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London is the one place in England, that stands out with its rich culture and modern urban structure. If you want to go on a tour around the capital and its boroughs, the one we would recommend you to start from is Camden. If you are interested in the features the district is known for, our summary will be of good use to you. With this, we want to show the reader that the services of Royal Cleaning in Camden are as reliable as informative.

Historical Facts

Formerly a part of Middledsex, the current district was formed in 1965. The borough is named after the main town, with the latter being formed in 1791. Back then it became a major traffic point thanks to the creation of the London railway. The main reason behind that was the location, which provided access to the London Canal Network. Until the borough was established, the town belonged to Kentish Town, inside the parish of St Pancras.

The Old Church of St Pancras

Geography of the District

Camden is in the North of Inner London, above the river Thames. It borders Islington to the East and Brent to the West. The district occupies 22 square kilometers of land, with Camden High Street being the main traffic route. The area is 30 meter above the sea level with most hill areas being in the North. The central town, stands in the Southern part, underneath the Regent’s Canal. It is only thirty minutes away from the city of London.

Political Matters

Camden London Borough Council is the main authority figure. The district is divided into 18 wards, each of them having three representatives at the institution. Currently 43 seats, or four fifth of the council, have been taken by Labourists, while the conservative party has 7, which is twice more than what the Liberal Democrats have. Since it was founded in 1963, Camden London Borough Council has taken over the functions of three former metropolitan boroughs, these are Pancras, Holborn and Hampstead.

Camden Town Hall on Judd Street

Population and Demography

In the last 7 years, the population, half of it being British, has increased from 220,340 to 253,400 people. For more than one tent, Camden Town is still the most preferred location for living. The Asian community has about 50 000 members, with most immigrants coming from India, China and Bangladesh. The black citizens, which come at 21 000, are either African or Caribbean. The other groups include the United States and other Britisch countries.

Just like in any other London borough, the marriage rate is low, because forty percent of the citizens prefer living on their own. Less than one third are married, which is twice more than those being in a relationship.

Railway Stations

At Camden you can take a train from Euston, Pancras or Kings Cross station. These transportation facilities serve the West and the East Coast Main Lines, as well as the Midland. With 44 million customers per year, Euston is the busiest station, while Kings Cross and St Pancras welcome over 33 million people annually.

If you are in the center of the district, you should know that from Camden Town you get to the London Underground. Camden Road on the other hand is connected to the Overground and Kentish Town is the nearest national railway station.

Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross

Local Theaters

Shaftesbury is the second most visited West End Theatre after the Dominion. The former is the biggest independent stage play venue in London for large stage production of top quality. Since being founded in 1911, Shaftesbury has hosted a lot of dramatisations, dance and comedy shows. After the building closed in 1973 for reconstruction, it began hosting revivals as well, after it reopened in 1980.

Dominion Theatre is the best place to watch a musical. The two level art deco structure with Portland stone facade was constructed in 1929. Initially being a successful theatre, after the public lost interest, the building was converted into a picture house. The Dominion’s popularity rose in the 1980s, when many famous British bands held live concerts at the venue. The first musical that made it the modern entertainment center it is nowadays, took place in 1986.

Postcard from Dominion Theatre

Shopping Venue

Brunswick Centre was originally built in 1967 as a private development that combined households and shopping stores. However, the building failed to attract any residents or manufacturers until a revival project began in 2002.

After the relaunch, many facilities such as lifestyle and fashion stores, a supermarket, plus cafes and restaurants were opened to the public. Among them, there is also a cinema complex for live movies, documentaries and stage play projections. The mall has been attracting a lot of customers ever since and the new and improved 560 flats are ready to welcome tenants throughout the year.

The Brunswick Centre

Museums and Art

The British Museum was founded in 1753 thanks to Sir Hans Sloane, an Irish physician and scientist. According to his will, all of his studies and artefacts were inherited by King George II to be shared with the nation. Those were literary works like manuscripts and books, artworks such as drawings and prints, many dried plant specimens, not to mention the antiques from South Europe, North Africa, the Americas and the Far East. Over time, so many new items were added to each collection, that additional extensions were built to the main building.

Sir John Soane’s Museum is the former residence of the local architect, it is named after. Inside the building are the various artworks collected by the designer, organised into three sections. The first holds antiques dating back to ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages. The second exhibition contains full scale sculptures and busts, dedicated to British noblemen or Greek Gods. Last but not least are the paintings and drawings, some of which were purchased and others painted by Soane.

The British Museum

Outdoor Public Spaces

Russell Square is a Georgian park founded by the duke of Bedford. As you walk along the routes you may stumble upon the water feature and the statue of the founder. The area is mostly known for the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel - a large 8-stock plaza with 334 rooms.

Primrose Hill is a natural greenland that allows you to have a look all over London. The locals like having a picnic and doing outdoor sports activities at the large grassfields, while the routes are perfect for walking your dog or going for a jog.

Primrose Hill at night

Restaurants and Diners

The vintage items on the walls of Poppies Fish and Chips, Camden will take you back to the 1940s. The navy themed restaurant prepares the best deep fried meals on the spot or to take away for later.

You can as well try the different flavours of the vegetarian kitchen at Mildreds, Camden. The diner works late at night to serve meat free dishes, soy alternatives and vegan desserts without animal products.

Poppies Fish and Chips, Camden

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