Celebrities and where to find them in London

Celebrity hunt in London

Time for a celebrities hunt

As you know the UK’s capital is as well the world’s capital of theatre, music and the arts and maybe this is among the reasons why London has the highest concentration of celebrity residents around the globe, outside Los Angeles.

So the chances are that you can bump on stardom far too easy. There may be numerous bars and clubs where only the VVIP’s are allowed to enter or places where the price tags for a single meal are equal to our monthly paychecks, which are among celebrities’ favourite checkpoints but it’s excitingly refreshing to know that the majority of star-studded hangouts are open and affordable to us the common mortals too.

In the next paragraphs we’re going to tell you where to head up to in order to meet your favourite celebrity in person and even end up together on a shoot by infamous paparazzi.

VIP Private Areas and how to pass around them

Go where the stars hang out!

You want to visit the places where some of the world’s most talked-about people go to? Well then we’ve are about to give you a head start in case you need to at least catch a quick glimpse at the most recognizable celebrities out there. In case you’re confident enough you can even start a conversation. Just don’t forget about us. Once you’ve become besties with the Beckhams.

So here’s where to head up straight, if you want to accidently run into the biggest names in the show business.
Unfortunately, we will have to leave some elite’s preferred places aside, since they’re members-only venues. Like The Green Room for example in which you can get in only if you work for the National Theatre. Its name is a friendly nod to the tradition of having green rooms or simple put - retiring rooms for the actors in theatres. So in case, you have a friend, who can get you in – this is definitely a must-go place for a high-quality celebrity hunt.

In case you already know someone quite influential, have in mind that Groucho Club are bywords for the stars on the magazines or the little heaven on earth for the crème-de-la-crème of celebrities. Probably because the security here is so tight, that you cannot have any cameras with you – yes, even your cellphone.
On top of that, you have to be a member to get in and not a temporary one but serious client with a fully paid membership fee. In order to do so you have to know a member, who will recommend you or at least get you in as a guest for the night, which you apparently don’t since you’re reading this article.

Find the Groucho Club on Dean Street in Soho

  • The Swan
    This reasonably pricey restaurant bar on the South Bank is literally attached to Shakespeare’s Globe so as the owners' advice just:
    Sit down and feed, and welcome to our table. - as written by Shakespeare in As You Like IT, Act 2 SC.7.
    During the day this venue may be packed with tourist but they are not the only one having a quick drink or lunch here, London’s artist is among the regular visitors of The Swan as well.
    Have in mind that if you want to get lucky with your celebrity hunt, it’s best to visit the restaurant bar after an evening show at the theatre. Artists are people as well, so it’s only logic to see them having a drink with their friend after their workday – no matter that in their case it was an applauded and well appreciated a night on stage.
    Pro-Tip: There’s a private area at the end of the nearest street entrance, which is separated with nothing more than a rope. So take your time with a drink in hand and stick around a bit longer.
    Who you may Spot?
    Among the elite Swan’s clientele, you may cross eyes with celebrities like Mark Rylance, Dame Judi Dench, Stephen Fry, Jude Law and Derren Brown.

    The Swan

  • The Ivy
    This Covent Garden restaurant should be on anyone’s list of elite celebrity spotting areas. This cosy place tends to be the go-to place for meetings between agents and clients – in this case by clients we mean movie stars. Since far too many people used to come here just for the celebrity hunt, it’s a pretty expensive venue to grab lunch or a drink. Still, The Ivy probably have the highest celebrity concentration of any other place in London.
    Who you may Spot?
    Stars like Elton John, Danni Minogue, Kate Moss, the Beckhams, Joan Collins, Liam Gallagher, and even royalties– all were and are among the elite Ivy’s clientele. Hollywood’s finest tend to have their meal here as well - Al Pacino, Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts are among those, just to name a few.

    The Ivy

  • Kitchen W8
    This Michelin starred restaurant used to be one of London’s best-kept secrets and among the most popular venues amongst celebs visiting the city, who wants to keep this fact under the radar. Nested in one of Kensington’s side streets this place managed to build up a reputation as one of the most preferred picks of the rich and famous. The menu here is extraordinary and on top of that Kitchen W8 is one of the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurants in the capital. Probably that’s the reason why the waiting list here can be up to three months.
    Who you may Spot?
    Giorgio Armani, David Cameron and the Duchess of Cambridge are often among the A-listed clientele here.

  • The Chiltern Firehouse
    The former fire station in Marylebone is among A-listers favourite venues in London. The Grade II gothic Victorian building has been transformed into a glamorous New York-style brasserie with high ceilings, hanging light fittings and large mirrors. All this create indeed unique atmosphere. The man behind The Chiltern Firehouse is the hotel magnate André Balazs – the same one, who owns the well-known Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and the Mercer hotel in New York.
    Who you may Spot?
    David Beckham, Kate Moss, Simon Cowell, Bradley Cooper and Orlando Bloom have all been spotted here while sneaking out of the back door.

    The Chiltern Firehouse

  • Pied a Terre
    There are many reasons other than spotting a global superstar to visit this iconic venue. Pied a Terre has been voted as one of the top 100 restaurants worldwide and has won many gastronomes with a soft spot for the modern French gourmet kitchen. Over 25 years the synonym of fine dining in London has welcomed one of the biggest stars in the showbiz through its stylish doors. Even the American billionaire David Rockefeller choose this exquisite three-storey restaurant to celebrate his 101st birthday with a lavish dinner. In case you wonder a meal here may reach over £150 per person but if you’re up for a simple lunch you may get your very own Michelin celebrity experience for about £30.
    Who you may Spot?
    You can simply name just any big star or celebrity in the past 20 years and there’s over 99% chance that he or she has been here. Among them the paparazzi managed to shoot Brad Pitt, Kanye West, Robert De Niro, Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth and Tony Blair – to name a few.

    Pied a Terre

  • Quaglinos
    This exceptional venue is not just any dining venue but a world-famous restaurant and jazz club rolled into one and the combination of those is truly something you must experience on your own. So many rumours lead to Quad’s doors and stay locked forever there. Back in 1956 even the Queen herself couldn’t resist the temptation to set her foot in the exquisite venue making her the first monarch to ever visit a public restaurant. It seems that this place literally fits for royalty.
    Who you may Spot?
    Well, except than Her Majesty the Queen, Mick Jagger, Lindsay Lohan, William Hague and Angelina Jolie are among the regulars, whenever they’re in the capital of the UK.

Extra tips in a form of extra venues

A few honourable mentions you should surely include in your list when going to a celebrity hunt

  • The Pit Bar at The Old Vic
    Since Kevin Spacey played his part as a magnificent artistic director of the Old Vic theatre in Waterloo, the vibe spread at The Pit Bar faster than a forest fire. This bar/club is among the most popular venue with theatregoers and theatre artists alike. And don’t get us started with its Friday nights music sessions. The venue is also a preferred location for the drama school students, so if you invest in a friendship with one of them now, it may solid repay you in the near future.

    The Old Vic

  • The American franchise, which steals the UK stars' hearths - Joe Allen in Covent Garden.
    Once you get through the door you will be automatically transported into the swanky New York brasseries. In other words, you should expect brick walls, live piano music, a warm, friendly atmosphere and a high-quality, all-American menu. Go there late in the evening and remember that here, there is no a private area reserved for the elite so you can literally eat right next to a world-known celebrity.

  • The Art Clubs
    Notting Hill Arts Club and the Arts Theatre Club in Soho are great, non-membership venues with a unique vibe, which can as well be the perfect location to do your first baby steps in the exclusive celebrity hunt.

  • The spirit of France
    The chances are that you’ve already heard about Café de Paris on Coventry Street. This club is anywhere near cheap and is often packed with tourist but its nonpareil looks make it popular with celebrities. So don’t cross it on your must-go places list just yet. And did we mentioned the magic word – Cabaret?

    Café de Paris

  • Dance the night away
    In case you prefer to meet your favourite celebrities on the dance floor, instead of interrupting their quick lunch or pleasant dinner, then you’ll need not only luck but a stuffed wallet as well. After all the elite clientele around here is not limited to just theatre or music. In these clubs you may meet sports personalities and even royalty, so whatever your taste for rich and famous, there’s pretty likely to spot a celeb to match out on the tiles.

    We are starting big with probably the king of celebrity clubs in London – Mahiki on Dover Street. The devil is in the detail, as they say so before you go make a detailed plan. Check out who and when is playing The O2 Arena or another of London’s well-appreciated music venues and put yourself on the guest-list for the last night of the band's tour. Show up early but stay after midnight and you might find yourself right next to Taylor Swift or Cardi B, especially if you somehow manage to book a private area.

    Whisky Mist in Mayfair is another exclusive club in which you should call a few weeks in advance in order to get in and it’s expensive, way too expensive. You could easily afford a drink during the prohibition period than having a cocktail here but still – this place is jampacked with celebrities. So if you want to be among the rich and famous you should not only dress for it but pay for it as well.

    Whisky Mist

Even if your mission to meet a world-known star fails you will at least be treated extremely well, meet a bunch of new, interesting people and will surely be impressed by the cocktail menus. So your perfect night out is guaranteed.

In case you’re on very tight budget

It’s not necessary to spend a fortune to dine or dance with the stars in order to meet them.
Recently London was voted the most glamorous metropolitan in the world - beating New York and Paris as the most loved city by the rich and famous. With so many showbiz stars walking around and even living in the Big Smoke, bumping shoulders with a celebrity is actually a lot easier than you probably think.
One day you find yourself counting your last pennies for a cup of decent coffee right before your paycheck time, while the other you may be shopping next to Kate Moss, or pass right next to Jude Law without even realizing it.
So before you empty your wallet, check out this celebrities’ hot spots in the UK’s capital.

Have in mind that it may be enough simply to stroll around some of London's major tourist attractions or lively streets and squares and you may bump into stardom.
Get the bus and let your stop be Mayfair or Soho. Generally speaking, those two are among the best areas to go for a celebrity hunt.

Don’t underestimate the major tourist attractions like the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben or Tower of London. Stars like Sienna Miller, Jude Law and Kate Moss are known to visit Primrose Hill quite often, so climb up and you may enjoy not only the view but a conversation with a global superstar as well.

Primrose Hill and the Sun

Leicester Square is yet another popular place among the celebrity with stars like Keira Knightly, George Lucas and Johnny Depp have been spotted there more than once.
Head to Portobello Road if you want to shop around for vintage clothing right next to Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.
Margaret Street, on the other hand, is the central hub of London’s biggest acting agencies - Hamilton Hodell, Universal, Curtis Brown and many others are all in this area, so take your chance and walk around here as well.
And last but not least – don’t forget the fact that numerous of celebrities have made London their home , so visit their borough and you may be invited to their next garden party.

Unfortunately, we can’t ensure any celebrity catch but what we can guarantee is the excellence of our professional cleaning services in London. We’re among the best companies in this branch in the whole of UK and our sterling reviews are among the many things, which can prove this.

Don’t hesitate to Get your quote today, if royalty perfection is indeed what you seek.

Be nice to ask for a photo

PS: If you, however, meet your favourite movie star or music legend somewhere in the buzzing Swinging city, don’t yell out the name on top of your tongue and simply be polite and more importantly polite. Don’t be absurd by trying to secretly take a picture of them, while feigningly screening through the contact list on your phone. Simply ask and you may be surprised how normal the big stars can actually be.
We wish you Good luck and remember to keep things nice and clean. ;)

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