These Satirical Christmas Songs can Make you Laugh

Sing About the Issues Related to Christmas.

A different Look at the Holidays

Who doesn’t like Christmas? Every year as the holidays are near, we all sing happy songs, the worries disappear and the world becomes a better place. However, deep down you know that isn’t true, because there are still the unpleasant issues we face on a daily basis. Although many songs have been dedicated to the holiday, most of them show only its glamour.

Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Rocking Around the Christmas Tree can get anyone in a good mood but are also a source of ignorance. That is why we should take a look at this holiday from several different perspectives to see the problems that stay hidden behind it. Here we present some less popular carols you might not hear on the radio. These songs sound like an insult but they depict the crazy reality, we can only face with irony.

Christmas Isn't Only Joy and Cheers.

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12 Pains of Christmas

Special events require preparations and Christmas is no exception. These include setting decorations, buying presents, cooking traditional meals, taking part in community activities and so much more. We all do it for the sake of the Christmas spirit but tradition has turned into an obligation. Getting everything ready in advance while balancing your assignments at work is hard and messing up any major details can quickly ruin the mood.

Making a plan is a good idea but no matter how well you are organised, there will always be inevitable obstacles in the way. In addition some of the holiday rituals you encounter get very annoying as they repeat constantly on a daily basis. Everything becomes a long list of chores that are playing with your patience. Going through such trouble can ruin your mood, so is it really worth it? To relive the entire madness in a few minutes, listen to the 12 pains of Christmas.

Christmas Time is Killing us

The problem about living in a material world is that possessions have become a major factor when it comes to our way of life. This tendency has affected even holidays like Christmas in a negative way as many of us believe that we need presents to feel good. Every year the expectations become greater not only in regards to quality but quantity as well. But as the production rates of the companies rise to the sky, the factory workers begin to suffer.

The mass consumption forces them to work overtime, which is exhausting both mentally and physically. If these were Santa and his elves, they wouldn’t be able to find joy during the holidays. Slaving to satisfy the demands of the buyers, who just can’t get enough, is like a death sentence. When Christmas is promoting purchase and greed instead of giving and sharing, all of that comes at the expense of Santa and the elves.

Saturday Night Live Christmas Song

Before Christmas, children get threatened they won’t get their presents if they misbehave. Many promise to be nice but as much as kids try, they tend to be devious when there’s a chance. The same goes for us grown ups too. Just like the little ones, we think giving a word is enough, therefore we forget to put effort or take any measures. We do want to act better after being motivated by all the hype around Christmas. The season is a chance to change ourselves for the better, so can we really do it.

When people are in a good mood, they make promises but fail to keep their word the moment life puts them to the test. It is not that we lie intentionally, we just can not overcome our nature easily. By submitting to the basic instincts, we commit mistakes we later regret, just like the main character of the next song.

Ho Ho F@#&$!ng Ho

What if Santa was like a modern day boss of a huge company. These individuals act nice and friendly in front of the public but behind the scenes are mean and selfish. Even when they do charity work, there is a devious motive behind their actions. After all, it isn’t a secret that big corporations ignore moralily and succeed by exploiting their staff. That is why the boss takes all the credit for himself and doesn’t reward the employees. Instead they are treated miserably, operate in poor working conditions and receive minimum wage.

Since nobody can take that forever, sooner or later the employees will rebel and turn against their tormentor. It is then when the truth will be heard just like this next song suggests. HO HO HO is about all of you who are fed up with the terrible job you have, because these problems continue even during the holidays.

Merry F@#&$!ng Christmas

Religion can be an issue when it comes to Christmas, because the latter is a Christian tradition. People around the world have different beliefs and can’t be on the same page about religious holidays. Therefore, Christmas is not celebrated in every country. However, being a Christian doesn’t mean you can’t wish a Merry Christmas to the rest of the world. This is a holiday about love and peace, which are universal values, so there’s nothing wrong about greeting people who don’t share your religion with the popular chant.

Despite that, not every person is open minded. Some will get offended and take the wish for a Merry Christmas as an offence against their beliefs. If there isn’t a religious conflict, being so petty in this case is ridiculous. Nowadays, being a follower of Christianity is not a condition to celebrate Christmas, so let’s set aside our differences instead of using them to start a fight.

Christmas at Ground Zero

Even during the Cold War, despite the conflicts and the separation between the East and the West, people found the time to celebrate Christmas. However, all the cheers were a single missile drop away from going up in smoke. Most people from both corners of the world wanted to relax, have fun and enjoy the holidays, but to their local governments, making weapons and planning military actions was the number one priority.

Everyone was expecting an attack out of nowhere, so how did the citizens celebrate with a risk of bombing or an invasion at hand throughout the week? The only thing they could do was to stay alert and take cover in case of an attack. As bad as this sounds, Christmas at Ground 0 reminds us of the harsh times that was once a reality. Although it’s the 21 century, politics and disagreements between world countries could still cause a war even during the holidays.

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