End of Tenancy Cleaning in London - How much will this cost you?

End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

How much will I have to pay?

People living on a rent in the British Capital always ask themselves this question, when their contract is about to expire. As the tenancy comes to an end, it is time to leave but not before cleaning up the household.

Instead of getting the job done on their own, many prefer hiring a reliable company to spare themselves a serious amount of time and worries.

However, here comes the question of the day - How much would a proper service cost? In this case, there’s no straight, fixed answer simply because the entire matter depends on too many factors. As one of the top providers on the market in London, Royal Cleaning exists to serve the community, therefore we will give you a good and thorough explanation.

What is the Price of the End of Tenancy Cleaning in London?

Now, let’s begin:

What is a professional cleaning in the first place?

Cleaning your own home and cleaning someone else's home professionally is a whole different game. If and when you hire us as a client, you pay for a truly Royal, luxury service and should expect nothing but the top-notch cleaning you deserve.

It takes quite a while to learn how to clean a home professionally, that’s why one of our advantages is the experience we’ve gained through our hard work through the years. Our reviews are our best advertising and we’re proud to be rated Excellent. We’re indeed a company which can guarantee 5 stars result and nothing less than perfection.

Our 200% Guarantee is one of the other things you should have in mind, when looking for a professional cleaning service in London. We offer a 72h re-clean if by any reason you’re not happy with the end result or you’ll get your money back. Our clients are our top priority and for us, that is not some cheap advertising but our creed indeed.

We work only with the best of the best when it comes to both - the cleaning products we use and our team of fully trained professionals with proven experience in this field.

Every one of them has been carefully vetted by our HR team and is CRB checked, so there aren't any questions whether you can trust them with your home or not. That's why it’s totally safe not to be in the property when the cleaning takes place.

When it comes to the attitude we’re picky as well, that’s why our colleges on the field and at the customer support office are always friendly and polite.

We work with no time span. Our team won’t leave your home until the place is bright and spotless. The job isn’t done until the residence is sparkly clean.

When it comes to customer care, we can ensure you that our team will spare you the hassle and will answer all of your questions promptly and accurately.

Here, at Royal Cleaning, we’re eager to constantly improve not only our staff and services but the equipment we use as well. Therefore we’re up to date with all the innovations in the field of the professional cleaning services.

Proffesional End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

Why you need a professional end of tenancy cleaning?

According to the deposit protection scheme Mydeposits the general or professional cleaning is one of the leading reasons for deposit dispute between landlords and tenants. That’s why a thorough deep clean is the best way to avoid any reductions of your deposit refund.

Many landlords and estate agents require tenants to professionally clean the rented property before leaving it. It’s even common for them to request a receipt as evidence to show that the professional cleaning has taken place. Often there is an inventory clerks strict cleaning checklists, which we’re proud to fully cover.

If you’re a landlord:

You should ensure that your rental property is spotless for the arrival of each new tenant, actually, even the Housing Act states it. Plus you will be in a position to ask for a higher rent if your place is properly cleaned.

If you’re a tenant:

The professional end of tenancy cleaning is usually the only way to receive your security deposit back. As a tenant, it is your responsibility to leave the property in a clean and hygienic condition or in the exact way you’ve found it when moved in.

Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

What factors determine the price of a professional end of tenancy cleaning?

  1. Logically, first comes the size of the property.

    The larger it is, the higher the price would be.

  2. The condition of the property is another key factor.

    This definitely doesn’t mean that we’re about to find any reason for extra charges. This point takes place in more extraordinary situations, that are simply not pleasant to be heard…

  3. Any additional services mean additional taxes as well.

    Adding deep carpet and upholstery cleaning (with professional equipment, of course) to the deal is the most common example of this and is usually something you have to book separately. Remember that some companies can only clean the windows inside or have an extra fee for outside cleaning.

How much does the Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning cost?


Do I have to pay extra for any congestion charges, parking fees, cleaning detergents and gear?

The usage of professional cleaning equipment is part of the service. However, parking fees are not. Still, our quoted price includes all taxes and services. The only charges that might apply on top of the price, are congestion (if the site address is in London congestion charge area) or parking fees. If you are able to provide a free parking space for the cleaners, you will not pay anything in addition

Do I have to pay a deposit?

We prefer getting a bank transfer, before the cleaning session is about to start. The other 2 options are: Cash on arrival or Card payment (+ 3.4% card surcharge), before our cleaning session.

Do you have a cancellation fee?

We apply a cancellation fee only if the service is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled time or if the customer fails to provide access to our team as previously arranged.

What are your working hours?

Our cleaners work 7 days a week and are very flexible. On weekdays we usually start at 8 with the later appointments beginning between 5 and 6 pm. Our weekend start time is 9 am and we work on Saturdays and Sundays, at no additional fee. Advance booking is rather recommended for you to get a time and date that suits you best.

What I won’t get when I book a move out cleaning service?

The professional post tenancy service does not include cleaning of walls, washing the exterior of windows or minor repairs and replacements.

How much can my landlord charge me for cleaning?

A landlord can charge you for the cost of cleaning alone. If your check-in inventory report states that the kitchen was spotlessly clean (previous tenants booked professional oven valeting), then you’re bound by the lease to restore its initial condition. The same applies to how your bathroom, bedroom, living room and etc. looked like prior to you moving in. Don’t worry. This is exactly why we provide such a comprehensive service.

Can I do it myself?

We would strongly advise against this one. As we’ve already said the professional cleaning is often a part of your signed Tenancy agreement. Plus we use professional grade chemicals and equipment, which is not available at the local supermarket.

End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

Our Top Tips when you're about to choose an End of Tenancy Proffesional Cleaning Company:

  1. Ensure that the company is indeed a professional cleaning company.

    Choose the one that has the expertise, equipment and chemicals to conduct a full professional end of tenancy cleaning. Even a short 5-minute conversation about how they will carry out the cleaning and their experience is enough.

  2. Look out for customer reviews.

    The reputable companies will have reviews from independent third-party sites. Don’t fall for the reviews on their website alone, because the might have been written by the company itself.

  3. Check if the cleaners are fully insured.

    This is a must so make sure you ask this question.

  4. Ask if the prices include VAT.

    Some companies don’t include VAT in the pricing and the price you see isn’t the price you get. So ask if you don’t want unpleasant surprises afterwards.

  5. Look out for the small print.

    You should always read the terms and conditions of the company you choose and check for any additional costs that might be added to the bill.

  6. Ask for what exactly are you paying for.

    Finally, always check what is included at the end of tenancy cleaning, which the company offers and if you need any extras to that.

  7. How to choose The Right Proffesional Cleaning Company?

    What should a proper end of tenancy cleaning include?

    To be sure that everything is said and done, before moving out or relenting your property, we’ve made a detailed list for you to ensure that nothing is missed when our team leaves. We use the same when we do an end of tenancy cleaning. We had consultations with estate agents and inventory clerks to ensure the list meets their stringent cleaning requirements.

    Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

    THE FRONT DOOR Exterior & Interior Our team will clean the door, the door frame and the door handle.
    THE ENTRANCE HALL Decoration We will dust and wash the picture frames and the skirting boards.
    Lighting Our team will clean the lampshades and the light switch plates.
    Windows The window frames, the blinds and all the glasses will be brightly clean as we leave.
    Fixtures and fittings Our cleaners will disinfect/wash the phone and the thermostat and clean the radiators, the plug sockets and the fuse box.
    Floor The flooring will be properly hoovered and moped.
    Ceiling corners Will be properly hoovered.
    Cupboards We will take care of the door frame, the door, the handles and the hoover.
    THE KITCHEN Exterior & Interior Again the door frames, the door, the handles and the skirting boards will be cleaned.
    Lighting Our team will clean the lampshades and the light switch plates here as well.
    Windows We will take care of the window frames, the blinds and all the glasses will be brightly clean as we leave.
    Fixtures and fittings We won’t leave until everything here is properly cleaned: inside and underneath the cupboards and their doors, the radiators, the kitchen sink (including the limescale), the tiles, all sides of the boiler, plus the plug sockets.

    The microwave;

    Inside and under the oven, its door and grills;

    The hob and the gills;

    The kettle and the toaster, the table and the chairs;

    The washing machine and its seal and tray;

    The fridge and the freezer (including the seal) -

    Leave it all to our professional cleaners.

    Ceiling Our team won’t leave any cobwebs for sure.
    Floor The flooring will shine after being properly hovered and moped.
    THE BEDROOM/S Exterior & Interior This includes the door frame, the door, the handle and the skirting boards.
    Lighting Lampshades and light switch plates.
    Windows Window frames, blinds and glasses.
    Fixtures and fittings

    Our team will clean inside and behind the wardrobe along with its door and chests as well.

    Hoovering the mattress and polishing the mirror is part of the cleaning as well, along with the lamps and the plug sockets.

    Floor We will take care of the flooring – Hoover and Mop.
    THE LOUNGE Interior and Exterior Our team will clean the door, the door frame and the door handle.
    Lighting Lampshade and light switch plate will also be cleaned.
    Windows The windows' frames, blinds and glasses.
    Fixtures and Fittings Our team will clean the table, the chairs and the rest of the furniture, along with the picture frames, plug sockets, the lamps and the mirrors as well.
    Floor Hoover and mop will be used here.
    THE BATHROOM Interior and Exterior Our team will clean the door, the door's frame and the door's handle.
    Lighting The lampshades and the light switch plates as well.
    Windows Windows' frames, blinds and glasses.
    Fixtures and Fittings

    We guarantee that everything will shine after we leave:

    The toilet bowl, the bath, the sink, the shower and all surfaces will be left bright as new.

    Our team will not only polish the mirrors and all the glass surfaces, but will also remove all limescale from the taps, sinks, showers and baths.

    Appliances The extractor fan, the shower glass, the knobs and the head – leave everything to us.
    Floor Hoover and mop will be used here as well.

    Our Detailed End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

    In the Following Table you can compare our price tag with those offered by some of the other companies in the field of professional cleaning in London:

    End of Tenancy Cleaning Offers + Carpet Cleaning

    The Size of The Property Royal Cleaning Miss Maid Cleaning Express Tenancy Cleaner Fantastic Cleaners
    1 Bedroom 165 195 206 165 172
    2 Bedrooms 199 229 231 195 214
    3 Bedrooms 275 270 280 235 268
    4 Bedrooms n/a 266 382 295 n/a
    Trustcore (on TrustPilot) 9 8.7 9.5 7.9 8.5

    Our Detailed End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

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