The One Golden Award that No One in Hollywood Wants

Razzie Awards - The Golden Raspberry Awards

The official Recognition of The Razzies

We all know that the world is eager to find out which will be the movies awarded with the prestige Golden Statues this year and we can’t wait to be a little part of the night of February the 9th. Still today we’re not going to talk about The Oscars since there is yet another honour (or in this particular case - dishonour) which we are at least as queries about, as well. That’s right we’re talking about the Razzies - The Golden Raspberries, which are right the opposite version of the Academy Awards. And this year they promised to be indeed remarkable since this will their first televised ceremony ever.

The nominees for 40th ceremony of the Golden Raspberry Awards, honouring the worst the film industry had to offer in 2019, will be announced on February 8, 2020, exactly one day prior to the 92nd Academy Awards. This makes it the second ceremony held after the Academy Awards, spurning the tradition of announcing the winners on the eve of the Oscars ceremony.

So stay tuned because pretty soon we will figure out which are the movies recognized from members of the Golden Raspberry Foundation as being basically unwatchable.

Have in mind that widely known IMBD or in other words the one website we all use to prove our point and permit a conflict has already made its list with the Possible Films Nominated for 40th Golden Raspberry Awards so don’t hesitate to put your hat into the ring, as well.

Get to Know the Story Behind the Growth of the Bittersweet Golden Fruit

The Razzies were invented in 1981, in Los Angeles, by a handful of UCLA film graduates and film industry veterans - John J. B. Wilson and Mo Murphy. The Golden Raspberry Awards were first handed out the very same year on March 31 in Wilson’s living room alcove in Hollywood, to honour the worst films of the 1980 film season, and ever since then, we’re witnessing how the anti-award ceremony grows larger in scale and gains more and more media attention.

What Does Winning a Razzie Feel Like?

Criticized by some, loved by others, the gold spray-painted raspberry atop a Super 8mm film reel award has become synonymous with failure in cinematic achievements.

The Razzie Awards' satirical annual ceremony has preceded its polar opposite, the coveted Academy Awards, for four decades.

As for the term raspberry, which borrows its name to this famous dishonourable trophy - the word was originally (and still is) used in its irreverent sense, as in blowing a raspberry, which in turn comes from English Cockney rhyming slang where raspberry or the short for raspberry tart, which is actually a rhyming slang for fart.
Now you get it. ;)

The statuette itself is a golf ball-sized raspberry atop a mangled Super 8 mm film reel spray-painted gold, with an estimated street value of $4.97 but is indeed a piece of cinema’s history, which can not be measured by a simple price tag.

Actually, The Razzies are not about the money at all - as The Golden Raspberry Foundation has claimed - the award aims to: encourages well-known filmmakers and top-notch performers to own their bad and eventually become much better at their work in the process.

After all, elite movie critiques or not, we - the keen cinema-goers and lovers - know that a good movie does not depend on its budget or special effects. To create indeed a magnificent work of art, you need so much more in the process.

With that being said - the parody award show honouring the worst of cinematic under-achievements indeed has a very special place in the movie season of which we’re all eager to be part of.
So no matter if the big names in Hollywood like it or not - the decades have proven that The Razzies are here to stay and this year they are definitely taking the spotlights.

Judging the Credibility of the Golden Raspberries

40 years of history is quite a lot indeed so the controversy is something which comes as natural as the changing of the seasons. It’s only fair that some criticized the Razzies for becoming quite detached from what they were originally intended to be.

The Legitimacy of the Golden Raspberry.

And we can totally get their point since it is an honest fact that anyone with a spare $40 can join the voting process. But still, does this somewhat lessen the legitimacy of the ceremony or the pin is intended?!

For years a lot of recognized movie critiques argue that the Oscars themselves can be put in question since we can never be truly certain that the best films are getting the awards they deserve. We’ve heard it all - from expensive gifts made by the movie producers on the pre-premiered nights to honest bribes in order a certain picture to get the so wanted award.

We can never be sure what actually remains behind the curtains of the super-shiny, glamorized event. Not to mention all the connoisseurs of the so-called high culture, who has openly criticised the ceremony for years. And we all remember that remarkable opening speech of the comic Ricky Gervais, the host of 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards earlier this year, don’t we?!

With that being said, it’s far too easy to criticize the Razzies for their arguably frivolous methods, but at the same time, it’s easy to criticize the Oscars for their methods as well. In the end, the quality of a film is subjective, and the Razzies aimed nothing more but to entertain us with that sweet-sweet irony and charming sarcasm.

Irony Behind the Accolade for Failure.

Although the Golden Raspberries are anti-awards, they are not a threat for a person with talent. Many great Hollywood actors such as Ben Affleck, Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry have won a Razzie in the past but are still doing great on the silver screen. One bad performance can leave stain on the career but hard work and skills will provide a chance rise above it. However, when it comes to removing filthy marks for real, turn to the services of Royal Cleaning and book an appointment. Our team consists of well trained professionals who know how to restore the good outlook of your household.

Watch Who will Win an Anti-Award From Home

With the current year in cinema marking what will later be the 40th anniversary of the Razzies, Comedy Dynamics has announced via press release that for the first time ever, the Razzies ceremony will be televised in 2020. The largest independent comedy production/distribution company in the United States, which stays behind the production of numerous well-known and appreciated titles such as Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History, Jim Gaffigan: Noble Ape, the TV series The Toys That Made Us, and the upcoming reboot of the 1990s hit sitcom Mad About You, is already a promising high start for this year’s Golden Raspberry Awards.

The ceremony will be aired live on the Comedy Dynamics Network and we can’t wait to see it, although exactly what the televised version of the Razzies will include is still uncleared - so prepared to be surprised.

One thing is certain though, given that Comedy Dynamics is responsible for the festivities, the laughter and the good, old-fashioned fun that we’re used to associating the Razzies with are 100% guaranteed.

Not to mention that since the event will mark the award ceremony’s 40th anniversary, it will be interesting to see how yet another milestone of its history is marked.

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