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London is the most preferred place for a living in England. Many want to find a residence in the British capital to start a new life. Yet, choosing one among the 32 boroughs, can be a hard decision, especially for newcomers. To save yourself the trouble, we recommend relocating to Ealing. To give you proper knowledge about the place, we have listed some interesting details in the following article. If you believe this is the place for you, Royal Cleaning can help you around Ealing by recommending a real estate agency or refreshing your home.

Geography of the Land

The borough is located in Southeastern England over the river of Thames, in Western London. The size of the area is 55,000 square kilometers, which includes many green fields and open spaces. It is locked between Hounslow to the South and Harrow to the North.

The land is divided in half by the river Brent with central Ealing being to the East from its bank. If you want to travel by land, you can take the Western Ave and North Circular Road, which are the main British highways that run through Ealing.

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History Facts

Although the area was used even before the Iron age, the earliest archeological evidence about a settlement is from the 12th century. After taking over the land, the Saxons named it Gillingas. Over the years that was changed to GIlling, and ever since the 1900s, it is has been known as Ealing.

The land was occupied by a rural village, until a railway station was founded in 1838. This led to the construction of many buildings and the population began to increase. During the urbanisations, the area was turned into a trading center for garden supplies.

In the 1900s, Ealing became a municipal borough, known as The Queen of the Suburbs, because of its economic progress, which is also why in 1965 the district was among the ones that formed Greater London.

o Ealing - The Queen of the Suburbs

Railway Lines

For transportation around the district, most citizens rely on The Ealing Broadway. The interchange station is connected both to the National Railway and the London Underground.

With the former serving over 6 and the latter more than 16 million customers annually, it is the busiest transportation facility in the area. The station lies on Great Western Main Line that runs from London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads.

Ealing Broadway Centre

Demographic State

The borough is inhabited by 338,449 people. The population density is low outside the center, where lives more than one third or about 113,777 people. Over 45 percent of the residents were born in England, which is below the average rate for Britain. The minorities include immigrants from South Asia and Africa. If you have a look around, you will notice that the Indian community is the second largest in the district. Its members form almost one tenth of the population.

Religion and Churches

There is diversity in Ealing, when it comes to religion. Over 40 percent of the citizens believe in Christianity, but the other beliefs have many followers as well. Muslims are in second place and Atheists come in third, with each group forming over one tenth. The other two religious groups are the Hinduists and the Sikhs.

The architecture of St Peter’s Church has late Victoirian Gothic style. Its main feаtures are the two tall towers on the West entrance and the turrets on the triangular roof. Among the other religious building in the area you will find the Ealing Green Church and St Benedict’s Abbey.

St Peter's Church in Mount Park Road

Cultural Venues

People who are into stage plays are welcome at the Questors Theatre. The independent community venue has a main auditorium and a studio space. The Theater is named after the troup, founded there in 1929. Aside from watching famous shows and productions, visitors can take acting lessons and panto classes.

Ealing Studios has an important role in the British cinematic history. Founded in 1902, the facility is the oldest film venue in the world. The studio became most famous for its comedy movies, during the post war period. Between 1955 and 1995, the building was owned by the BBC and served for the production of television series. In the 2000s, the studio began to release movies under its own name once again.

The Questors Theatre

Public Parks

You can find many open public space around the district. The Ealing Common, for example, is known for its variety of tall trees and rose beds. The oak, chestnut and plane trees date back to the Victorian era. The park is a nice place for riding a bike, going for a walk or just jogging and the large fields are often used for hosting public events.

Another famous place is Walpole Park, which occupies the grounds of a former Georgian mansion. Visitors come to admire the ponds, surrounded by bushes and shrubs, and the flowers planted in the gardens. Not only the plantation, but also the ornamental structures, such as the fountains and the bridge, are from the Georgian era. The annual events hosted at the park include musical, opera and live concert performances, a beer festival and a comedy show.

Walpole Park

Art Museum

If you like paintings and vintage items, go to the Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery at Walpole Park. The building used to be a residency of the local aristocracy from the 17th to the 20h century. Later it became the Ealing District Council’s headquarters.

Since the 1990s, the former manor has been used as a cultural center for art exhibitions. At the site stands the local war memorial, dedicated to the soldiers from the First World War.

Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery

Sports Clubs

The sport loved by the inhabitants is rugby, with two teams representing the local community.

Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club is the oldest sports team in the district. It was founded in 1871 at Ealing Common. In 2015 they were promoted to the RFU Championship after winning National League 1. The club’s training facility is the Trailfinders Sports Ground.

The other rugby team are the London Broncos. The club was founded in 1980 by the Chairman of Fulham Football Club. Currently the London Broncos compete in the Super League. They share the same training ground as the Trailfinders Rugby Club.

Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club

Pubs and Eateries

If you want to have breakfast or a late night meal, Cote Brasserie is where you should go. The French restaurant serves traditional dishes not only from Britain, but from Normandy as well.

At Franco Manca you will taste the best from the Italian kitchen. Pizza is the primary item on the menu, but you can order gourmet dishes like lasagna or spaghetti and classic desserts like tiramisu or other cakes.

Sowa is another famous place for dining, known for the outdoor seating and the large buffet. The Polish restaurant specializes in Vegetarian meals and dishes from different corners of Europe.

Clients of The Grove can enjoy a drink in the vintage atmosphere at the red-brick brewpub, while Sir Michael Balcon offers traditional ales served indoors or at an outdoor terrace.

The Grove's Garden

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