A day Dedicated to the Most Negative Feeling

Submitting to your issues is not the answer.

Our Mood Can Guide Us in Life

The emotions of an individual are more important for his/her life than we think. It determines how a person is going to react in a certain situation and what decision he/she might take. Feeling good can help you make a good impression or perform well at work, while being in a bad mood can get you misunderstood by the others or cause you to fail at an assignment. Controlling your emotions is a huge advantage but that is not an easy task. Our inner state depends on the people around us, our way of life, the environment we live in and so on.

Scientists have been and are still fascinated about the factors that have an influence over our emotions. Many actually believe it is possible to predict when the obstacles will be against them. To do so, psychologists resort to astrology, numerology, weather conditions or anything else that can determine the inner state of a human. This could even help in guessing which date could be harmful or unpleasant for a single or a group of individuals.

On the third Monday of January, for example, people should be extra careful. It is said to be the most depressing time of the year and the negativity it carries is contagious. The date is known as Blue Monday, so keep in mind that staying strong and overcoming it can be the key to your wellbeing in the next 12 months. To shed more light on the topic, we are going to analyze its meaning in the next paragraphs.

Smile and keep it together on Blue Monday.

The Meaning Behind the Term

You’re probably aware that feeling blue is another way to say you are depressed. However, very few people realize we are talking about a mental illness and one of the biggest problems of the modern age. Therefore the purpose of blue monday is to raise awareness about depression. Many call it the one emotion that can destroy a person from the inside out - both figuratively and literally. Sensitive people are most likely to get affected but actually it can happen to anybody. The main signs of depression are lack of self confidence, thinking only about the negative events of your life and rejecting any thought that something good might occur. During the Middle Ages, the feeling was even one of the deadly sins - before they got limited to seven.

Too many things can cause depression. Every individual has a personality of his/her own and is vulnerable to matters that won’t affect others. People could get depressed over their plans going wrong, being unappreciated, feeling helpless or worse - finding little or no meaning to live. Overreacting happens quite often to such individuals. At such times it is hard to make a difference between an insignificant matter and a serious one. Overall, one unpleasant event at the wrong time is all it takes to trap you into the abyss of depression. Once you fall inside you lose all will to climb out. Afterwards, people either become unproductive or undertake drastic measures that a sane individual will not.

Having a sad look on your face.

Another source of depression can be unsolved problems. These include personal relationships, financial matters or even professional responsibilities. With such issues on your mind, doing house chores is the last thing to be concerned about. Although our company can not help you in your private life, we can offer a thorough cleaning session at a reasonable price. Our employees are very capable when it comes to doing a splendid job. They have both the skills and the top notch equipment to restore the good outlook of your home in no time. All of our offers come with a 200 percent guarantee, so contact us and take advantage of our services to spare yourself the hassle.

How to Calculate Negativity?

Depression is a matter we shouldn’t overlook, especially on Blue Monday. Still, you might wonder why people are so vulnerable on this date in particular? The answer to this question is a formula that measures seven different factors. They are connected to one another which is why they strengthen the damage on our emotional state. We are talking about debt, salary, post holiday season, weather, resolutions, taking action and motivation.

What is the story behind Blue Monday?

Let us begin with the main concern - the money. Taking credit is the only solution for people with financial issues but it comes with a risk. Having unpaid bills limits your budget and can’t buy some of the things you want, plus, being late with the payments makes you dependent on the mercy of the creditors. To cover the debt as soon as possible, you need to earn enough money. An insufficient salary will surely be an issue in that case, not to mention the weekly expenses you have to make.

Secondly, we take into account the time and the weather. The climate changes during winter can have a negative effect on the mood. The bad weather increases the time we spend at home and limits not only the time we spend in the outside world but our social contacts as well. Furthermore, January is the first month after the Christmas holidays. People need time to adjust once more to their working schedules and everyday life. The nostalgie about the celebrations doesn’t help either.

One too many reasons to feel unhappy.

In third place are the New Year’s Resolutions. The promises we made or the expectations we had at the beginning of January might upset us in the first few weeks of the month. Unexpected obstacles prevent us from keeping our word or show us that our wishes can not be fulfilled. Taking action seems to be the solution but for some reason, most people prefer to procrastinate. Thinking about doing our best is one thing but making it come true makes us uncomfortable. We act like that because at the end of the holidays our motivation is gone and nothing can happen without motivation.

The Solution - Pull Yourself Together

The idea behind blue Monday is to confront the biggest weaknesses of human nature - depression. Instead of giving up, we must fight our problems. To do so, we have to erase the negativity in ourselves. Many people say that they hate Monday, because it’s the first working day of the week - the one after the weekend. Getting back to your duties and responsibilities after a break is always unpleasant. To the majority, Monday is the beginning of another stressful week. However, if you want to get something done right, you shouldn’t be like that. There’s no easier way to ruin your mood than allowing all of those negative thoughts to take you over. Facing challenges and difficulties is a part of our everyday life and facing them with a bad attitude will not provide a solution. Blaming it all on Monday is just about letting out of your frustration or unhappiness.

Blue Monday is not a reason to feel upset.

Not every problem we face is as big as we imagine it to be. Sometimes people pay too much attention to minor issues instead of focusing on the bigger ones. Finding the right time and the proper measures for each of them is what we learn by ourselves. Going through difficulties once in a while is a part of life. Not everything is meant to go smoothly, because there are obstacles we can not control. Such situations can catch us off guard and have a negative impact on our wellbeing but we should not allow them to break us down. The only way we can respond is by taking action on our own. Having bad luck is NOT the end of the world as long as you have the will to move on. Last but not least - every obstacle is a chance to learn something new and grow as an individual. The bigger the problem - the bigger the reward or the relief when we solve it.

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