Clean The Sadness Away

Learn How to Clean The Sadness Away

Could Your Home be The Source of Your Sadness?

Mental health is a serious issue and non-government organisations all over the world are trying their best to raise awareness about it.

We deeply admire their efforts and that’s why our article today will be all about feeling better with yourself especially when you’re at home - the one place you should feel free, safe and comfortable in.

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) - Depression is an incredibly common mental disorder.
Globally, more than 300 million people of all ages suffer from this terrible condition and its terrifying consequences. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and at its worst, it can lead to suicide.

Remember - if you’re dealing with the black dog, then you should know that there are numerous effective psychological and pharmacological treatments for depression but far too many people are ashamed to speak about it or reach out for help when they need it the most.

So if you’re having a hard time to barely get through the day, don't be afraid to ask for help.

Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year and this is the second leading cause of death among the young people (in 15-29-year-olds).
So if you or your loved ones are struggling with any of the depression’s symptoms reach out and remember that you are NOT weak and don’t have to go through this alone.

You may not know but sometimes your home - the place where you should feel safe and comfortable, where you should have your well-deserved rest and leave the daily worries behind - may be the cause of depression.

Your home may be the source of your sadness & depression

If the sentence Whenever I'm away from home I'm happy. When I think about going to my house, I feel sad again. makes any sense for you, then we might help you to feel better when coming back home.

Your house might be the cause of your sadness - even if there is not an obvious reason why.

There’s no need for you to have negative or even traumatic experiences in or around your home, to make some association with bad memories that happened there or someone or something specific about your place to cause your sadness.

The bear of the unsolved problems or just the overall situation also are not to be blamed in this scenario.

Although any bad experiences or relationships can make a normally comfortable place feel toxic and make it difficult to feel happy there - those are not necessarily the causes of the anxiety and frustration you feel at home.

Actually, a lot of people say that their home causes them sadness and even more feel trapped inside their houses because of the thought of being by themselves and having to deal with whatever they’re going through alone.

In case you feel uncomfortable just by the thought of going back to your apartment, you should know that there’s even a word for that. That unpleasant feeling is called Nostophobia or in other words - the fear of returning home.

And since you can not simply snap out of it in an instance or pack your bags and leave for good towards New York in a minute, we are here to give you some advice on how to clean the sadness away and make your place pleasant once again.

Clean the Sadness Away

Clean the Sadness Away

This is not the first time when we reveal the many unsuspected benefits of cleaning.

Cleaning can be an Adrenaline and a Mood Boost, , Rage Cleaning is proven to have Healing Power, and you can Get Through a Tough Break-up just by swiping the dirt away.
On top of that, it is true that Cleaning & Mental Health are Connected.

So today we’re going to give you a brief preview of what might be actually wrong with your place and which are The 10 Things in Your Home That Are Making You Unhappy.

Although Being Messy can be a sign that you’re a Hidden Genius, sometimes that blah feeling that comes naturally when you walk into your room only to witness the chaos which surrounds it - is the very reason behind the fear of returning home.

The place you live in should at least give you comfort. It has always been up to you to decorate your room in a way that reflects you and your personality.
And this process can even be a powerful source of inspiration and can serve as a very good boost for your creativity and imagination.

Every journey begins with a single step - they say, that’s why we’ve made the following list in order to help you face your fears and instead of feeling trapped in a dungeon to turn your home into a castle you love .

The Things in Your Home that are Making You Unhappy

The Things in Your Home that are Making You Unhappy

After all being said, it’s about time to take a second look at the decor of your home and clean away the sadness and the clutter in it all together.

  • The bed left unmade and the over preoccupied Chair
    You’ve probably heard that making your bed in the morning gives you just the right sense of accomplishment that you might need to start your day determined and with the attitude that you can handle whatever life throws at you. It only takes a few minutes or about 180 seconds to do it, so make making the bed an essential part of your morning routine. We promise that the results will come much faster than you’ve expected.
    The other source of anxiety might be the infamous Chair that you probably quite often tend to use as a storage for piles of clothes - no matter if you were going to wear these again before putting them into the washing machine or you didn’t have the time to properly fold the clean ones in your wardrobe. It might be hard but try to avoid this habit at all cost.
    Just think about all the times when you enter your room only to be welcomed by a huge mass of clothing which keep on expanding until they overcome your whole surroundings. The bigger the pile the harder it seems to finally get through with it and put everything in its place, and it seems like you’ll keep on procrastinating this particular chore until the end of time. On top of that this little overstocked piece of furniture alone is capable to ruin the whole interior and harmony in your very own private space and make it look like an abandoned haunt or some sort of wild animal.

  • Things in Your Home that Make You Unhappy - The bed left unmade and the over preoccupied Chair

  • Piles of Old Newspapers & Immemorial Postcards
    This one is quite obvious - who needs old magazines and newspapers laying all around the desk, table or even the floor? We’re pretty sure that you can put this to much better use if you simply choose to recycle them instead of letting them take over all the free space in your room.
    The postcards and those cute, little birthday ones might seem much harder to throw away but still - do you really need ALL of them?! Save the ones that bring you joy every time you open them and reread that funny birthday wish, which always makes you laugh. And simply get rid of all the casual ones you somehow get from people you don't even (or no longer) like because they can be yet another source of frustration and anxiety.

  • That Chaotic Open Storage
    It seems like a good idea to have some extra shelves or open space to show off all of your precious belongings but when this unit becomes just an equivalent of the early mentioned Chair - things are no longer nice and clean, and the once perfectly fitted piece of furniture becomes yet another place which stores variety of clutter - old newspapers, junk mail, empty cans, empty pizza’s boxes, and numerous knick-knackerеrs. Generally, it's one and only purpose is to store clutter, which can and will create anxiety, frustration and stress, unless you finally take some time to dig through that chaos and throw away all of the unnecessary items, bins and tools. And we encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

  • The Things in Your Home that Makes You Unhappy - The Chaotic & Cluttered Open Storage

  • Broken items
    Okay, we know that sometimes even if something is broken we’d rather try our best to stick the pieces back together than to throw it all away. If that particular item has a huge sentimental value or is a precious memory of someone we love, we simply can’t put it in the garbage can. Still, that would be the best decision we can possibly make.
    According to the architect, certified feng shui consultant and founder of Holistic Spaces - Anjie Cho, the reason to keep damaged possessions is that we might be scared of not having enough. It’s a poverty mentality. Which really is about not feeling enough or worthy in ourselves., she says. According to her it’s best to learn not to fear of letting things go for good, otherwise the broken items that we still keep for whatever reason creates similar broken energy in our inner and outer lives. After all, it’s the memory and the person that matters not some broken possession with no other value than the one we wrongfully put in it, instead of spending more time with that specific human being or revisit the place where we once were so heavenly happy.

  • Each and Every kind of Promotional Freebies
    How can a freebie do any harm, when I can find a way to put in good use?! - probably this is the exact thought you have when bringing home yet another redundant item you don’t need only because it was free of charge.
    But you’ve surely heard the expression that There ain't no such thing as a free lunch - and in this case the price is your comfort and general well-being because if you take each and every random freebie out there, sooner or later your home will replete with a variety of things that are just rattling around your place and overpacking that junk drawer that you had to make because of all those useless promotional stuff. So next time think twice before bringing home the next free mug, pen, notepad, badge or anything else someone is freely giving away.

    The Things in Your Home that Makes You Unhappy - The Unneeded Promotional Freebies

Okay, after you cross those five off, keep on reading to find out which are the other 5 things, that may cause you sadness every time you have to get back home. We warn you that they will be a bit harder to complete but the only way to move on up is by leaving the past and its burdens behind.

We hope that our list was helpful and gave you some thoughts on why your home might make you sad and anxious and even be the main source of your depression - and most importantly - some sort of solution to this frustrating situation.

A fresh, clean start is always a tremendous yet simple thing to make when you want to wipe away the sadness from your home and life altogether. So bring on the garbage bag and get rid of anxiety for good.

And if cleaning is the last thing that you have in mind when you need some cheer up or mood boost - leave all of the unpleasant chores to us, take some well-deserved rest and give yourself a break from the source of your frustration, while we’re taking care of everything that might bother you at home.

We strongly believe that the clients’ satisfaction should be the top priority of every company - that’s why we provide a 200% guarantee, which has got your back.

We’re proud to be rated Excellent on TrustPilot and always do our best to keep our standards as high as possible.

Don’t hesitate to Get your quote whenever you need a professional cleaning services in London if perfection is what you’re looking for.

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