Songs About the Consequences of Love

Funny songs for leaving your loves trouble aside!

Love is Not All Sunshine & Roses

Everybody knows that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and must be spent with the people most dear to us. Despite being a good reason, this shouldn’t be the only time of the year we show our affection to the ones we adore. Valentine’s Day has become so commercialized that some individuals associate it with nothing else but the cards, heart shaped toys and chocolates sold by the stores. Because of that too many have no idea how to express themselves. To do so, we have to look deeper into our relationships.

On this day most of us think only about the positive aspects of being in love and ignore everything else. If this is how you see Valentine’s Day, then you don’t understand its true meaning. After all, love is not all hugs and kisses. When people are together, they go through hardships and have problems with one another. Love means overcoming these issues and willing to fight and change for your significant other. In real life, not everybody is capable of such devotion, therefore not all love stories have a happy ending.

Love can be a source of trouble really often!

To show the other side of Valentine’s Day, we have prepared a list of satirical yet funny songs that illustrate the reality we live in. In a gentle way, they will remind you that love can be a source not only of joy but can cause trouble too. As practice has proven, combining music and humor is the best way to handle the bitter truth. These songs are based on personal experience, so whether you can relate to their theme or not, we highly recommend listening to them.

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If That Isn't Love - Weird Al

Women are aware that men have a weird way of expressing their feelings. Ladies are more rational than gentlemen, so the former rarely understand the meaning behind the actions of the latter. In other words, what men find romantic may be very inappropriate for women.

Although the intentions of the male partner are good, in most cases they cause trouble for the person he loves. The reason for that is simple - men tend to act without thinking or being considerate and later deny their guilt, which of course drives their female companions crazy. Ladies constantly complain about what things they have to put up with but they are patient and forgiving creatures. A woman is willing to accept her husband despite all his flaws and bad manners because he truly loves and cares about her. Still, men should realize that having the perspective of their wives once in a while can be good for the relationship.

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared - Part 3

Having a partner who loves you makes going through life easier. You share both the good and the bad times, plus you can rely on each other. On the other hand loneliness can be the worst feelings in the world: You can’t experience joy and nobody comes to help you when things go bad. This can lead to depression and sadness but worse of all you become vulnerable. Most individuals who are so desperate, would trust anybody who shows them a sign of love and affection.

The problem here is noticing whether the person is actually kind or just trying to take advantage of a troubled mind. It’s awful but love can be used against the lonely. One too many people get tricked by fake promises just to end up getting exploited both mentally and physically. Therefore we have to be cautious and keep in mind that some people hide cruel intentions behind acts of kindness.

Sammy J & Randy – Love Song

A man or a woman can have many relationships through life until finding the one to devote him/herself to. However, you can’t be with several people at the same time before your true love arrives. Although such a way of life is considered immoral, that doesn’t stop some individuals from starting multiple relationships.

If you have devoted yourself to a certain partner, but are secretly doing the same for another one, you are cheating. That is what forms the so-called love triangle. There are folks who might accept having or being a lover to a person in a relationship, but to the majority being unfaithful is not acceptable. That is why cheaters believe lying is the perfect solution. Very often it happens that a person is a part of a love triangle without even knowing. Still, lies are not meant to last forever and sooner or later, the truth will come out.

Danny Elmwood - The Stalker Song

Although love makes us happy it can have a negative effect as well. Some people view feeling in their own way and use it to justify unreasonable actions. That is why a false evaluation of love can drive people crazy, especially when it comes to individuals without common sense. There is nothing wrong with caring about someone and wanting to have a relationship but good intentions are not an excuse for stalking.

Those who disapprove of this statement are confusing love with a creepy obsession. Being with someone has to be a result of a mutual agreement. Following and observing the object of your affection secretly is a disturbance of his or her private space and violation of human rights. It may seem like a form of flattery but it is actually indirect harassment. There are many ways to go after the person you love, so don’t choose the wrong ones.

Your Favorite Martian - FRIEND ZONE

When a lady likes a man, that is not always a sign of love. Women do have prejudice and labelling males helps in selecting a potential partner. Therefore ladies divide the men they like in two categories - in the first are males they would like to go out with, while in the other one are those they see only as friends.

The weird thing is that a woman can fall in love with a person who neither deserves her nor treats her right, yet, she ignores the one who truly does. Still, a man in the friend zone can hope that the lady he loves will change her perspective and give them a chance for a relationship one day. That is why a gentleman would wait for as long as it takes. That would allow him to be close to the woman he likes and do whatever he has to do in order to win her over.

Train - 50 Ways to Say Goodbye

True love is when two individuals have feelings and care for each other. Every relationship begins like that but people change over time and that could affect their feelings. When the love between them fades away, the breakup is inevitable. Sometimes the decision is not mutual but actually imposed from one partner who wants to end the relationship against the will of the other. Hearing that the person you see as soulmate is leaving you can have a major impact on anybody’s wellbeing. No matter how angry or sad you feel, there’s nothing you can change.

Overcoming the breakup and finding the strength to pull yourself together will be a long and difficult process. At that moment the one task you may want to postpone is telling what happened to your friends and family. For some individuals it is better to lie about the way the relationship ended to save themselves the shame.

Avenue Q - The More You Ruv Someone

Although it may seem everything goes smoothly for a couple, keep in mind there are conflicts that stay hidden from the public. What is certain though is that in every relationship one person makes the most if not all compromises. If your partner keeps doing things that upset you, despite your warnings and pleads, you can’t help feeling frustrated. Sometimes the negative aspect of the relationship overshadows the positive one to the point we start wishing misfortune on our mates or even wanting to hurt them ourselves.

However, undertaking impulsive actions can ruin any chance for a solution along with all the good things we have. So instead of keeping all the negativity hidden inside, why not let it out in a less harmful manner. Expressing your anger is actually good for your mental state and a way to give your mate a piece of your mind. Using threats won’t be bad as long as they are not genuine.

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