The Real Christmas Spirit

The true Christmas Spirit

The True Spirit of Christmas

With all the festive lights, joyful carols and Christmassy shop windows, while rushing to find the best deal to buy the perfect present, we’ve somehow got lost in translation and started missing the true meaning of Christmas and the real spirit of this holiday, which comes every year to celebrate love, hope and goodness and to remind us to be kind and giving not only to our loved ones but to strangers as well.

That’s why we’ve decided to head up on a journey in order to find the real Christmas spirit which somehow got lost along the way.

As the (Christmas) Spirit moves Us

Whether you are an ardent Christian or not, if you live in the Western World then you know that the true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ - the Lord and Savior and the ultimate giver.

As the Christmas Spirit moves Us

For true believers, the child named Jesus is a symbol of love, light, hope and peace - an idea which everyone should adopt if you ask us - after all God is Love and that should be all that counts no matter by which name you call upon this divine power from above.

So at time of the year, try to reach down within yourself to find the true meaning of Christmas and embrace the love and kindness which it symbolizes. No matter what you believe in - there’s always a place for a little more of goodness in the world we live in.

Christmas Isn’t a Material Matter

The key to understanding the meaning of Christmas is to let go of all the consumerism surrounding it. Stop focusing on preparations related to spending money on purchasing items and ordering services. What really counts are the actions undertaken for the sake of others, without seeking payback in return.

Therefore Christmas tells us that it doesn’t matter how rich you are if all that wealth is being used just for your own benefits. We have to be generous and think about the well being of those around us instead.

At the same time we shouldn’t get attached to the material items. They do bring us comfort but they do not give meaning to our lives. Materialism might be a part of Christmas, but the spirit of the holiday is dedicated to the true values of life. Only the ones we can not exchange for money are precious for real.

Knowing what Christmas is about.

‘Tis better to give than to receive

If we should pack the true meaning of Christmas in just one sentence, this should be it - ‘Tis better to give than to receive.

The will to give to others is what this holiday is all about. And by giving we are not simply talking about buying unnecessarily expensive and unneeded presents. Sometimes your time and devotion is more than enough and will be more appreciated by your family, friends and loved ones as it can be all they need.

Not to mention the countless opportunities to be a volunteer even for a day or spare an hour of your time and give back to and help the ones in need who have no place to go or have lost all hope for a kind gesture. Participate in the repairs of a shelter, serve the inhabitants a warm meal, perform some cleaning duties and so on.

There are numerous ways to give back to the ones close to your heart and to the world and the society as a whole which are not about money and possessions - all you have to do is to generally give of yourself.

After all, when you think about it, isn’t the time you have your most pricey possession? To share an hour or two with your family on a Christmas dinner may be all they need, want and hope for this year.

The true Meaning of Christmas

Just remember the time when you were a little kid, all the excitement on Christmas Eve and how eager you were for the morning to finally come…

One of the most precious holidays memories we all have and treasure are not about presents but the time we’ve spent together in laughter, love and kindness. Those are the moments which most of us cherish the most and carry in our minds wherever we go and keep in our hearts to warm us up when it’s cold outside and the home and our families seem to be nearly a galaxy away.

Forget about the presents and travel back to the time when a handmade Christmas card from your four-year-old self was the most wonderful gift in the whole world. We’re pretty sure that at least one of those is still kept and cherished by your family, so why don’t you simply walk down the memory lane and make something on your own this year to give to the ones you love and are always there to make you feel at home.

Let the Holiday Spirit Inside

It may sound like a cliche but embracing the true spirit of Christmas and finding the real meaning of the season will indeed bring more joy and happiness into your life. So stop being a miser and give love, goodness and hope a chance.

Children in the spirit of the holiday.

Simply allow the phrase - It's the most wonderful time of the year! - to finally make sense to you and your loved ones and try to be joyful, charitable, generous, kind, and forgiving. We promise that this will get back to you in numerous wonderful ways.

Don’t hesitate to write your own fairy tale Christmas story and start to live it - you are the one who Can make it happen for real.
All you need is a little faith and a single sincere smile to embrace the meaning of this special time of the year in which dreams come true and wonders are just around the corner.

And here’s a thought to think about - when we act out Christmas spirit, we’re making this collective force visible, stronger and louder, and we give it power. The code of generosity, kindness, and charity toward others is enforced by no one other than ourselves. So here’s another meaningful cliche - Be the change you want to see in the world - and make it a better place full of forgiveness, kindness, hope, magic and most of all - love.

Spend Christmas with the ones you Love

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