Useful Tools That can Assist you in Cleaning the House

These tools will make the house spotless.

Tools Created by Cleaners

Inventions are useful tools that make our life easier. Their purpose is to spare us both effort and time not only at home but at the working place too. The usage of an invention is determined by the needs it is meant to satisfy. After all, every tool was created by a person or a group who wanted to find a better way to complete certain tasks. Over the years such individuals have come up with so many good ideas that there are inventions for all activities you could think of.

Since we are a cleaning company, this article is dedicated to some of the most useful tools for maintaining the good state of the household. We personally purchase the best equipment in order to deliver a splendid level of cleanliness at the end of a tenancy for the sake of the customers. Our company offers other services as well but if you prefer to take care of the home on your own, think about giving the following inventions a try.

Cleaning Slime

The unpleasant part about cleaning the household are the small narrow spaces you can not reach. Dust particles or tiny pieces of trash can also get stuck into the nooks and the crannies of objects with uneven surfaces but what can you do?

Slime that collects various pieces of trash.

Ear sticks might do the trick but it would be better to use the cleaning slime instead. This product is flexible like dough, which is why it can fit into any space and gap. After you place the slime there, the filthy particles will stick directly onto it. Just wait for a while before pulling out the goo to remove all pieces of trash at once. Furthermore, the slime can be applied to various surfaces without sticking to them.

Broom for Fur Removal

Although people love their pets, having one at home is not all fun and games. When cleaning the messes of their animal companions, cat and dog owners for example deal with dirty paw marks constantly. Washing off the stains is one thing, but what about the fur on the floor? Well, with the pet hair removal broom, you can clean carpets, wooden surfaces, linoleums and tiles in one go. This tool has a toothed rubber bar and the bristles work in the manner as the ones of a rake. That way you can collect the pet hair without spreading it around the room. Even better, the broom can be used to clean dirt, spills and windows too, thanks to the built-in squeegee.

Removing hair and dirt from the floor.

Drain Snake

Hair, dirt overlays, mold and other particles can block the flow of the sewage watеr in the bathroom and flood the place. Therefore doing a regular inspection of the drains can save you the hassle. Even when it’s too late, instead of hiring a plumber, you can try to unclog the pipes on your own. The drain snake can get the job done in no time. The tool consists of a long plastic line with a number of spikes and a handle. Forget about pulling hair out by hand. Thanks to the handle you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Just stick the snake down the drain as far as you can. After you start pulling the line out, all the filth will get hooked and will be taken out of the pipes.

Reusable Sticky Lint Roller

Because of everyday work and interactions, we often find the furniture and the clothes covered in hair, dust, crumbs and other tiny particles. Handling the textures with a brush takes a lot of strokes, which usually damages the fabrics instead of getting them clean. Still, there’s another solution - the reusable sticky lint roller.

Roll over the surface to clean it.

The shape of the product allows you to cover a larger surface with fewer hand movements. Fur, hair and dust stick quickly to the tool as you gently stroke the roller against the upholstery and the items of clothing. In addition, the product is reusable. Once the surface is covered in filth and can not absorb anything, rinse it with water and it will become clean and ready for further usage.

Magic Eraser Sponge

Stains of any kind can appear anywhere in the household. Finding the right tools for each of them is hard but the magic eraser sponge offers a simple solution. What makes the product special are the three wave layers of top quality foam with high density. The material’s durability preserves the integrity of the sponge, which is why it can be used for a long time without falling apart. When you have this product you don’t need to spend money on expensive detergents. Getting the sponge wet is enough to activate its properties and erase the nasty stains from any surface. The multi puprope usage makes the product suitable for cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room and the bedroom along with their respective household items.

Scrub off the dirty stains from any surface.

Blind Cleaner

Every room, especially the ones oriented to the East, needs a pair of window coverings to create some shade. Despite the comfort they provide, blinds get dirty really fast. Since dust sticks on top and beneath them, each of the vertical lines has to be cleaned individually. Wiping the coverings with a sponge won’t get all the dirt off them but a blind cleaner surely can. With one move of the hand, this tool can clean two lines on both sides at the same time. The microfiber covers of the blind cleaner capture every speck of dust and after you are done, just take them off and put them into the washing machine. Another benefit about this tool is that it can be used the same way on the vents of the air conditioner as well.

Swedish Dishcloths

Paper towels are nice for cleaning a variety of spills and dirty marks. However, they are good for single usage only and tеаr apart easily once they get wet. We mentioned that because the following product has all of those advantages and none of the disadvantages. We are talking about the swedish dishcloths, the cleaning tools that combine the qualities of a sponge and a paper towel. These products have better absorption abilities and upon getting wet become much softer and pliable. Swedish dish cloths also have stronger fabrics, so once they get dirty you can wash them and then leave to dry off in the microwave. Due to their organic components, these cloths have an eco-friendly nature and decompose in the environment without causing pollution.

The product is suitable for washing and wiping.

Rubbermaid Power Scrubber

You shouldn’t use a brush for cleaning gaps and grooves. The dirt won’t come off right away and the harder you scrub the more pain you cause to your hand. With the rubbermaid power scrubber you can put an end to the inconvenience. This automatic tool will do the work for you, just turn it on and apply to the affected area. The spinning rubber attachment is way more efficient for erasing dirt from tight spaces than a brush. Instead of back and forth movements, the scrubber spins 60 times per second without missing a spot. The small head is perfect for reaching corners, curves and grooves throughout the residence. The scrubber is also great for cleaning miniature details of the furniture, decorative ornaments and other household items.

Grout Brush

As you wash the tiles with a sponge they become shiny and spotless. However the narrow space between them remains dirty. Most of the filth from the tiles is washed aways but the rest of it gets stuck in the grooves. A toothbrush could help you remove the remains but a grout brush will do better.

Scrub the dirt off the grooves.

This product is specifically made thin enough to clean the grooves between the tiles. As you can see, the bristles on the two sides of the brush form a right angle. That makes it the perfect tool for cleaning in two directions - up and down or back and front. Just apply some solution to the affected area and scrub hard to make the dirt come off.

Magnetic Spot Scrubber

Washing fragile items thoroughly must be handled with care otherwise you risk breaking them. The real difficulty here is cleaning the inner surface, especially when the object has a narrow neck. However, if you have the magnetic spot scrubber, cleaning items made of glass inside and out won’t be a bother. The nubbed rubber attachments of the product can erase even dried stains. The invention itself consists of two parts: a handle and a scrubber. They are connected via powerful magnets in order to move simultaneously. As a whole, the product works by placing the scrubber inside a glass vessel (filled with a cleaning solution), and using the handle to control the component from the outside. That way you wipe the fragile item on both sides at the same time.

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