The means to make cleaning likeable for your toddler

How to clean with your kids?

Kids and a clean home CAN go together

We all know that the activity called cleaning is definitely on your kid’s Things I don’t Like list and probably in the top three options somewhere around I don’t want to go to bed early and I don’t want to eat that tasteless broccoli - we’ve all been there at some point, so we get it.

Still, it IS important to teach your children to clean up the mess they’ve left behind not only because you don’t want to step on Lego pieces or sit on toy trains but because it’s something called responsibility, self-dependence and consequences of your actions, and the sooner your toddlers learn about those - the better.

Even though cleaning up yourself is much easier, that’s just a short-term solution and will surely backfire. Teaching your children to clean up requires tons of skills and patience but if you do it right, your child could learn that there’s such a thing called gratification and that hard work always repays. At first, it may seem hard to clean up with your child, instead of doing it alone, but don’t worry and be happy because there are numerous ways to make this obligation fun or even likeable and in the next paragraphs we will show you how.

Kids and a clean home CAN go together

How to transform cleaning up from an awful chore into a likeable activity

In the next lines we’ve created a list of things you should do in order to show your toddler the fun side of cleaning.

  • Choose Your Words Carefully
    Saying simply Clean up your room in an imperative manner won’t do the trick. Nowadays the children seem to somehow be born with basic technical education but knowing how to clean up is not a part of the package. So use simple instructions instead. Like pick up those toys and put them in the box or fold your clothes and put them in the closet. When you think about it, if you give yourself simple, coherent instructions at work, it’s much easier to do your job smoothly than having to deal with all the mess at once. It’s quite the same for your toddlers - when they see the whole chaos, they’ve somehow made, it seems rather unbearable to get it done at once. So be patient and offer them your help with some of the tasks and give them your kind smile instead of yelling and being pushy and demanding.

  • Don’t be annoyed when it comes to giving explanations
    The chances are that your toddlers look at cleaning as putting the fun away and it’s understandable that nobody wants to do that. So try to explain why cleaning is a good, useful and powerful thing not only for your own sake but because this way their favourite toys will be much better preserved and the chances to lose or break them are significantly reduced. No kid ever wants something unfortunate to happen to his or her precious toys. You can even pretend that your child is some sort of superhero who has to protect the land of toys – sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

    Always try to explain

  • Appearance does matter
    Don’t worry, we’re not talking about beauty standards here but if you create a kid friendly place for toy storage it will make the task much more appealing. Bet on colorful boxes, put some funny stickers and allow your child to express the creativity that lies beneath. We assure you that this little thing can do wonders.

  • Pump up the volume
    If it worked for Christian Slater in the homonymous movie, it should work for you as well. Music is indeed something powerful and every activity even if it’s an unpleasant one tends to get much more bearable if you add some tunes to it. Even if you have to listen to The Gummy Bear Song over and over again – blast the music, which your kid has chosen by itself.

  • Turn Cleaning into a Game
    This time we’re talking about your own creativity. There’s always a way to make cleaning fun. Add a time limit and make your child Beat the clock or find a way to give some points, stars or even candies for each finished task. Add some competitive elements and make your children feel like they own the game and the place. Remember your kid should always be the winner in this, otherwise you will create the sense of failure and will make the tasks even more unpleasant than they were before. Simply turn the chores in some sort of game and we guarantee you that it will be way more fun not only for your toddler but for you as well.

  • Have realistic expectations
    This one is quite provisional but still we’re going to explain why. You simply can’t expect your toddlers to do something they’ve never been shown or taught how to do. Take the time to teach your children how to do things right and remember to always give them age appropriate jobs, which they can do and doesn’t require something above their capabilities. Be supportive, be helpful, be kind, be patient – simply be there and be their friend. Last but not least – be proud of your kid’s efforts and don’t expect perfection – we’re all human beings after all.

    Have a realistic expectation

  • Don’t Fix It
    Whatever you do - Don’t Redo your child’s work. You know what they say - If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Even if the results are far from what you’ve expected - be patient and give the kiddos time to learn how to do things right on their own. When you fix the things they’ve done – this act immediately gives them the signal that their work wasn’t good enough and will surely discourage them - you know this feeling and it’s far from being a good or a pleasant one. Redoing things will only make your children feel sort of worthless and they will definitely won’t have the desire to learn how to do things right. Don’t forget that in this scenario efforts are much more important than the end result. So if there are some things that you really stick to – simply do them yourself and ask your child to do chores, that you’re less fussy about.

  • Show Appreciation & Reward the efforts
    The last thing on our list logically is about the reward. Remember to give your kiddos a lot of praise and to always somehow reward a job well done. Draw their attention to how nice their room looks after the cleaning and encourage them to be proud of the efforts they’ve put into this. No matter how old we are, it’s always enjoyable to hear what a terrific job we’ve done and after all their efforts, your children deserve and have to know that their hard work is well appreciated.
    Sometimes even a simple Thank you can do wonders. We all know that when you have a prize or a little something to look forward to, the tasks we have to do are a lot less unpleasant and in the end they can even end up like something enjoyable.
    So it’s best to treat everyone after a long and exhausting day of cleaning. Buy them snacks, ice-cream or take them to the park or to see a movie – the choice what the reward should be is all yours. Just remember to Celebrate the well done job Together.

    Celebrate the well done job Together

How to turn the cleaning game into a really fun party

The first thing you should remember is to never ever use the cleaning up tasks and chores as a punishment. This strategy will backfire sooner than you’ve expected. When was the last time when a penalty has motivated you to do something right? We thought so. That’s the essential reason why you should use some other methods to discipline your children and teach them to respect the basic home rules, you’ve established.

Of course that they should respect you and your decisions but using punishments rarely result in this. Try to be understanding and caring, and most importantly, be a good role model. Children tend to mimic each and every one of our actions, words and behaviour – so it’s your job to show them what is right or wrong and teach them what’s the difference.

We’ve all heard the phrase: Spare the rod, spoil the child. but it’s not the 90s anymore and thank God. The research for over 50 years has proven the really bad consequences and terrifying results of spanking.
The harmful effects can lead up to physical and mental health issues, substance abuse, or even interpersonal, toxic relationships.

Spanking, bullying and punishment are hardly the only approach when we talk about discipline and cooperation. There are myriads of effective ways to teach your child to be responsible, kind and independent better than penalties. You want to raise a decent human being after all, so don’t ever forget that anger and fear result in anger and fear as well.

Kill them with kindness like in a pop song and set the right tune when it comes to the relationship between you and your kids. This approach will dearly repay itself in the future.

Don’t make chores a penalty

Now back to the point – How to turn the cleaning up in a fun and enjoyable activity? The first rule is to remember that whatever you do you should make the tasks look less like chores and more like games.

  • Set the right tune
    You remember the game we’ve all tended to play way back in kindergarten. The one with the stools and the children spinning around until the music suddenly stops. Use the same approach and even set a timer. The rules will be similar - your children will have to end up their task before the song is over or even better top what they’re doing and move to another job like doing a little dance or playing frozen statues – the options are countless indeed.

  • Make it count
    Keep a special reward chart on an eminent place in your home and whenever your toddlers finish a task, put a colourful sticker or draw something fun on it. You can even set up a race or a cleaning contest. You may decide to give awards or medals (especially if there are some sort of big games going one – like Olympics or Formula 1) when 3, 5, 7 or 10 points are gathered by your kiddos.

    Make your child a special reward chart

  • Boost their (and yours) creativity
    Children's imagination may take us on a magical mystery ride and you can use this to your advantage. Visit the land of make-believe with your toddler and sink them in a fabled fairytale world. Start Sarah’s Splendid Cleaning Company or Marks’s Handy Hands.
    You can even dress them for the part – put on them a hat, a bandana, an apron, child-size rubber gloves, give them colourful sponges, dusters and sprays – then simply have fun all together.

  • Add some color
    When the whole floor is a total mess and the child’s room is in chaos, just bravely enter and ask your kids to find, pick up and sort things with a certain colour, you’ve named. Yellow, Green, Blue and Red – basically whatever the pigment of what lies on the floor is. It will be all sorted out before you and your toddlers even notice.

  • Let it go and Let it be
    In every household there comes a moment when your children’s toys threaten to take over the whole place for themselves alone. But no child ever wants to say goodbye to a toy – no matter how old or broken it may be. We all know that nostalgia is sort of a bittersweet feeling but sometimes you just have to let things go in order to make a place for the new things in your life and at some point, your children will have to learn this.
    So don’t make it the hard way and make a bargain with them. You can host a yard sale and your kids will keep the money for each and every item of theirs, which they’ve managed to sell. On top of that, you won’t intervene when it comes to spending what they’ve earned. 9 out of 10 times it works, so it’s totally worth the shot.

    Hosting a kids yard sale

Now you’ve got it - the whole list of ideas on how to encourage your kids to participate in cleaning up your home and even have some fun in the process. Still, in case you need a qualified professional and a pair of trained handy hands, our Royal professional cleaning services are available whenever you seek perfection.

Get your quote today and let us wow you with the end results.

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