Are you Lazy or Daemonic – What being Messy actually means?

What do your Messy habits actually mean?

Being Messy may mean that you are a Productive Genius

And that’s what science says – not us. So next time someone calls you lazy, tell him that numerous studies prove him wrong. Messy people are proven to be much more creative and flexible. They tend to have wild imagination and bright ideas, which sometimes have the power to change the world as we know it.

All our lives we’ve been thought to be organized and disciplined in order to actually succeed in something and to reach whatever heights we’re aiming for. Even more. Organization has always been seen as a direct key to success - a statement which the grown-ups have been trying to stick in our heads pretty much since our very first breath - whenever at home, kindergarten, school, camp or the office.

On the other hand being messy and chaotic has been branded as a highway to failure. But what if the ones who told us that were wrong all along?

Cleaning your home and organizing your surroundings is proven to have a positive effect on your body, mind, and your health in general. Those simple acts can help you to relieve the stress from the busy, everyday life, can be considered a mood booster, viewed as a form of mediation or as a way to let go of the anger.

Being Messy may mean that you are Born Genius

But it turns out that chaos and messiness also have their advantages and can affect your personality in truly positive manner. More and more recent studies, give us a new side of the ongoing debate whether organized or disorganized people are more successful.
And it is about time to learn more about the pro-messy perspective.

Stay tuned because in the next paragraphs we’re about to prove why and how the chaos can be truly beneficial for you and the world as a whole.

Only weak ones seek order, the strong ones control chaos

We may not know for sure who is the author of the statement above but it does not only sound good and somehow powerful but there’s more truth in it that you may dare to admit.

Chaos is the main topic not only in religion and spiritual beliefs, (there indeed is a thing called Chaos magic, developed right here, in England in the 1970s) and almost any form of art but in philosophy, psychology and mathematics as well – ever heard of the Chaos Theory - in case you wonder - it focuses on the behavior of the highly sensitive to initial conditions dynamical systems.

Trying to rationalize chaos is nearly impossible, since it would mean that you’re just one step further to understanding the whole essence and meaning of life itself. So it would be much wiser to somehow accept and make the best out of it.

Rationalizing the chaos at your working space

Actually, you don’t have to even try, since most of the greatest and wildest minds, we’ve ever known or heard about, and their innovations and/or inventions, are all somehow a product of chaos.

  • Just think about it – would we even have Penicillin nowadays, if his inventor Alexander Fleming wasn’t so notoriously messy back then that the mold on his desk became the forerunner of the modern antibiotics?!

  • If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then is an empty desk also a sign? - interesting question indeed and the one who rhetorically asked it was the most recognizable scientific genius, who ever walked the Earth - Albert Einstein. You can add one more reason to buy a T-shirt with his face, showing his famously stuck-out tongue - his desk was a total mess. Einstein’s bureau was always full of papers, articles and omnifarious scrawls. Still he was always able to find exactly what he needed.

  • If someone tells us today that the names of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg don’t ring a bell, the chances are that he or she is still interacting with the spirits of the tribe and has never left it for the world we call the real one.

    Leaving the life untouched by technology behind, we’re heading directly in the Silicon Valley, where you can see the desk of the man who has changed the communication as we know it by giving us Facebook.

    Mark Zuckerberg’s bureau is way too far from tidy and clean, and this chaos seems to be among the reasons why his creativity is blossoming.

    Two geniuses who kept their Desks messy

  • Actually, by leaving the mess to be a significant part of his surroundings, Zuckerberg is tracing the steps of another great mind of our time - Steve Jobs. Ironically, the man who has done more than any other in his innovative attempt to streamline and declutter our workplaces, was indeed pretty messy himself.

  • The last tech genius’s desk, which we’re about to mention, belongs to the internet entrepreneur and venture capitalist - Tony Hsieh, the Zappos’s CEO with hundreds of billions dollars net worth and yet another true master of chaos.

  • The last example of a beautiful mind working on a chaotic desk, that we’re mentioning today, is the brilliant writer alias the father of the American literature - Mark Twain. The obvious lack of any organization on his bureau somehow became a source of highly productive divine inspiration.

    In conclusion, although nowadays is easier to have a paper- and clutter-free office than ever before, a cluttered desk can actually be your source of unfailing creativity.
    As we’ve seen, disorganization didn’t do any harm to great minds like Einstein or Twain, so why should it bother you?

    Eternal sunshine of a cluttered desk

    This quite ambitious heading stands for all the scientific conclusions based on a comparison between the organized and the messy ones. We will spare you the tiresome details by heading straight to the perotations of numerous studies and experiments in the field of chaos, which surround us.

    The lack of organization can be a pro

  • We’re somehow used to being encouraged to keep our workplace, desk and even our life well organized in order to deliver better results at any field but truly being disorganized is just fine. A fair amount of individuals actually find inspiration in the so-called chaos, although many of us believe in the ideology that unorganized people generally don’t perform well.

    Science should have the last word in the on-going debate and we offer you the conclusions of numerous studies. Disorganized and messy individuals:

    • Are proven to be highly innovative thinkers
    • Can manage to master the art of prioritization
    • Are faster decision makers
    • Devote their time and energy more carefully and at the right place
    • Are not afraid to take bold decisions
    • Are ready to try new things and are open to innovations, if not making some themselves
    • Are much less out of balance when something is not going according to plan
    • Are indeed more productive, creative, and inspired than others
    • Deal better when put in stressful situations
    • Are willing to choose novelty instead of a well-known convention
    • Are really hard to get caught up in routine distractions and understand the value of the opportunities before them

    Chaos helps, according to various studies

    The authors of this tematik book, called: A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder - Eric Abrahamson and David H. Freedman summarize this notion perfectly:
    Mess isn’t necessarily the absence of order. A messy desk can be a highly effective prioritizing and accessing system.

    In Defence of chaos

    A few more words in order to praise chaos.
    The world itself is not an ordered and structured thing and contains a fair amount of chaos and unknown matter. So one way to look at the mess around us is just as a friendly reminder of that simple fact.
    Still, if you’re some kind of control-freak, this will constantly get you out of balance.

    Those who devote less time and attention to cleaning are more relaxed and save their time and energy for the things that they are truly fascinated by and interested in.
    Sometimes tidying your workplace is proven to be nothing more than a simple form of procrastination.
    On top of that, it’s easier for people to find the things they need in a mess - they’re somehow always at hand, instead of neatly shoved into a faraway shelf.

    Did you know that a messy room may help you to break out of social norms and truly relax. An untidy room provides a much better environment if you need to come up with creative ideas, than a neat one.
    It can even be seen as some sort of rebellion, since the imperative sentence - Go tidy your room has been stuck in our heads for far too long. And the ones who are not afraid to go against the norms are proven to be world leaders and innovators.

    A piece of advice for the workspace decorators out there.
    Minimalist, clutter-free offices and empty desks are the current trend and are all the rage almost everywhere. They may look great on paper but in reality minimalism might kill the productivity.
    Recent studies show that for the creative minds, this might be the worst possible working environment. Making the office neat and clean is one thing but when it looks like a hospital room, things have gone way too far.

    Order is a con for Creative individuals

    Long story short - being messy is kind of an art to master the chaos.
    While at a certain level it may boost your creativity, a little too much of it would simply make it imberable to keep on working.
    After all, what is the point of coming up with a great idea, when by the time you finally find your pen it is gone forever or when you’ve written it just to find out that it has ended up in the trash bin with hardly any chance of returning to your desk or mind once again?

    It’s all about defining the fine line between creativity and productivity, between complete chaos and inventive messiness.

    Do not try this at work (unless you already have)

    If by any means this article was somehow an eye-opening experience for you - don’t rush straight to trashing the whole place. You can learn to be tidy and organized but feeling good while being surrounded by chaos should be something you were born with, you know - messy by nature not of necessity. So hoping to be magically touched by a genius just because you leave those piles of paperwork laying randomly on the ground – is kind of naïve.

    Still, if you think that your parents, teachers, coworkers, and society as a whole - were the reason behind your tidy, organized life – go ahead and experiment for yourself. Express your inner messiness and create your own complete chaos (preferably start with your place, not at work) and see what you can come up with afterwards.
    You may have the moment or the idea of your life or simply the urgent need of an extra hand to clean up the mess, you’ve just created. There’s no way to know it for sure, until you try it yourself.

    Chaos can help you to express your creativity

    The good news is that if chaos indeed excels your creativity, you don’t have to sacrifice your genius in order to keep your place nice and clean. Just Get your quote and we’ll clean the mess for you, leaving your creativity untouched.

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    Before you go, tell us what you think by sharing your opinion in the comment section below. Do you believe that living in chaos can unleash a secret power or this is just yet another excuse to ditch on cleaning?

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