How cleaning together can make your relationship stronger

How cleaning together can make your relationship stronger?

Cleaning is caring

We’ve already seen how you can overcome a tough break-up through cleaning but what will happen if we spin the things the other way around? Could cleaning be used as a tool to strengthen the relationship that we have with our partner or we shouldn’t bother our potential spouses with something as boring as chores, by demanding that they should do their fair share of work around the house?
Luckily for you, we have the answers – so keep on reading to find out.

Okay, there are numerous articles how to include your spouse in the cleaning process without bloodshed and without losing his or her love forever… But let’s be fair – we’re living in a time when the main idea behind feminism is blossoming and being a macho archetype is no longer admirable or well appreciated. Therefore it’s far from hard and only fair and normal to share the responsibilities, which come around the corner, when you and your significant other, share a household.

How to include your spouse in the cleaning process?

The whole idea that giving your husband or wife a simple cleaning task can actually ruin your marriage is ridiculous to say the least and if this by any chance is the case, you should carefully reconsider, if you really meant that enthusiastic Yes on your Big Day.

With all being said, there are still numerous studies and surveys which state that although many women work outside their home, they still do most of the household chores and that couples argue who does the cleaning as much as they fight over money or having a child.
This issue happens to be so big that many women actually measure their marital satisfaction by the amount of shared housework and this is among the essential things for household happiness.
There’s more – women actually feel more sexually attracted to a partner who tends to help them with the chores.
It seems that something as trivial as uneven chore-splitting can erode your partnership or even your marriage. So it seems that a Mr Clean advertisement can be a more accurate representation of marriage than we have ever imagined.

Although the things are quite different from the 1960s and women are no longer seen just as housewives, who are bound to stay at home cleaning and cooking.

However, there are not merely enough blog post stating that sharing the chores with the person who always knows how to make you smile, makes them much more bearable and sometimes even enjoyable. And we’re pretty sure that you’ve been in this kind of situation at least once.

You may not like it but just like death and taxes, chores are simply unavoidable but we assure you that they can be much more bearable than you think - even the simplest and tedious tasks like washing the dishes can be a fun and loving activity, when shared.

And since there are dozens of ways to make cleaning likeable for your kid, it shouldn’t be so hard to do the same with a grown-up.If you can make your kiddos love it and have some fun in the process, then why not do the same with your partner.
Remember - Everything can be a joyful game if you allowed it to.

So next time when you ask for a little help around the house, why don’t you laugh it off and flirt a little instead of turning it into a huge drama performance.
That’s why we've gathered some tips on how to make cleaning all about caring and share a fair amount of smiles, hugs and sweet kisses in the process.

How to make the shared housework work for you?

How to make the shared housework work for you

First things first – just Talk about it and address the issue directly.
There’s nothing wrong to ask for help but in this case it’s more about partaking than aid. Don’t forget that this is your shared home we’re talking about, so it’s only fair to have shared responsibilities about and around it.

It simply shouldn’t be seen as some sort of weakness or inability to find the right balance between work, children, cleaning and having at least a day of the week for yourself alone.
After all, sharing is indeed caring and you shouldn’t take the blame.

So, when having The Cleaning Talk with your partner, go straight to the point and simply discuss how both of you think how your home should look like and what would you do to change it.

Just don’t point fingers and don’t play the victim. Find common ground and stand it.
Communication is always the answer when there’s some misunderstanding, so cut the moaning and pouting and talk it all out.

Making a list somehow always tends to help.
So why don’t you write one on your own with your least favourite chores and compare yours with one of your partner. If he or she doesn’t mind to do the things you hate – than you got it – the perfect chore sharing solution. If not, simply find a way to split the tasks equally.

The most important thing here is the idea that you’re not a Stepford wife but he doesn’t have to be the representation of the ideal man as well in order to make things between the two of you work.
We are all grown-ups, after all, and already know that perfect relationships exist only if you’re a Disney Princess, so the best solution is to fall in love with your partner’s perfect imperfections.

Address the cleaning issue directly

Compromise – another word that you should have learned by now.
No matter if its partnership or friendship – each relationship needs a fair amount of those to work, so use them once in a while.

The best solution quite often is the simplest. Just meet halfway.
Making compromises is not a weakness and won't hurt your pride in the process. This is simply the mature way to make things work whatever situation you are in is.

Remember that this is Not a competition, so don’t fight over who does it better than the other.
Sharing is all about teamwork, you need to be a team, if you want a long lasting relationship - so the efforts should come from both of you.

Keeping the peace.
This may seem to be the highest priority but actually it is much more about feeling comfortable, loved and cared about.
Sometimes making the person besides you happy may make you even happier. At some point you’ve heard that Happiness is only real when shared, don’t you agree?

If all it takes is to throw the trash once in a while – why waste the potential of all the joyful future moments, which you’re about to share together.

Cleaning for the people you Cherish

Having the person you love always by your side when things are a bit more difficult or unpleasant can make any situation brighter and those are the exact minutes when you know that you’ve chosen wisely.

Expectations can be the other thing that may come between you – so mandatory discuss those too.
It will be much easier for both of you, if you know exactly what your partner counts on. We’re all humans after all, so don’t let your partner guess your wishes, simply share them and ideally you will make all of them come true together.

Define what clean exactly means for you and Be Fair when it comes to dividing the chores in your shared household, don’t back out, don’t compete and don’t make it only for the credit.

Value your efforts and most importantly each other.
Make sure to always show your appreciation and express gratitude when your partner did the tasks you asked for. Even a simple Thank you can be enough.

It’s always better to Collaborate, so do not Dictate.
Simply try not to turn housework into an obligation. Try to make it fun instead.

Find your own way to add a little motivation to your cleaning tasks.
It can be anything – leisure day on the sofa, a walk through the park, ice-cream, a bottle of fine wine in the evening or why not something special, which deserves a Do not disturb sign on your bedroom handle.

Find your incentives and triggers and always reward yourselves for the hard work - together.

When ''The Chore War'' is not about chores

When The Chore War is not about chores

Many will tell you that: fighting about housework is never fighting about housework and in most cases they will be totally right.

You should at least try to recognize the times when the argument escalates to a fight over household tasks, when they have nothing to do with the real reason about it.

Never use the dirty dishes or the trash left in the kitchen bin as an excuse for something else. Over time it will surely turn into a vicious cycle of silent accusations and deceived hopes and the only way to get out of it is to talk about the real reason behind the fight over the chores left undone.

It's about time to stop spinning in the same never-ending household argument and take a good look beneath the surface.

There's so much more attached to sharing chores than yoy may realize.
Through housework we communicate on a much higher level than it seems at first sight. This can be a way to build a stronger connection with our partner and learn to trust and rely on his or her support.
Cleaning can be an indicator for your commitment to this partnership or be used as a tool when you want to show the level of importance that this relationship has for you.

Stop Fighting and Get the Cleaning Done - Together

Long story short - stop fighting and get the cleaning done together. Don’t forget however, that your happiness is all that matters and if cleaning is the only thing that gets in the way – we can help you out. All you have to do is to Get your quote today and our professional cleaning services will be there for you whenever you need them.

Our team of highly qualified employees can make each and every place feel like home. So spare yourself the hassle and spend your time together in a much more pleasant way than scrubbing the oven. Keep calm, leave the chores to us and live your very own Happily ever after.

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