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Whether you are looking for a residence or a tourist site in England, London offers many districts to choose from. To help you out, we’ve made an article regarding the borough of Richmond. One reason to check out this destination is that it lies 14,5 kilometers West from thе city of London. The other features worth exploring are described in the paragraphs below.

Geographic Details

You will find the district by following the river Thames to the West until you reach the Eastern parts of Outer London. The 57,4 square kilometers of land include many parks and natural habitats, which is why Richmond is among the greenest London boroughs. These green areas were founded by King George III, after whom is named the main street, which leads to the central town. The river Thames forms the Southwest and Northeast borders of the borough and divides the land in half vertically. Both parts are connected by the Richmond bridge.

Panorama of Richmond Upon Thames

Past and Early Ages

In the early ages, the district was known as Shene. The first English monarchs to have a mansion there was Edward I. Over the following years, Shene continued being the location of the royal residence. Despite that, the rest of the land remained an agricultural village, which was suitable for stag hunting.

In 1501, the area got renamed after Richmond Palace - the royal mansion of King Henry VII. The building served the royal family until the Tudor Era came to an end. During the 18th century, the land’s rural nature changed as many urban structures were built. Several Georgain households from that time can be seen nowadays.

Richmond's Forgotten Memories

Demographic State

195,700 is the number of people living in the borough. Since over two thirds are from the White British ethnicity, minorities have a very small presence in the district. About one tenth of the citizens are from South Asian, most having Indian or Chinese traits, which is as much as the immigrants coming from the USA and other British countries.

Although 49 000 prefer living on their own, the marriage percentage is quite high compared to the other London boroughs. Every two out of five people are married while every seventh citizen is in a relationship.

Dates in Richmond

Local Economy

The central town is also named Richmond. It is considered a major district according to the London Plan. George Street is the main route that will take you there. The town is a commercial centre, because on its grounds are located not only the headquarters of multinational IT companies, such as eBay and PayPal, but private business practices as well.

Richmond is known as a shopping destination too. The 50 thousand square meters retail area occupies most of George Street, but continues along Quadrant and Hill Street. Among the stores, which offer products from top brands, there’s a supermarket from the American chain Whole Foods Market.

Our company is also among the service providers. Locals can rely on us to make the homes of Richmond sparkly clean.

River Thames caught from Richmond Hill

Religion and Churches

Over half of the citizens identify themselves as Christians. Another one third is formed by the people who avoid question related to religion, and the third place belongs to Islam. Most religious buildings in the district are dedicated to Christianity. Among them you can find St Matthias and the Vineyard Life Church. The former is a white stone structure, consisting of a tall spire and a main hall with a triangular roof. The latter is a red brick building with a white statue over the entrance.Religion and Churches

St Mary Magdalene's Church at Richmond

Sports Teams

Rugby is the game the locals like the most, as proven by the The Richmond FC. Founded in 1861, it is the oldest football club not only in the district, but in the world as well. The institution welcomes players in its male and female team, at the Athletic Ground stadium. The former competes in the RFU championship division, while the latter in the women’s premiership.

Another sports team is Hampton & Richmond Borough FC. Founded in 1921, the football club has been training at the Beverlee Stadium ever since. Nowadays, Hampton & Richmond is the only senior team representing the borough in the National League South.

MCG or Melbourne Cricket Ground

Art and Museums

Ham House and Garden is a lavish mansion that has been converted into a museum. There’s a lot of artwork throughout the building. Inside you have on display oil paintings on the walls and vintage furniture in the rooms. The other option is to go for a walk around the riverside gardens, which are decorated with green hedges and full scale sculptures.

Before becoming a museum, Strawberry Hill House was a small plain 17th century residence. When the building was bought by Horace Walpole in 1747, it was converted into a castle with Gothic Revival architecture. As a man who enjoyed collecting historical artefacts and artworks, he wanted a suitable place to put these items on display.

Ham House and Garden

Entertainment Venues

Richmond Theater is a Victorian building that opened in September 1899. The red brick construction with buff terracotta has vintage red fabrics interior with gilt ornaments. In the 1990s the building underwent a renovation that increased its capacity to 840 seats. The venue hosts musicals, operas and dance shows, performed by theatrical groups, touring around the country. There are also special stage plays and pantomime acts for the Christmas holidays.

Curzon Richmond is a cinema from 1914, known for its cozy atmosphere and diversity in projections. Aside from modern and classic pictures, people get to watch arthouse films and foreign productions, which have as much quality as the box office hits.

Richmond Theater

Parks and Gardens

Wildlife lovers come to Richmond Park to see animals in their natural habitat. The area is a large national reserve, where stags and hinds run free. The plantation includes fields of acid grass, ancient trees and flower gardens. There are biking routes, a golf course, plus other facilities for sports and recreation. Among the buildings on the park’s grounds, stand several lodges of noblemen from the Georgian era.

When it comes to flower sorts from all around the world, no other place comes close to the variety the Royal Botanic Gardens has to offer. The venue is an institution for botanical research and educational purposes.The plantation is divided between the many greenhouses and outdoor displays. The other features are the treetop walkways, the tall hindu temple and the small pond with a waterfall.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

Try a Restaurant

The chefs at the Stein’s dinery for German beer, prepare traditional dishes from Bavaria such as sausages and schnitzels. Clients like to eat at the outdoor seatings, while enjoying the view over the Thames.

The Crown pub has an old fashioned interior and a small outdoor garden. Classic british meals with lots of sauce and juicy burgers are the best items on the menu, not to mention the refreshing cocktails.

Climb down in the Richmond Vault Beer Cellar. The restaurant is a compact venue, serving different beer sorts from all over the globe. The kitchen offers crusty pizzas, juicy burgers and seafood delicacies.

The Crown Pub

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