Which are the Dirtiest Tourist Attractions on Earth?

Our list of The Filthiest Tourist Attractions on Earth

Money can’t buy you happiness… or purity

Back in 2009 London was claimed to be not only the most expensive (a position which it still holds) but also the filthiest capital in the whole of Europe when it comes to expensive tourist attraction it is holding the top places as well but what about the dirtiest among them – is it the city beside the ones in the following list? Keep reading to find out.

Each and every year, millions of people pay their wanderlust a fair amount of their time and money by visiting numerous places around the globe. Some of them are known for their breathtaking beauty, while others charm with their rare brilliance but among them, you may find one of the dirtiest tourist attractions. So arm yourself with some strong kind of sanitizer and let’s visit them in the next paragraphs.

Get to know some of the most well-known but yet filthiest tourist attractions on the Planet

  1. The teardrop on the cheek of eternity
    We’re starting big – with one of the wonders of the world – The monument of eternal love - Taj Mahal in Agra, India. The stunning 17th Century white marble mausoleum was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to commemorate his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died in childbirth.
    This tourist destination may look pretty good on a picture but in reality, you should add grimy right next to glorious. Bugs, pollution, smog, burning tires and acid rains – it should be all a part of the picture as well.

    Taj Mahal – Glorious and Grimy

  2. And since we’ve already ruined your visit, let us talk about the eternal love thing as well.
    Actually, Mumtaz Mahal was Shah Jahan’s third wife and just one among the other beyond 2000 women in his harem. She was just turned 14 when engaged and during their 19 years of marriage, she conceived 14 times and died while giving birth, because of the multiple, back-to-back pregnancies she had to endure.

  3. While still in India, let’s take a look at Karni Mata Temple or simply the Temple of Rats
    If you’re among the many who have a fear of rodents, stay as far as you can from the town of Deshnoke as possible, since this Temple and it’s 20,000 ratty inhabitants ain’t goin’ nowhere. Dozens of thousands black rats live in this peculiar sanctuary, revered by worshippers who travel from around the world to visit them due to their mystical status in sage Karni Mata’s tales.
    Out of the thousands of rats in the temple, there are a few white rats, which are considered to be especially holy but somehow we still are not anywhere near ready to adore them already.
    Did we mention that no shoes are allowed in the temple? Which means that it’s quite possible for some (probably diseased) rat to crawl over your feet. Don’t worry though, this is considered to be very auspicious and you may be granted with eternal luck or… with severe infection.
    There’s more - at Karni Mata you can get Prasad, (religious offering in both Hinduism and Sikhism, normally consumed after worship) which is nibbled by the holy rodents in order to somehow get their blessings.
    Still, we’re going to skip this one next time when we’re heading to South Asia.

    The Temple of Rats

  4. After this scary rat thing, we’re crossing oceans and landing far west in Seattle, Washington, USA and heading straight to The Gum Wall.
    People have been sticking their unwanted chewing gum to a wall outside Seattle’s Pike Place Market since 1990, not because of a tradition of some kind but simply to get rid of their unwanted chewing gum effortlessly, while waiting in line in front of the Theatre. Actually, the theatre tried to scrap the gum away twice, but despite their efforts, the wall was declared a tourist attraction around 1999. That’s how we’ve ended up with a 50ft-long wall covered from floor to ceiling in chewed gums coloured in every possible colour out there.
    This monstrous, quite controversial kind of art piece had to be regularly cleaned with a steamer, but for its 20 years of existence, it was properly scrubbed down just once – in November 2015, when around one million pieces of chewing gum were removed.
    This only triggered much more people to tack their chewing gum onto the wall in order to restore it to its former state.

  5. Talking about Theatres, it’s time to literally follow the stars’ footprints. Welcome to Hollywood. More specific at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard right outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California, USA or simply the world-known Hollywood Walk of Fame.
    The site began as an accident in 1927, when actress Norma Talmadge stepped into wet cement, the rest, as they say, is history, which nowadays keeps the names and of course, the prints of more than 2,600 celebs.
    Celebrities handprints at Hollywood Walk of Fame

  6. Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando, Matthew McConaughey, Mötley Crüe and even Mickey and Minnie Mouse – they all have imprinted their hand and foot marks in concrete for you and millions of others to try to fit in and touch the ground where thousands of dirty shoes stepped on just a mere moment ago.
    Although the concrete is mopped on a daily basis, the number of germs you will get when you put your hands down will be sky high but if you aren't a germaphobe, some extra strong hand sanitizer should do just fine.

  7. It’s time for our next stop in Los Angeles, California - Marilyn Monroe’s Crypt
    Adored and scandalous, charming and controversial, the name of the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe will not be forgotten.
    After her tragic passing in 1962 at the young age of just 36, the actress was interred in Crypt #24 at the Corridor of Memories in Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park in the City of Angels.
    Actually, the first issue of nowadays' highly reputed Playboy magazine was published in December 1953 and featured Marilyn Monroe on the cover, which helped the issue to sell more than 50,000 copies. We’re telling you this not only as an excuse to mention how unearthly seductive this woman was but because Hugh Hefner himself bought the crypt next to Monroe’s back in 1992, although he had never met her in person.
    Monroe’s crypt is still visited by millions of admirers who, along with delicate, dewy flowers, having carefully selected the proper shade of red lipstick and left a mark of their lips on the cold, germ-infested marble.
    A kiss to remember, indeed… Fortunately, not because of the germs that are waiting to stick on your lips...

    The last kiss of Marilyn

  8. Right about now, we could definitely have a glass of fine wine, a refreshing cup of coffee or a stimulating green tea, actually if you visit The Kowakien Yunessun Hot Springs in Hakone, Japan, you can not only drink these beverages but bath in them, as well.
    The famous red wine bath at the Kowakien Yunessun hot springs spa resort and water amusement park has a huge amount of visitors from all around the globe which is kind of surprising. After all, we’re talking about drinking wine from a giant pool in which dozens of half-naked people are bathing at the very same time…
    As much as we love drinking wine, we’re totally skipping this option. If you’re feeling adventurous though, there’s nothing wrong with trying it, since the alcohol is a pretty good antiseptic, you should be safe enough. Plus, in the history of mankind wine baths are proven to have rejuvenating powers, altogether with good effects on your skin.
    The coffee bath on the other hand is said to have a relaxation effect, and logically to recover tiredness, while the green tea bath will successfully improve your blood circulation, although you can get the same effect by dipping in the sake bath (yes, there’s one with this traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage in the park as well), instead.
    Still, you’re about to literally drink of the very same fluid in which some random people have had their topless bodies. On top of that, you don't know what they do or where they have been, especially since there’s no rule which obligates them to take an extensive shower before lounging in the pool.

    The famous Red Wine Bath at the Kowakien Yunessu

  9. After all this wine, let’s lose ourselves in romance and get back to touching and kissing again, since our next few choices are all about different shades of red lipstick.
    Welcome to the City of Love or one of the most romantic places on the Planet – Paris, France. We’re not going on top of the Eiffel Tower, though but to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. As strange as it may seem, actually, this place, which tends to give eternal peace, is quite loud and crowded. There are many reasons and much more admirers who come to visit their idol’s graves and even leave a little something behind in order to commemorate them.
    One of those places is the tomb of the famously scandalous Irish poet and playwright, who died in the very first year of the 20th century - Oscar Wilde.
    In 1914, his grave was graced by a gigantic stylized naked flying angel carved by modernist sculptor Jacob Epstein and since then, Wilde’s tomb has become almost as well-known as he was. No one knows exactly how the kiss and tell tradition started but the monument was constantly covered in all shades of lipstick prints, left by the poet’s admirers. That’s a whole lotta love, Rosie, filthy lips and devoted fans if you ask us.
    In 2011, on the 111th anniversary of Oscar Wilde’s death, a glass barrier had to be erected to somehow make the monument kiss-proof, since the tons of lipstick prints of the loving vandals were gradually destroying it, despite the threat of hefty fines.
    And alien tears will fill for him
    Pity's long-broken urn,
    For his mourners will be outcast men,
    And outcasts always mourn…
    *A verse from The Ballad of Reading Gaol, which is the tomb’s epitaph.

    Some of the Lipstick Prints left on Oscar Wilde’s tomb

  10. There’s one more grave that we’re about to visit while in Père Lachaise Cemetery – the tomb of Victor Noir, which is called the sexiest tomb in Paris.
    Kissing someone’s gravestone apparently is not enough for some admirers. When it comes to the life-sized bronze statue of the famous French journalist Victor Noir, which is sculptured in a way which makes him appear to have an erection under his pants, things escalate quite quickly.
    The monument is celebrated by many women and a fair amount of men as a symbol of love, fertility and pleasure. Local legend claims that if a woman kisses the statue and places a flower in Noir's hat, she will find a husband within a year. There’s one more common tell, which states that if a woman rubs or straddles a certain area on the statue, she'll be blessed with enhanced fertility and excellent sex life.
    We stop right here and will prompt you to find yourself a certain Dita Von Teese’s photo-shoot on this very place.

  11. We have no idea what’s going on with this kissing thing, since our next pick is another stone, which tends to be touched by over 400,000 lips each and every year. Probably this is the exact reason why in 2009 The Blarney Stone set high up in the 15th-century Blarney Castle Tower in Ireland was listed by TripAdvisor as the dirtiest tourist attraction in the whole world.
    According to the legends, kissing the Blarney Stone gives the kisser the gift of the gab. Although this is a several centuries tradition, you’ve got a pretty good chance of picking up much more than eloquent speech and good luck.
    On top of that, in order to press your lips to the cold limestone’s surface, you have to bend backwards and look pretty much like the woman in the photo below in the process.

    Kissing The Blarney Stone

  12. We’ve been through Crypts, Gravestones and Castles even without playing Dungeons and Dragons (which to be honest would be far more hygienic), but now we’re heading to Italy in the very heart of the Roman Catholic Church - The Vatican.
    Among the glamorous sculptures, gorgeous statues, marvellous stained glasses, corridors filled with masterpieces, treasured up for centuries, you will find St. Peter's Basilica and the patron saint’s bronze statue, made by Arnolfo di Cambio way back in the 13th century.
    Millions of faithful tourists and dedicated believers are drawn to it like a magnet, touching and kissing the foot of the sculpture, while praying for a blessing. The Vatican even had to add a guard so they could keep the flow of people from somehow hurting each other. The centuries of touching hands and kissing lips came at a price - they have worn down the statue’s foot to a shiny nub, causing the toes to lose their original shape. We can only hope that this doesn’t somehow damage its ability to give blessings, though.

  13. We promise that this is the last statue that we are about to touch for today and hopefully ever, since we’ve heard some disgusting rumours about it. We don’t know what a statue has to do with academic success but maybe we should ask some of the thousands of people who have touched the John Harvard’s Toes in order to get some high marks.
    Legends have it that by rubbing the left foot of the John Harvard’s (an English minister in America and a benefactor of Harvard College in Cambridge) bronze statue will bless students with extra academic luck. Although many of the tourists have never attended or even plan to be in a college, they did put their hands on the statue’s shoes for good luck in general.
    But there’s another tale, as well, a rather gross one, which claims that many students urinate on the statue at nighttime as a sort of some rebellious act over this symbol of elite education in an act of unrestrained sophomoric rebellion. So long for the good fortune…

    Rubbing the famous left foot of John Harvard

  14. Do you remember the rats, well if India is not on your list but somehow you adore these infection spreading rodents, you can spend some quality time together in London, while having a cup of refreshing rattuccino or a slice of Black Forest rateau at The London Dungeon. In case you wonder those rats are alive and kicking and are nowhere near some realistic custom made mouse version of themselves.
    Despite the fact that the cafe owners assure all of their customers that the rats are tame and extremely well groomed and always do a compulsory handwashing in between feeding and petting of the rodents, we’re not pretty sure we will give the food there a try anytime soon.

  15. We’re about to finish this list with something rather unusual that still managed to somehow drag a crowd, so welcome to CBGB’s Toilets… if you dare. If you’re an Irvine Welsh fan, then you probably remember the live-action version of Trainspotting and since you’ve watched the movie, there’s one particular scene that we have in mind. That’s right, the one featuring the worst toilet in Scotland.

    Apparently, there were enough people who were eager to see something quite similar in-person (for whatever reason), so they all used to head up straight to New York to check the legendary punk club’s restrooms. Unfortunately, for all of CBGB’s admirers, the club closed in 2006 and took those two somehow world famous toilets with it.
    The building is currently occupied by the clothing store Patagonia and all that the visitors can see is the name of the music venue and the date it was founded CBGB '73 etched into the cement at the entrance of the store.
    Still, Rock’s Scariest Bathroom was Immortalized in the 2013 movie dedicated to the club - CBGB. The trailer even ends with the following tag line: 50,000 bands and 1 disgusting bathroom. Although, in real life, that's a slight misnomer — the legendary New York punk club had not one but two disgusting bathrooms.

    If sparkling cleanliness is what you want

    Well that’s it, our list of the thirteen most filtiest attractions (of course we’ve picked this fatal number on purpose – consider it to be our little, friendly form of warning). We’ve been through everything from two decades-worth of chewing gum to a rat-infested temple, from bathing in red wine to romantic kisses left on graves… And since you’re travel bug is finally well fed, it’s about time to head back home.
    In other words, your very own special place, where the dirt and filth should not be allowed. Whenever you need an extra hand or simply want to spare yourself the hassle of maintaining your home bright and clean, we’re the ones who can guarantee nothing less than perfection each and every time. Our professional cleaning services are here for you, if you’re looking for London’s best.


    Keep Calm and Travel the World

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