#DessertDay & Where to get the most of it in London?

Enjoy the Best Desserts in the Capital

National Dessert Day

Happy #NationalDessertDay from all of us at Royal Cleaning.

Is there any better way to start the workweek than with pancakes and freshly squeezed juice or with a piece of cake and coffee?! We honestly doubt it. In a world which somehow manages to get crazier every day, at least we can have a decent dessert.

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche is the original phrase which we all know simply as Let them eat cake! - we won’t argue if Queen Marie Antoinette has said it or not - but this time we’re taking this piece of advice by storm.

Dessert may originate from the French word "desservir", which means - to clear the table - and we will do so but only in order to explore a variety of candied temptations.

Stay tuned because we’re heading to the places were you can order The best Desserts in London.

Sweetest Deserts You Can Taste!

London’s best Desserts

If satisfying your sweet tooth is your guilty pleasure, let us lead the way to the best places to celebrate the #DessertDay on this 14th October.

  • Salted Caramel Brownies at Timmy Green

    Go to the borough of Westminster and walk along the Buckingham Palace Road to try the Aussie-inspired delicacies of Timmy Green.
    The venue starts the day as a coffee and cafe shop, turns into a lunch spot at midday, becomes a cocktail bar in the afternoon and operates as a restaurant from the evening till night.
    The best dessert you can order here is a sandwich with salted caramel ice-cream, placed between two brownies, coated with hot dulce de leche sauce. The combination of salty and sweet tastes along with hot and cold ingredients is simply unique.

    Salted Caramel Brownies at Timmy Green

  • Pumpkin Spiced Latte Brownie at Bad Brownie

    If you love this type of cake, then Bad Brownie is a place you shouldn’t overlook. Several shops can be found from Hackney in Northern to Wandesworth in Southern London.
    The sweets are very strong and come in a variety of flavours which is why the motte of the venue is Brownies with Attitude.
    These are genuine gourmet chocolate desserts as their consistency could be gooey, decadent and fudgy.
    Among all brownies, the one we’d like to recommend combines the sweetness of a pumpkin with the bitter yet creamy taste of an espresso, sprinkled with bitter and sweet spices.

  • Chocolate Fondue at Jaz & Jul’s

    One of the best venues for chocoholics would be Jaz & Jul’s Chocolate House. You can locate the cafe on Chapel Market Street in the borough of Islington.
    The chocolate brunch themed venue offers pastries, cakes, hot chocolate and even desserts for vegans, but the best item on the menu is the Chocolate Fondue.
    Although this dish is tasty on its own, you won’t be able to enjoy it fully unless you try it out by dipping some fruits or sweets in the liquid chocolate. You can choose between strawberries, marshmallows, miniature brownies and many other items.

    Chocolate Fondue at Jaz & Jul’s

  • Hot Chocolate at Cereal Killer Cafe

    While exploring the boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Camden, you should check out the Cereal Killer Cafe, located on Brick Lane or Stables Market respectively.
    The two storey cafe has 90’s retro style interior and is the first of its kind breakfast venue in the UK.
    Clients can try 120 different cereals from all over the world with a variety of 30 milks and 20 toppings.
    But when talk desserts, you should definitely treat yourself to a cup of stacked hot chocolate. Add a special ingredient to your drink such as salted caramel, peanut butter, strawberries, Nutella or white chocolate and make it one to remember.

  • Eclairs at Maitre Choux

    Some of the finest desserts you can taste in London are baked at Maitre Choux. The chic white patisserie is a modern venue inspired by the French kitchen that specializes in eclairs, choux pastries and chouquettes.
    There’s a shop on Harrington Road in South Kensington and one more on Dean Street in Soho.
    All of the desserts prepared at Maitre Choux are simply culinary masterpieces, prepared by chefs with three Michelin stars.
    Among the items on the menu, the cream filled pastries with sweet toppings, called eclairs, are definitely our favourite.
    For maximum pleasure, combine them with a cup of Sweet Pink Afternoon tea.

    Have some Eclairs at Maitre Choux

  • Milkshakes at Miki’s Paradise

    On Holloway Road stands another great place for desserts in the borough of Islington. The venue is known as Miki’s Paradise and people stop by for a visit to try various desserts from the Mediterenian kitchen.
    Strong coffee, refreshing smoothies and stacked shakes are some of the best items on the menu, not to mention the sugar coated crepes with sweet filling.
    However, the one thing you should absolutely order is a creamy milkshake, flavoured by a topping of your choice, served in a large glass with a scoop of ice cream and a delicious piece of cake on top.

  • Waffles at Bubblewrap

    Treat yourself am excelent gelato from London China Town in the city of Westminster. There’s the famous street style shop for desserts on Wardour Street known as Bubblewrap Waffle.
    The venue fuses different flavours of gelato in order to perfect one of the most delicious snacks of the Chinese kitchen.
    The unique treat is served in a handmade waffle with bubbly texture, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.
    Customers here are encouraged to put their creativity into action as they can choose not only the flavours of gelato, the toppings and the sauce, but the base for the waffle as well.

    Ice-Cream Filled Waffles at Bubblewrap

  • Cookies at Ben’s Cookies

    This isn’t just a single venue but a chain of shops running from Hammersmith and Fulham all the way to Camden.
    Ben’s Cookies became successful as they took a regular dessert to a whole new level by experimenting with various ingredients to improve the recipe.
    The chain takes great pride in the fact that the handmade cookies are baked with chunks of chocolate, nuts and fruits instead of crisps. Depending on the consistency, the cookies could be fresh, soft or gooey.
    We recommend trying all the bakery has to offer until you find the one kind of cookie that fits you perfectly. Once you're done, combine your favourite kind with some ice-cream or a milkshake.

  • Cronuts at Dominique Ansel Bakery

    Those of you who haven’t tried a cronut yet, should come to Belgravia and buy one from the Dominique Ansel bakery on Elizabeth Street. The venue is part of a worldwide chain, named after the founder of the pastry.
    It’s signature dessert, the cronut, is made out of croissant-dough, which is shaped into a doughnut and filled with creme. Every month of the year, the bakery offers a special pastry relevant for the season.
    Pecan and Pumpkin Garache are the flavours for October, but the most popular cronut overall has chocolate frosting and strawberry filling.

    Cronuts at Dominique Ansel Bakery

  • Unicorn Food at Naked Dough

    Don’t wait for the cookies to bake, simply step inside the first of its kind cafe for edible dough in London.
    You can find such a venue in the middle of the Old Street Roundabout and at the Camden Lock Market.
    As the name suggests, Naked Dough promotes sweet flavored raw desserts, good for direct consumption.
    Every type of dough comes with its own combination of toppings including but not limited to caramel, chocolate chips, honey, cookies and candy bars.
    One of the most famous product and our favourite pick at Naked Dough is the unicorn food - a dough covered with marshmallows and sprinkles.

    Having a Snack at Home

    Since our article is about to end, let us give you some advice.
    You don’t have to travel all over the capital of England to enjoy the tasty snacks we’ve mentioned above. Many of the shops and cafes have a delivery service as well, besides you can always enjoy a homemade sweetness which somehow manages to taste even better.

    Stay at Home and Eat Something Sweet

However, enjoying your favourite dessert (or a hamburger of choice) at home means you’re one slip of the hand away from leaving a stain on the carpet or the furniture.

So when you need some professional cleaning assistance in London, our company is here for your sake. All of our offers come with a 200% guarantee, that you can claim in case of any wrongdoings but that is unlikely to happen.

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