The Fatal Date and Other Signs of Bad Luck

Superstitious people fear the so-called fatal date.

The Infamous Fatal Date

Everybody is responsible for the events in their lives. The choices we make, the words we speak and the actions we undertake, determine what the future will bring upon us. Despite our best efforts however, the outcome of certain situations is a matter of 50 to 50 chance where a person could either profit or lose. To put it simply, sometimes your well being depends on nothing but pure luck. According to the majority, the one day of the year you’re in for lots of trouble is Friday the 13th but these claims are only superstitions.

This date is marked as fatal, because luck runs out and people are vulnerable to becoming victims of unpleasant events. These concerns get ignored by some individuals, while others take them seriously. The thought of danger, even without any proof, is enough to cause panic and worries. After all, life is unpredictable and bad things might happen anytime. From such a perspective, not just Friday the 13th, but every other date of the year can bring misfortune. The one thing certain about bad luck is its randomness.

Do things go wrong on this fatal date?

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Being Superstitious

When you have little or no control over the circumstances, finding out whether the odds will be against you is impossible. Still, many people believe that if you pay attention to your surroundings, you will be able to spot signs and foreshadow what is about to happen. These could be either a warning or an encouragement in regards to potential endeavours. In most cases these signs are not based on logic but on pure coincidence instead. That is why such beliefs are called superstitions.

Why are some objects related to superstitions?

Although we use knowledge to find the reason behind the events we witness or participate in, this approach can not answer everything. Since many of us won’t be satisfied without any explanation, they are willing to rely on superstitions. Stil, we often forget these beliefs date back to Ancient times when people were gullible and confused. Although it’s true that the simplest action can have consequences for better or worse, superstitions rely on the symbolism from mythologies and religions.

To tell you more about the unreliable ancient beliefs that exist even nowadays, we have collected the most common ones among them. Below you can read what they stand for and how they came to be. Just go through the paragraphs of the article and you will learn the truth.


Friday the 13th concerns every month that starts on a Sunday. The reason why the combination of this particular number and the fifth day of the week is believed to bring bad luck can be found in the Bible. As the Holy Book says, 13 people were involved in the Last Supper on Thursday evening, and the very next day - Jesus was crucified.

Some people are too afraid of Friday the 13th.

Taking the negativity surrounding the date seriously can lead to a state of paranoia. Therefore the word paraskevidekatriaphobia stands for fear of Friday the 13th. People with such a disorder are so convinced something terrible will occur on that day, they are not willing to get out of bed until it’s Saturday the 14th at midnight. Nowadays 17 million individuals worldwide deal with this type of phobia.

Black Cat in Your Way

These felines were seen as the pets of witches and just like their owners, they were tasked to carry out evil deeds. If a black cat crosses the road before you, the creature has placed a curse to affect your life badly, should you decide to continue in the same direction. Choosing a different path or going back will save you the trouble.

In reality, the belief itself is more about the color black than the cats. Felines were not the only animals suspected of witchcraft and misdeeds. During the Middle Ages all creatures with black fur or black feathers were condemned as associates of the devil. Every person who possessed such animals was accused of practicing dark magic.

They say black felines cause misfortune.

Walking Under a Ladder

When this climbing tool is propped up a wall, it forms a triangular passage. In Europe the shape was associated with the gallows during the Middle Ages. Hanging was an infamous punishment, therefore people said that if you walk under a ladder, you would be the next to climb up the gallows.

To the Egyptians the shape was sacred as it symbolized the gate to the Netherworld. Since this realm was forbidden for the living, walking through a triangular passage meant disturbing the dead. Anyone who would dare to do so would be cursed. Nowadays, the most certain evidence for the mystical power of the shape is the Bermuda triangle. This is a region in the Atlantic Ocean where ships and people have disappeared without a trace.

You shouldn’t walk under the climbing tool.

Breaking a Mirror

In the Past, this item was more than an accessory. Once you look into a mirror, it creates a reflection of your entire being. What you see is a depiction which captures both your image and soul. Therefore by breaking a mirror you are doing damage to yourself. After the surface is broken, the reflection will be damaged and the image will be torn into pieces.

The cracks symbolize your personal imperfections, which drain out your energy. Just like the reflection is broken so is your inner self. Rather than a curse placed by the mirror upon the one who broke it, ruining the integrity of the item is a depiction of how our own deeds bring misfortune upon us.

The umbrella should be kept closed indoors.

Spilling Salt

This spice is said to possess magical properties and some people still use it in rituals. When the ocean was worshipped, salt was perceived as a gift from the gods. After all, sea water has medical properties and bathing in it is good for the health. That is why the spice was used for cleansing cursed items or suppressing evil forces.

Spilling salt on the other hand could cause disbalance. Such an act neutralizes the properties of the spice and would create negative energy. Throwing the valuable gift away is a waste which only invites misfortune in your home. To stop that from happening, you have to collect the salt and throw a pinch over your left shoulder.

Opened Umbrella Indoors

Since the purpose of these items is to protect people from the hot sun and the rain, they are made to be opened outdoors. Using one indoors is a violation and a sign of misfortune. Umbrellas are items which pay homage to the Sun. Superstitions state that nothing else should throw a shade upon you.

The umbrella should be kept closed indoors.

Being inside a shadow indoors makes you an easy victim of evil forces and misfortune will fall upon you. Therefore you should not open umbrellas at home. Outdoors they are collecting the power of the Sun which is a source of positivity and energy. In a closed space, an umbrella can not reach out to the sky and attracts only negativity.

Final Conclusion

Friday the 13th may have been declared for a fatal date because of irrational beliefs but everybody can be a little superstitious once in a while. Since figuring out life is complicated, people do have doubts and try to overcome them by finding signs of good luck or misfortune. Making guesses is not a guarantee but one can always turn out to be correct. Furthermore, life is not meant to be nice all the time. The bad moments come on their own, so there is no point in blaming a particular date or a random sign for any of them. Being in a pickle once in a while, makes us appreciate the good times even more. The best we can do is face the difficulties, while waiting for something better to happen in the future.

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