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Detergents Cause Pollution

Chemicals are the basis of the cleaning industry. Without them producing detergents would be impossible. Every year many companies invent new substances to aid the households in various daily cleaning duties. The qualities of every detergent determine the type of surfaces it is suitable for and what stains it can erase. A single solution has to undergo multiple tests and improvements before it becomes approved and available on the market. That is necessary to guarantee its efficiency for cleaning.

Although such chemical substances help us in keeping the house nice and tidy, we can’t ignore the fact they are harmful to the environment. It’s not a secret that the production process is polluting the environment. A lot of waste (left from the cleaning detergents) ends up dumped in green areas only to destroy their integrity. Nowadays, the large public demand leads to increasing production of chemical solutions by the cleaning industry. As a result more damage is caused to the environment.

Chemical Based Detergents Harm the Environment.

Natural Cleaning Products

Since the preservation of nature is important, there are cleaning companies who promote eco-friendly products. These substances could also make the household sparkly white but not at the expense of the environment. Using natural ingredients instead of chemicals for the production of cleaning detergents will surely decrease the quantity of waste and the pollution of natural areas. Still, big companies do not invest in this practice because most people are used to chemical substances.

Instead of ignoring the properties of eco-friendly cleaning detergents like the majority, why don’t you learn more about them. In the current article we have described some of the best on the market. By purchasing any of these you can contribute to saving the environment. However, if cleaning is not your thing, our end of tenancy practices and the rest of our offers are just one phone call away. We have all the necessary resources to improve the outlook of your residence but you are free to try out the eco-friendly cleaning solutions listed below.

Nature Friendly Cleaning Can Stop the Pollution.

E-Cloth Bathroom Mop

If you have this tool, you don’t need any detergents to clean the bathroom. You can use the mop to clean the floor, the walls, the shower door and the tiles. The product removes over 90 percent of the mold and bacteria of the surfaces. The key to its efficiency is the texture of the cloth. Once you get the mop wet, water drops are formed in the tiny chambers of the fibres. That is how the mop traps dust and filth particles for a thorough chemical free cleaning session. Afterwards the fiber cloth can be removed from the handle and washed along with the laundry.

Wilko Cleaning Bundle

With this purchase you get all the detergents you may need to clean every room at your place along with the household items. The producers have used vegan friendly materials, so there are no added colors. Each of the solutions consists of natural ingredients derived from plants. In the bundle you will find a washing up liquid and a multi surface spray to erase the greasy stains, a fabric conditioner and a laundry cleaner to make the clothes nice and fresh, a toilet cleaner for the bathroom and dishwasher tablets for the kitchen utensils. The bottles are made of recycled materials and can be recyclable themselves.

All the Detergents for a Thorough Cleaning Session.

Tincture Washing Liquid

Here’s a solution with the same cleaning properties as bleach but this one is dermatologically made to be safe for the skin. You can use the product to clean both the kitchen utensils and the dishware. The solution combines essential oils and botanical extracts as well as silver. As a main ingredient the noble metal increases the cleaning properties of the liquid. The product has several variations, each with an unique pleasant scent of its own, such as eucalyptus, cinnamon, chamomile or thyme. The bootle of the solution is recyclable and once you run out of liquid, you can ask for a refill.

Laundry Egg

This product is made to be used as an alternative to washing powders and liquids. It comes in the form of an egg that contains mineral and ceramic pellets. Before you turn on the washing machine, add this product to the laundry. Upon their contact with water, the pellets create a foam that erases stains from the clothes and improves their smell. The ceramic particles weaken the link between the dirt and the fabrics, while the mineral ones penetrate into the texture to remove the stain. A single egg is good for 200 wash cycles and after wearing off, the pellets can be replaced.

Do the Laundry Without Washing Powder or Liquid.

Creamy Polish

This is the most eco-friendly solution for polishing wooden surfaces you can buy. The two ingredients it owes its cleaning qualities to are olive and jojoba oils. Because of their mutual effect the sheen lasts long after the polishing. In regards to the fragrance of the product you can choose between lavender or citrus. Forget about waxing the furniture, the polish won’t leave stains or wear marks, plus it is much easier to apply. Furthermore the solution is good for items made out of leather as well. Just make sure the surface you are going to use the product on is properly dusted and dry.

Koh Mega Deal

The main item in the following set of products is the cleaning solution, which comes in an atomiser. In addition, you get four microfiber cloths and three diamond sponges. The solution can cut through grease and grime to make any household item or surface shiny. The spray substance works on glass, steel and tiles, plus you can use it on the floor, the walls and the furniture. When it comes to removing dried off stains, just apply the solution onto the affected area, rub it with the sponge then wipe off the dirt with the cloth. Refills are available after the liquid runs out.

A set of Koh Products for Erasing Tough Stains.

Loo Cleaner

Because of hard water, people have trouble cleaning the toilet, but with the right detergent you won’t have to worry about that. Therefore we suggest you try out the given biodegradable substance. In comparison to other products, this one doesn’t include any synthetic perfumes, petrochemicals or phosphates. The cleaning solution quickly dissolves dirt stuck on the toilet bowl. Furthermore, you don’t need a brush. Just apply the substance at night then wipe and flush in the morning. The benefit of using this detergent is that it doesn’t make your eyes teary. After the cleaning, the toilet will have the fragrance of rosemary and citrus.

Final Conclusion

Chemical cleaning solutions are not only dangerous for the environment but for people as well. We are all aware that such products can cause damage to the skin upon direct contact or leave a nasty smell, which can make you feel sick. That is why cleaners are very careful when using chemical detergents. Eco-friendly substances on the other hand are dermatologically tested, non-toxic, organic and don’t bear such risks. Therefore as a cleaning service provider we support the usage of natural solutions. Keep in mind these will not only improve the cleanliness of your residence but are also safer for you and better for the environment.

Benefits of Using Ecological Cleaning Solutions.

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