Using the Cleaning Properties of Coca-Cola

Cleaning at Home With Coca-Cola

Most Popular Soda Drink Worldwide

When it comes to popularity and consumption, there’s no doubt Coca-Cola is the number one beverage of the modern world. The sweet carbonated non-alcoholic drink has been on the market for over 130 years and quenches the thirst of billion people all over the globe on a daily basis. The special ingredients that contribute to the amazing taste of the beverage are kept secret. Many companies have tried to recreate the drink in order to make a competitive product of their own and some came really close, but none of these attempts managed to adapt all the qualities of the original drink.

The many experiments however have proven one thing for sure - cola has other uses aside from consumption. So if you haven’t heard that the product is great for cleaning, then this article might be helpful to you. Go through the following paragraphs and you will see how a single bottle of cola can assist you in everyday chores.

Made for Medical Usage

Before we talk about the cleaning properties of the product, let us say a few words about its history. The man who created the infamous beverage was a pharmacist, who went by the name John Pemberton, from Georgia. As an American citizen, he took part in the Civil War between the Confederate and the United States Army in the 1880s. John managed to survive the wounds he received during the military campaign, but the usage of painkillers made him addicted to morphine. Since the veteran wanted to overcome the issue, he began working on a safe substitute of the drug.

The Man who Invented the Beverage

After several experiments, John came up with the idea to take extracts from kola nuts and turn them into a coca wine beverage. The combination of alcohol and caffeine was the perfect replacement for morphine. The beverage was called French Wine Coca Nerve Tonic - a medicine which offered cure for addiction and depression.

The release on the market didn’t go smoothly, as the drink was banned by law because of its alcoholic content. Despite the temperance movement, John quickly found a solution. He made an alcohol-free version of the tonic and named it after the two main ingredients: Coca-Cola. It was stated that the new beverage could help people overcome health issues such as headaches, indigestion, morphine addiction and impotence. Should any of these conditions ever get to you, try resolving them with a bottle of coke.

How to Clean with Cola

Although this article is about the cleaning properties of cola, we are just giving you helpful advice. Some people are keen on experimenting with new stuff, while others have high standards for the outlook of their place. What we mean is that you might not be satisfied with using cola as a detergent, so let us recommend you our reliable cleaning services for a picture perfect outcome. Our employees know how to prepare the residence for an end of tenancy inspection and every order comes with a 200 percent guarantee for free. Give us a chance to assist you to spare yourself the hassle. With that in mind, here are the household items and types of stains that cola can clean.

Everybody Knows About Coca Cola

Items of Clothing

Removing grease stains from the clothes is easier with cola. Phosphoric acid is one of the ingredients, which makes the soda drink a perfect addition to the wash cycle. When you do the laundry, just pour some cola along with the detergent and turn on the washing machine. Hard to remove stains would require that you apply some of the carbon liquid directly upon them and wait for 30 minutes before tossing the clothing for a wash cycle.

Rust Removal

Metal catches rust over time but there’s a way to take measures against that - Use cola to make working tools, bolts, nuts and chrome shiny. When the rust has covered a large surface, spray or pour some of the fizzy drink over the area. Wait for a while but not for too long, because metals like chrome can get damaged quickly. Afterwards make a pad out of aluminium foil to scrub off the rust. Once you’ve done that, rinse the surface with water.

Tools, hardware and other metal pieces are a bit trickier. Let them soak into a cup or a bowl of cola during the night. Make sure to give them a good scrubbing the next morning with a wire brush until all the rusty stains fall off. Last but not least, rinse the tools under warm water and wipe the remaining rust particles with a washcloth

Polishing Metal Tools by Using Soda

Toilet Bowl

The inside of the toilet bowl is hard to clean but cola can change that. Take a bottle and pour it over the stains or use a spray bottle to apply some of the carbon liquid on the dirty area. Leave it like that for a few hours so the grime can dissolve. Afterwards just use the toilet brush to scrub off the filth and then finish the job by flushing. However, cola does not have the properties to disinfect, so you will have to use a proper detergent for disinfection.

Greasy Cookware

Since cola has grease removal purposes, it can be used to take good care of kitchen items such as pans and pots. Cooking is a messy activity as you regularly find food particles stuck at the bottom of the cookware, but our fizzy drink can help you deal with that. Simply pour some cola into the pan/pot and place the item on the oven at low heat. Let it stay like that between 30 minutes and an hour, before you take it off the stove to do some through scrubbing. If there are still greasy stains afterwards, apply some elbow grease and scrub again with a scouring pad. There are cases though when another approach would be better. Try heating the cola instead of the cookware and pour the hot soda into the pan/pot. While the liquid is still warm, scrub off the grease and then give it a rinse.

Clean the Cookware With Cola

Car Terminals

Corrosion can seriously damage the battery terminals of the car. Your personal vehicle won’t start if you don’t clean these components regularly. If you don’t have a suitable brush and detergent for the purpose, we can give you a tip that will do the trick for a while. To prevent corrosion from building up, just pour cola over the battery terminals. Wait no longer than 5 to 10 minutes for the liquid to take effect. In order to scrub every inch of the corrosion off, it’s best that you get a toothbrush. To make sure all the cola is washed away, rinse the components with warm water.

Coins and Jewelry

Money and valuable items get dirty quickly, so it’s hard to keep jewelry and coins shiny. Grime sticks easy to your pocket change but there’s a way to remove it. Fill a cup with cola and let the coins soak in the liquid overnight. The fizzy drink will remove the black tarnish from them but that might not be enough. Rinse the coins with warm water and pat dry with a towel. If you still spot traces of filth, make sure to polish the change with a washcloth. Be careful when applying the same method to jewelry though. Unlike coins, noble metals should not stay for too long in cola. The acid in the liquid can strip off both the rust and the paint off these valuable items.

Dip the Coins into Cola

Pest and Compost

Dealing with traces of slugs and snails is not pleasant, so why clean them day after day when you can get rid of the vermin. A bowl of cola will do the same trick as pouring salt over the slimy pests. The sweet flavour will attract them, while the acid in the liquid will surely end them. Some chefs even use the fizzy drink for cooking snails.

Many eco activists recycle by collecting compost waste in order to keep nature clean. Gardeners like this practice, because the natural substance is great for nurturing plants. Since decomposure takes time and nobody wants to keep too much waste at home, simply pour cola over the organic materials in the bin. The sugar will not only attract microorganisms but will boost their activity as well. Afterwards, you won’t have to wait too long for the pile to shrink down and turn into compost waste.

Bugs on the Windshield

Spots of splattered bugs on the windshield are annoying for every driver. To clean the glass and without spreading the stains all over, you need cola in a spray bottle. Apply just a bit of the beverage on the remains of the insects to make them come off. Give it a minute, then wipe the filth from the windshield with a wet washcloth and the visuality will be fully restored. This simple method works for removing bug stains from the bumper as well. However, in either case don't make the mistake to spray too much cola or let it stay on the car for too long. If you forget to wipe a single drop, it might ruin the paint.

Cola for Wiping Bug Stains off Glass

Oil on the Ground

Changing the oil is an issue for every car owner, because a spillage often leaves a nasty spot on the pavement. As troublesome and greasy as oil can be, you can get rid of this problem. Just take a can of cola, heat it to a room temperature and pour it over the oil spillage. Wait overnight or a few hours and wipe off the stain with a dry towel.


As weird as these options for using cola as a cleaning detergent sound, many people say that they work. Still, it is up to you to give them a go. Should you decide to do so, please tell us how whether these tips were helpful or not by writing in the comment section below. Feel free to check the other publication on our blog for more ideas about cleaning your household or other interesting facts.

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