Ironical Christmas Songs

Another Set of Satirical Christmas Songs.

Are Christmas Carols Realistic?

What better way to understand the meaning of the holiday than by listening to Christmas Carols? The catchy tunes, the simple lyrics and their positivity are bound to get you in the mood to celebrate. These songs have taught us valuable lessons about life when we were young and keep reminding us what brings us true happiness.

However as people transition from small and innocent individuals into grown men and women, they are exposed to the harsh reality. There are nasty matters and adults have to deal with them even during Christmas. That is why grown ups are looking at the holidays from a different perspective in comparison to children. Being cheerful, despite all the difficulties life throws at you, sounds impossible. Therefore the good old Christmas carols seem to be full of lies.

Most Adults Rarely Relax on Christmas.

Nowadays, satire, laughter and irony are the key to keep it together. They help us in our struggle to make it till the end of the day. So why don’t we use them to overcome the unpleasant matters surrounding the holidays as well. We have already covered some satirical Christmas songs but on this page we present a few more for the sake of your entertainment.

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Here’s Your Stupid Sign

Whether we like it or not, Christmas is an adventure if you think about all the time and effort we put into the holiday. Shopping around town, taking preparations at home and participating in traditional rituals are like the stages of a quest. This brings excitement to some people but others don’t share this enthusiasm. It’s normal to get tired of facing the same trouble every year but that’s no reason to ruin the mood for the rest of the community. That is why these folks should suck up their frustration and go along with the celebration.

However, the last thing you want, while holding back your negativity, is to answer stupid questions. In this case it’s easy to forget about being polite and to lose self control. So as the next carol suggests, instead of getting into a fight, let’s remember there is a way to be mean, yet funny at the same and it’s called sarcasm.

Santa Hates Poor Kids

As we are feel warm and cozy inside, open our gifts and sing traditional songs on Christmas day, we can easily ignore the unfortunate souls out there. Poor kids in comparison don’t have a home, a family to spend the holidays with, the money to buy presents or even food. For these children, Christmas is another daily struggle to survive. At the same time, they get to watch how other kids at their age are having fun without a worry in the world. This would only result in hatred and jealousy upon the realisation how unfair life can be.

To these kids, the Santa Claus who travelled around the world to bring cheers and gifts to the poor is just a myth. Currently Saint Nick is a symbol of wealth and consumption who urges people to spend money. To the poor it seems like Santa hates them because of their social status, just like the rest of the aristocrats.

Wreck the Malls

As Christmas approaches we stop holding tight onto our cash. This is the time to be generous to the people close to us and ourselves as well. Despite that, spending money for the sake of the holiday doesn’t mean wasting it. While doing some Christmas shopping, many get tricked into purchasing useless items because of a promotion. Sure, all of the special sales and discounts are hard to avoid but most of them are organised to generate income from products that the clients wouldn’t buy.

Furthermore, getting caught in the trap often leads to losing a tack of your expenses. Exceeding your budget might leave you broke during the holidays, so be extra cautious when heading to the mall. The hunt for a bargain can have even worse consequences. Since the quantities of stocks are limited, shopping maniacs are willing to fight among each other and vandalise anything in their way just to get what they want.

Santa Went Crazy

Being Santa nowadays can be a metaphor for a person spreading cheer and happiness during Christmas, but sometimes the saddest people want to make the rest of us happy and improve the mood. They hide their sorrow because no one could understand them, plus helping others gives inner peace. However, that can change quickly when this kind nature is unappreciated. Since the rush around the holidays leads to stress, we often act rude towards the people around us without taking their feelings into concern. One wrong gesture can make a man on the brink of sanity snap.

Having a bad day while everyone is having a great time will get him angry. The injustice leads to violence and anger, when those cheers seem like a mockery of his pain. Even Santa has a breaking point and if his efforts are getting trampled, sooner or later his frustration will be taken out on somebody.

Christmas Swag

Even before December has arrived, people get busy preparing their homes for Christmas. Ignoring this tradition is like distancing yourself from the holiday. In addition, your house would look bad if it’s the only one without decorations on the street. Joining the community and spreading the cheers is more fun. Yet, not everybody puts effort into setting up the place for the sake of the holiday spirit but just to make themselves stand out and have a reason to brag, which is annoying.

Neighbors literally compete in a race to decorate the place better than anyone else, while others won’t stop talking about all the presents they have bought. All the traditional elements that make Christmas great can lose their charm when they are used to boost somebody’s ego. Acting like that could get people upset with you, so stay a bit humble. To understand how silly the exaggeration can be, listen to Christmas Swag.

You Ain’t Getting Sh#t for Christmas

As time goes by, kids grow up into adults and leave their parents to start a life of their own. Sometimes the journey takes them far away and regular home visits are impossible. However, on Christmas day, the grown up kids come back home to spend the holiday with their parents. Since this means the world to our relatives, they will make sure to buy gifts, decorate the place and cook our favourite dishes. Therefore, backing down on the homecoming is like a slap to the face.

Our folks miss us and enjoy every moment they spend with us, so taking this away from them is selfish and cruel. Despite that, many decide to go on a trip to a resort instead. Through such actions we are disappointing our parents by ignoring their feelings as if they mean nothing to us. If you are willing to do that, don’t expect any presents from your folks.

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