Cleaning the Interior of the Car by Yourself

Don’t leave the car’s Inrterior covered in filth.

Benefits About Having A Car

If cars were once a luxury, having one nowadays is a must. Travelling long distances with a personal transportation vehicle makes you more independent and spares you a lot of time. This goes even for taking small trips around town to complete an assignment of your daily schedule. There are numerous other possibilities such as getting to the workplace and back home, visiting relatives or friends, going to a foreign country and so on. Furthermore the car can carry heavy loads, which makes it perfect for shopping at the supermarket, purchasing furniture or other appliances you need for your household.

Sure, as an owner of a personal vehicle you have to spend money to pay taxes, buy oil and tires, drop by at the auto service regularly, but the advantages are worth it. Keeping the car functional is important but don’t forget that taking good care is also a matter of cleanliness. Washing the exterior is easy, a bucket of soapy water and a sponge will do the trick, but the interior is a bit troublesome. Still, there are stains you can erase all by yourself with the right tools, so read this article in order to learn how.

Wash the exterior of your personal vehicle.

Don’t Leave The Inside Dirty

As unpleasant as cleaning might be, you shouldn’t let the germs take over the interior of your vehicle. This isn’t safe for your health plus you are causing discomfort to anyone else you decide to give a ride. No matter how nice the car might look on the outside, the bad smells, the dusty air and the filth on the inside will ruin the quality overall. Have that in mind before you decide to neglect the interior of the vehicle.

Although cleaning the car is not among the practices of our company, we would like to give you some tips for that matter. As a service provider who is concerned for the cleanliness of the household and the rest of your possessions, we want to help out in any possible way. When it comes to our job, taking care of the final inspection is what we do best. If you hire us as your tenancy comes to an end, be sure our employees will deliver nothing but splendid results.

Remove the filth from the inside of the car.

Throw Away the Junk

Start by removing the bigger pieces of trash. Inspect every space and corner of the car. Junk tends to get stuck in the tiniest gaps, so don’t overlook them even if you have to put your hands in there. Pick up the pieces of trash on the floor, then look underneath the seats and check the cracks in them. You will surely find food remains, wrappers, bottles, leaves, rocks and other junk. After you throw them away, you can vacuum the tiny dust particles you can not pick up by hand or use a brush to remove them.

Floor Mats

The purpose of these textures is to absorb the dirt from the shoes as you step inside the car, therefore you must clean them regularly. Before vacuuming the vehicle, take the floor mats out. Give them a good shake, so that all the dust falls off or use the carpet beating technique. Afterwards get a brush and scrub off the filth carefully, then wash the textures with soap and warm water. Last thing to do is to wait for the floor mats to dry off before putting them back into the car.

Take out the floor mats and scrub them clean.


The vacuum cleaner is a necessary tool for making the car dust free. Whether it’s leather or texture, this device works in both. As you go through the interior don’t stop just by vacuuming the floor, the driver and the back seats. Use the special nozzle of the device to clean the tiniest gaps of the interior. With this attachment you can vacuum the door panels, underneath the seats and the pedals. Don’t forget to open the trunk and give it a proper dusting as well. This area can store tiny particles, which can be easily transferred to the front of the car.

Wipe With a Rag

Despite the dusting of the textures, the other surfaces of the vehicle are still filthy. These include the console, the steering wheel and the dashboard. If you look up close at the components of the plastic interior, you will notice that your fingerprints have left stains all over it. Since these marks are sticky, you have to get a suitable car-cleaning detergent. Apply the substance on a rag through a spray bottle and wipe the surfaces. Aside from cleaning, you are also giving them a good polishing.

The plastic surfaces of the car need cleaning.

Cup Holder

This part of the plastic interior can store a lot of grime and is like a nest for germs. The cup holder may contain not only drink spillage but hair and dead skin cells as well. To prevent further built up, all you need to erase the grime is some cleaning solution. In order to reach the difficult areas you should dip a cotton swab into the liquid and then proceed by scrubbing off the stains. Before you begin, check whether the cup holder is removable or not, because this option makes the component much easier to clean.


Stains on glass surfaces are hard to miss. As a delicate material, the window has to be cleaned carefully, otherwise you might leave scratches on it. You can always find an efficient detergent at the market to spray onto the surface but you better use a sponge, a paper towel or a microfiber cloth to wipe afterwards. Another way to clean the windows is by preparing a solution of your own. Just mix equal parts of vinegar and rubbing alcohol - about half a cup each. Dilute the mixture with a cup of water and your detergent is ready.

Get a microfiber cloth and wash the windows.

Pet Fur

We love cats and dogs, because they are sweet and cuddly companions. However, all the fur they leave behind is hard to remove not only from the house but from the car as well. When dealing with pet hair, the vacuum cleaner rarely gets the job done. Therefore a lint roller or a balloon are a better option. As you roll over the sticky surface of the former on the interior, the fur will be removed but not on the first try. Should you have a balloon instead, simply blow it up and rub the rubber on the seats. The generated static electricity will collect the pet fur hair by hair.

Stains on the Textures

Eating and drinking in the car comes with the risk of greasy stains. Should that happen, this is another case when a home-made solution could do the trick. Mix together vinegar and water, the same quantity of each, and you will have a detergent for removing stains from the textures of the carpet and the seats. Apply the solution via spray bottle directly onto the affected area and wait for about 15 minutes. Once the fibres have soaked nicely, wipe away the dirt with a wet cloth. Since the mixture can damage certain textures, give it a test in advance.

Spray a solution on the seats to clean them.

Paint Stirrer

Just like a cotton swab, a paint stirrer can help you clean the hard to reach areas or the tinier elements of the car. These include the gaps between the seats, the space around the console, the door handles and many others. Just get a pair of paint stirrers from a hardware store and wrap a fibre cloth around their end. All that is left to do is to soak the texture into a cleaning solution and scrub the dirty spots off.

Air Freshener

Giving the car a nice scent is the best way to erase the bad smells left by the cleaning process. Instead of hanging an air freshener on the rear view mirror, try making a fragrant solution yourself. Mix a cup of baking soda with several drops of essential oil inside a plastic bag or a glass jar. Seal the solution tight and wait for about 24 hours. To apply the mixture correctly, shake it up and sprinkle over the car’s floor. Remember to vacuum the textures 20 minutes afterwards and you are done. You could achieve the same result by leaving the jar with the mixture ajar inside the car.

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