Cleaning Practices That Are Nothing But Myths

You mustn't trust these cleaning practices.

Myth is a word we use for beliefs that are not considered trustworthy. This doesn’t apply only to legends about the creation of the cosmos but theories and basic practices as well. Myths have been around for so long, that there are still people who rely on the ones that have been proven wrong. After all, among the many beliefs, dating back in time, it’s hard to sort out the false ones. Furthermore, myths have managed to affect every area of our modern life. This goes even for simple daily activities such as cooking, exercising, sleeping and so on. The article for example will spare you the issues of dealing with false tips about cleaning.

Where Cleaning Myths Come From

Before detergents were invented, people relied on handmade solutions or simple materials to wash off the dirt. Curious individuals tried a variety of methods to find out a better way to complete the chores, even ideas that were ridiculous. Since there were many mistakes, in some cases people adapted inefficient practices which are now known as cleaning myths. Yet, lets not forget that the top quality detergents we use today were created via trial and error. Every fake belief is based on truth, so we can not say all of them are utter nonsense.

Behind every myth there’s a fake fact.

While reviewing the following myths, we’d like to remind you that keeping your home nice and tidy is an obligation we can arrange for you. As a professional company, we know how to assist tenants throughout London as their rental agreement comes to an end. The free 200 percent guarantee stands for top notch quality and reliability, so give us a call and get a quote right now. Without further ado, here are the false statements you shouldn’t trust and the reasons why.

Bleach is an Efficient Cleaner

Don’t make the mistake to apply this detergent for dirt removal. The actual usage of bleach is for killing the harmful germs for the sake of disinfection. No matter how much you scrub the filthy spots, they won’t come off the floor or the furniture. We are not saying bleach won’t do the trick for the laundry though. The problem is that the detergent is good for whitening stains but it does not wash them off. Still, making your shirt and other items of clothing sparkly white is easier with bleach. Of course, you can’t remove dirt and grime from the kitchen sink or the bathtub, but you can surely disinfect the surfaces after or before the actual cleaning.

Bleach can not clean every dirty stain.

Newspapers Clean Windows

A while ago this was actually a very useful tip for having a clear view to the outside. In the past, newspapers were made out of old fashioned ink and paper. Back then, these ingredients were perfect for removing stains not only from the windows but form the mirrors instead. The fibres of the paper and the chemicals of the ink were like natural cleaning detergents. Nowadays the technology for manufacturing is different and so are the materials used in the process. That is why wiping stains off the mirrors and the windows with a modern newspaper will only spread the filth all over the surface or make them even darker and dirtier.

Feather Dusters are Useful

This is a tool that was said to remove tiny dust particles from the surfaces of the furniture. Using a feather duster would indeed make everything look much cleaner but that’s what you think. The idea is that the feathers absorb every tiny particle but in reality only a small portion of filth sticks to them. Most of the dust would simply spread all around the household, while at the same time the air becomes much dirtier. In other words the particles will remain where the were in the first place, so instead of a feather duster you should use a vacuum cleaner to tidy up your home.

A tool that spreads dust instead of cleaning.

Trust the Nice Fragrances

Many rely on their nose to evaluate the state of cleanliness at home. However, the nice fragrance doesn’t mean the place is spotless and properly disinfected. There are many detergents in spray bottles that improve the smell but do not erase the dirt or kill the germs. To put it in a simple way, people confuse products with the properties of an air freshener for actual cleaning tools. They would even avoid using efficient detergents because of their bad smell. So don’t get deceived by the fragrance, it isn’t good enough if the microbes and the filth are still there to endanger your health take action to make your home perfectly clean for real.

Doing Regular Polishing

Wooden furniture and floorings are features of the modern household as they give it a stylish outlook. Polishing them regularly seems like the perfect way to preserve their integrity but that is a myth. To keep them intact you must perform this action on rare occasions instead. Furthermore some types of wooden furniture don’t need any polishing at all. Besides, applying too much wax on the household item will result in buildups that will ruin its outlook and scrubbing it repeatedly will only damage the surface. When you notice dust gathering, all you have to do is to spray some water and wipe them off with a washcloth.

Do not polish the furniture too often.

Lemons in the Garbage Disposal

With all the cooking in the kitchen, the sink can easily get clogged by food remains but there’s a simple solution. Installing a garbage disposal will spare you the hassle, as this innovation cuts everything into tiny pieces, so nothing will get stuck in the pipes. Since this is a method of handling waste, bad smells will be coming out of the sink for sure. As much as it reeks you mustn’t put lemon peels into the garbage disposal to change that. You may think this will improve the fragrance but you are wrong. Instead of creating a fresh aroma, it is more likely for the particles to get the sink clogged.

Vinegar Can Clean Everything

Chemists knows this is more than a cooking item. Because of its qualities, white vinegar is a natural cleaner that does the trick for a variety of household items. However, there is a limit to how many objects the substance can clean. On one side this liquid is great for removing stains off the walls, washing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom. At the same time, we have to keep in mind that vinegar contains acid, which can cause damage to the furniture by dissolving the polish. That is why the substance should never get in contact with material such as stone finishes, marble, wax flooring or hardwood.

What isn’t wise to clean with vinegar?

Hairspray Erases Ink Blots

Here’s a substance that was very useful for removing nasty stains from your clothes in the 1980s. Whether it was wine, ink or oil, hairspray could take care of the issue. Just like the newspaper, this grooming product was great for cleaning windows, mirrors and glass as well. Nowadays, hairspray will only leave an extra stain if you apply it to your clothing. Using the product for glass won’t do good either. A while ago the main ingredient of hairspray was alcohol. This substance was perfect for dissolving greasy marks and polishing reflecting surfaces. However, the modern hairspray is alcohol free, which explains why the grooming item has lost its cleaning qualities.

Cold Wash Works All the Time

The modern washing machine has so many programs that you can easily get confused. Instead of calculating the right temperature for the different fabrics, it is much easier to give the laundry a cold wash. The advantages of this method are that you do not risk shrinking the textures, plus it works on both the bright and the dark items of clothing. The flaws you have to take into concern are that you might ruin anything that was made by hand, especially knits and woven wear. The same applies for white clothes and denim textures. All of these require a wash cycle in hot water to preserve the quality of their fabrics.

Cold water isn’t good for all fibres.

Cleaning Solutions Are Instant

In chemistry, some reactions are faster in comparison to others. Therefore when it comes to cleaning filthy marks, you have to wait a while to get results. No matter how good a detergent might be, it won’t get the job done instantly. As you apply a solution directly on a stained area, don’t wipe it off right away, otherwise the dirt will remain and so will the germs. If the detergent doesn’t soak deep into the fabrics it wouldn’t work. In addition, the solution you are using to erase the stains may need some assistance. After you have waited long enough for the solution to absorb or dissolve the filth, depending on the case, you have to scrub the affected area with a brush, a sponge or a rag, so make sure to apply pressure.

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