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London is one of the world’s greatest capital cities. Only the ones who live or have come here on a visit, know what it has to offer. Every London borough has its own unique traits and features. Among them, Harrow is the only one to keep the original borders of its former district over the ages. Take your time to go through our article and learn more about the area. If you require household care, Royal Cleaning works in Harrow for the sake of the citizens.

Geography and Locaton

Harrow occupies 50,5 square kilometers between the boroughs of HIlington and Barnet. The district is located in the Northwestern part of Greater London. The central town, which is also named Harrow, is in the Southern half, surrounded by four routes. These include Bessborough, Lowlands, Pinner Road and Greenhill Way. To get to the city of London you just have to travel 15 miles to the Southeast from the town.

Harrow has quite an interesting geological structure as there are reading beds, bagshot sands and clay areas throughout the land. Regarding the altitude, the North is the borough’s highest point, with its grounds being over 150 meters above sea level. As you go South, you will notice that the height drops down to 30,5 meters.

Panorama of Harrow

Early Ages

The district is named after a farming tool, because the land was once a rural village. Located inside the London Clay Plain, the fertile grounds proved to be perfect for agricultural products. The first to find that out were the Celts. Their villages were based around the streams in the district, as the regular floods were good for the vegetation. After the Romans took over, they adapted the same farming system. Artifacts from their reign such as pottery works, coins, plus brick and stone structures were found at Maxwell and Pinner Road.

During the Middle ages the land of Harrow was a parish with 12 settlements. They were connected by poorly constructed paths that ended up in ruins either because of the drainage system, or after being abandoned because of traffic relocation. Back then, the area served as a coach trade, which was quite profitable and managed to last until the railway was built in the 19th century.


When it comes to the population of Harrow, the district is known for its large ethnical diversity. Although half of the 248,900 residents were born in England, less than one third are White British.

If you like Eastern culture, you’d be glad to learn that the largest minority group are the South Asians. Among them you may stumble upon people with Arabian, Pakistani, Chinese and Indian heritage. The latter form over a quarter from the borough’s citizens. The second largest minority, is the Black community, represented by 24 000 Caribbean and African immigrants.

The median age is 36, which is just the right time for marriage. Unlike most London boroughs, where singles dominate, the citizens of Harrow believe in the institution. Less than one third live on their own and every second individual is married.

Harrow School - Boarding House

About Religion

Although Christianity is the main religion, the borough has more residents with different religious beliefs than the other London districts. Four out of ten people are Christians and one is a Muslim, while every fourth individual believes in Hinduism.

The oldest religious institution around is St Mary’s Church. The vintage 12th century stone structure with a spire, supports music arts like bellringing and choir singing.

Harrow Central Mosque is a modern institution dedicated to Islamic beliefs and traditions. The multifunctional halls and IT suites serve as interactive educational facilities.

Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple holds Gujarati and Hinduism classes for the Indian community. The venue’s most interesting features are the idols of worship and the large food display at the altаr.

The Parish Church of St. Mary

History Museums

Bentley Priory is a former 18th century royal mansion with a deer park. People who are interested in the history of Btitish aviation should check out the venue’s museum section. The exhibits date back to the Second World War, when the building served as the Royal Air Force headquarters. The museum was preserved from the conversion of the mansion into a residential facility, thanks to the Bentley Priory Battle of Britain Trust.

Harrow Museum is a 13th century landmark which includes a manor, two barns and a granary. Each is a historically significant structure holding valuable collections. Visitors can learn a lot about the industrial and social history from the first exhibition. It contains items from companies and factories that operated in the area during the industrial revolution. The second exhibition displays archeological artefacts regarding the settlements and the ancient residents of Harrow.

Harrow Museum - Tithe Barn

Cultural Venues

As a multifunctional cultural venue, Harrow Arts Centre is the perfect place to develop your talent. People from all ages are welcome, as the many facilities inside the building host various classes and workshops. Among them you will find a dance studio to practice your moves, 5 art rooms to draw and paint, an ICT suite to check out the latest PC trends, plus 8 rehearsal studios to give acting a try.

Aside from that, the venue hosts annual public events for the community and serves as the headquarters of several local non governmental organisations. The meeting rooms and the art gallery are right for these purposes. When it comes to performing in front of an audience, the options are two. The main stage is at the Eliot hall, which has over 400 seats, while the black box studio holds up to 120 spectators.

Harrow Arts Centre

Inside Harrow Arts Centre

Outdoor Spaces

Harrow Recreation Ground has more facilities than you can imagine. Dog owners come around to walk their pet, while fitness enthusiasts stop by to use the outdoor gym. Many families and couples like having a picnic at the large green fields, which are quite suitable for playing football or cricket. If you prefer other sports, take advantage of the courts for basketball and tennis. Among the fields are the bowling green area and the kids playground.

Pinner Memorial Park will impress you with its tall trees and colorful ornamental gardens. The outdoor public space has a lake with a fountain in the center. People walking by the waters are free to feed the swans and ducks or just watch as they swim. Other species like little parrots are kept at the bird enclosures of the aviary. On the other side of the lake stands a small cottage that hosts live concerts and other public events.

Pinner High Street

Pinner Memorial Park

Restaurants to Eat at

The Chennai Srilalitha welcomes all who like cooking without any animal products. Soy replaces the meat plates at this diner, alongside deep fried appetizers and steamed vegetables. The other plus are the many sauces and salads at the buffet.

Give the Indian kitchen a try at the Hundred Degrees UK ltd. Enjoy traditional dishes like spicy chicken and curry on the spot or take away and eat at home. Don’t forget to wash it all down by drinking a refreshing cocktail from the bar.

As the name suggests, The Fat Crab serves rare seafood delicacies. Have some shrimp, oysters or lobsters that go well with corn on a cub, mignonette sauce and fries respectively. The restaurant also makes juicy steaks for meat lovers.

Behesht Authentic Persian Restaurant

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