Meet the world's most famous cleaners

The world's most famous cleaners

Where we take our inspiration from?

Many of you probably think that working in the professional cleaning industry is boring, uninspiring, monotonous, and without a doubt completely devoid of excitement but we can prove you’re wrong.

Have you ever questioned yourself how many beloved characters in popular culture are indeed obsessed with cleaning and are famous for their love of doing it?

JLO did it, Roselyn Sanchez managed it as well and even God used to be a cleaner (just keep on reading), not to mention one of the most adored Disney princesses of all times. In real life, such protagonists could be life saviours when it's time for the post tenancy cleaning or other troublesome chores.

That’s one of the main reasons why we’ve created this list of such different but equally precious characters without whom the pop culture wouldn’t be the same.

  1. Monica Geller, Friends

    We’re heading back to the 90s because what kind of list, involving cleaning, would this be if Monica Geller is out of it?! The last episode of Friends was aired more than a decade ago but it’s impossible to forget about this adorable gang. After all, the series was the inspiration behind numerous TV shows afterwards, influenced fashion, hairstyles and our lives as well even though nobody understood how this inimitable group of friends could afford to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world without even having a stable job or profession…

    We’re going to walk you down the memory line and recall some of the greatest Monica Geller moments because if we want to grade clean accurately, then it should go like this: clean – cleaner – the cleanest – Monica clean.

    Stay tuned for the most noteworthy Monica’s moments:

    • Wearing a wedding dress is truly exciting but for this spectacular woman to wash the dishes while rocking this look is the best thing in the world.

      Doing the dishes in a wedding dress is perfectly normall

    • It’s hard to forget the astonishing presence of Rebecca Romijn in The one with the Dirty Girl episode and Monica who couldn’t sleep thinking of your (Cheryl’s) apartment. Not everyday someone shows on your door with a bucket of cleaning supplies, ready to leave your place spotless in an instant. And how Ross’s girlfriend’s apartment looked like... Well in his exact words:

      You know how you throw your jacket on a chair at the end of the day? Well, like that only that instead of a chair it's a pile of garbage. And instead of a jacket, it's a pile of garbage. And instead of the end of the day, it's the end of time, and garbage is all that has survived.

    • One more of our favourite moments, before proceeding with the next character in the list, is when Monica was cleaning the apartment (again…) and after she was finished with the vacuum cleaner she took a handheld one to vacuum the main vacuum cleaner with the said out loud wish to have even a smaller one to clean the handheld.

      Vacuuming the apartment

  2. Mr Muscle branding

    If you used to spend a fair amount of time in front of the TV in the early 90s, there’s no chance you have missed the Mr Muscle’s commercials. Who could possibly forget this skinny and weak looking man in white socks and boxers to match the colour. He’s the one who taught us that when it comes to cleaning, the abs are not the thing which matters – there’s Mr Muscle for everything, after all. And even though the brand nowadays uses this cartoon muscle superhero guy in its company commercials, the puny chap will never be forgotten.

    Enjoy the original with these two videos delivered directly from the past millennium.

  3. Mr Clean branding

    Since we’ve opened the theme with TV commercials, let us remind you of another one – the always smiling Mr Clean. The mystery behind this bald headed, pierced middle-aged man with an Arnold Schwarzenegger’s like body mass origin is rather questionable. Some see him as a genie, others believe that he is a sailor, but the story which stole our hearts is the one with the cutest Babyboy, abandoned on a farmer’s doorstep. The boy grew up to become a TV star, which is on screen since 1958 (truly impressive, isn’t it). That’s what we call a fascinating career indeed. We’re wondering why there’s no scenario in which Mr Clean is actually a vampire of some kind, since he hasn’t aged a day for decades…

    However, one of the most recognizable cleaners of all times is truly an inspiring role model for all of us at Royal Cleaning.

    And if you’ve ever wonder, Mr Clean's first name is Veritably. He got it in 1962 during the Give Mr Clean a First Name promotion.

    There are dozens and dozens of commercials, which starred Mr Clean but if we have to choose just one…

  4. Cinderella, the princess, who tends to lose her glass slippers

    Aah, Cinderella – one of the most beloved Disney princesses of all times. The folk tale has had so many interpretations in almost every part of the world (except the North Pole, perhaps) but the Brothers Grimm version, which we’ve heard as little kids, was published in 1812 in their folk tale collection Grimms' Fairy Tales. Then Disney adopted it and the rest is history as they say. Numerous TV, theatre and full-length movie versions, all based on the original tale were made ever since but the one which came to life in 1950 is surely the most recognizable.

    Cinderella is the second official Disney princess, preceded only by Snow White and for decades she’s been a role model for the young girls around the globe (even though nowadays many will agree to disagree with her good influence among the growing generation - but we will leave them aside for now).

    We’re pretty sure that this magnificent lady is among the top reasons why so many little girls feel so excited to do chores while helping their mums.

    Let’s rewind some childhood memories with this video.

  5. Mrs. Doubtfire

    Robin Williams – definitely one of the most beloved stars in Hollywood, who we’ve sadly lost… The man who always used to wear a big shiny smile on his face, was beaten by the depression… But looking on the bright side, he will always live by his heritage. From Good Morning, Vietnam through Patch Adams and Good Will Hunting to the voice of Aladdin’s genie and his character in Jumanji, he was always remarkable.

    You already know the name of the character we have in mind and this is the inimitable Mrs Doubtfire. The movie history is full of actors, who played the opposite gender, but quite a few of them are as good as Robin Williams’s performance in this classic 90s family comedy.

    And when it comes to cleaning – just remember this one particular movie scene.

  6. GOD or the admirable Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty

    When you see that even God is quite good at wiping floors, especially when he’s played by tremendous Morgan Freeman, you honestly start to wonder why all the people seem to constantly complain about the annoying chores they have to do in order to at least look like a decent human being, at least…

    We don’t say that being slobbery is the highway to hell but since even the Goddess clean on their own, maybe is not a bad idea to put more effort into that next time.

    And if you need something to inspire you to do it the right way, take a quick look at our sort of worshipping article – Cleaning as a Meditation.

    And if you want to recall how Morgan Freeman looked as a janitor, hit the play button.

  7. Mary Poppins

    Well, yes, we all know that technically Mary Poppins is a nanny – the best nanny in the world to be precise, since she knows how to use a little bit of magic any now and then, understand the language of birds and flowers (which we all used to but apparently forgot when growing up, except her, of course - that’s what makes Mary extraordinary), takes you on amazing adventures and can even fly without the need of a wizardry carpet ride.

    But let’s not forget that she’s the one who taught us how to clean and sing at the same time. Everything tends to be easier with a song (even if there are no supernatural powers involved) and here’s how Mary does it.

  8. Rosie, The Jetsons

    Enough about people, let’s talk robots. AI is claimed to be a real undertaker, oops, we meant job taker, apologies for that, although the Matrix raises some thoughts about it…

    Back to the topic, we are bringing up the model XB-500, which is more well-known by the name of Rosie - the Robot from The Jetsons cartoon. Who could forget her traditional maid’s outfit and the old school feather duster, which was her favourite cleaning weapon of choice? Her cleaning methods are totally futuristic though, not to mention her carrying personality and warm heart (although actually she doesn’t have one, warm charks are not a thing… at least for now).

    There’s one more robot maid, which goes by the name of Rosie, and you can easily spot her in the Futurama cartoon series. She might be a good cleaner but is still a murder as well, so she couldn’t make it to the list.

    Now back to Jetsons’s Rosie and her perfectionism.

  9. WALL-E

    Since we’re talking robots how could anyone forget the heart-melting presence of WALL-E. Garbage collector or not, he won us in an instant. And since he even managed to save the planet Earth, we simply could not leave WALL-E out of this diverse list.

    At the end of the day, not beauty, not even love but cleaning will save the world (although this story includes an EVE as well).

    Don’t forget about the importance of teamwork as well, after all, M-O played a significant part in the futuristic animation too.

  10. Magda, Sex and the City

    Well-well-well, even the most adored TV series by all the women around the globe (at least those of the age between 16 and 56) has a cleaner among its well-known personages.

    Miranda’s maid is so much more – she’s arguably the only one truly parental figure in the show, and she’s the one who brought the motherly vibe into Miranda's surrounding.

    And we all remember those little reminders that she was leaving in the lawyer’s apartment, which state how a lady should behave. What about the look in her eyes when she found Miranda’s little adult toy…

    This is how the story began.

  11. Consuela, Family guy

    We honestly don’t know where to start with this character, let’s just say that the man who voiced this colourful professional cleaner, Mike Henry, modelled her after one of his own former maids. So in other words, this animated persona is kind of real…

    Plus, during the series she was the maid in James Wood’s mansion, was the controller of the security system at the palace of Jabba the Hutt, used to clean Penelope’s weapons room and even was Dart Vader’s personal maid – quite the CV, don’t you think?

  12. Berta, Two and a half men

    This list can go on and on but the last cleaner that we’re going to include is not well-known precisely about her perfectionism but for her terrific personality and a remarkable sense of humour. Berta is anything but discrete and she could definitely work on her tact and manners but the truth is that we love her just the way she is.

    This memorable lady is always there to make a joke out of all existential self-made crises that appear too often in the lives of the Harpers.

    But still, be careful though, it’s not a good idea to find yourself at her bad side.

There's always more to add to this list

We can add more remarkable names to the list (like the character of Anna Bates in the Downtown Abbey, Niles in The Nanny, Dorota from Gossip Girl, Rosario in Will and Grace, Marisa Ventura or the JLO character in the rom-com Maid in Manhattan, and the four glamorous Latina from Devious Maids series – and that’s just to name a few) but we’re pretty sure that you got the idea where we get our inspiration from already, so we'll leave it that way. We hope that this article motivates you to brighten your home as well, if not, never forget that we’re here for you and at your service. After all, we indeed combine it all – Monica’s perfection, Cinderella’s fines, Mr. Clean’s strength and Berta’s sense of humor (we’ve probably can beat Morgan Freeman as God in this one but we have to admit that we can’t measure with the velvet sound of his voice). All you have to do is to get a quote and enjoy the spotless result afterwards.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that nothing inspires cleanliness more than an unexpected guest and have in mind that housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance when you can call us instead?!

PS: If you’ve just inspired yourself enough to try to make a living as a cleaner, it’s good to know that, according to The Sun, the world’s best-paid cleaner goes by the name of Liang Zhao Zhang and earns a £190,000 salary - by working every single day of the year and at one point he even pulled 17-hour shifts for 18 days straight. Kind of crazy when you think about it. Would you do it for that amount of money?