Heaven was a drink of wine

Where to enjoy the heavenly taste of the red wine in London?

Red, red wine goes to my head

After we’ve properly commemorated the national beer, the national rum, and the national Prosecco day, we simply couldn’t miss the chance to talk some more about one of the most sophisticated and classy beverages ever created by humankind.

Although the red wine is kind of way too strong to be consumed during the summer, and we would recommend you having a glass of cold white wine or rose with mild fruit flavor instead, today we’re about to focus on the ruby colour and the rich taste of a nice bottle of merlot, burgundy, cabernet, claret, pinot or shiraz.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot of types to choose from out there. And if you really want to taste the difference, then use the #NationalRedWineDay to spoil yourself with the luscious affair of wine tasting and to share your favourite picks.

You can grant yourself such an evening in the very heart of London, so take a proper glass and drink until your dreams come true.

Red, red wine, you make me feel so fine

Or in other words – get to know where to rock all of the time, while wine tasting in London.
We hope that our top choices to have a proper glass of red in the capital will meet your high expectations for this very special wine appreciation day.

  • Winemakers Club The Winemakers Club, which is all about organic, biodynamic wines from small, traditional wineries around the world, makes the support of the smaller, more diverse producers one of its priorities. So in case you want to try something really extraordinary, this place will surely charm you from the very first visit.
    The atmosphere – well, let’s just say that you’ll find yourself within the exposed brickwork vaults of a Victorian wine cellar. On top of that the venue regularly holds wine tasting events, so make sure to remember the name of this exquisite club.

  • Cavas de Gaucho This captivating wine bar in Piccadilly offers tremendous wine tasting masterclasses, which are putting the spotlight on their fantastic collection of wines from Argentina. So gather your friends and enjoy at least five different types of wine, led by expert sommelier, who will guide you through a carefully curated selection of Argentine wines.
    Have in mind that each wine masterclass is subjected to a minimum of 10 guests. If you have a preference of your own, you can have your very own bespoke experiences and have the chance to sample your favourite grape sorts.

  • Vivat Bacchus If you’re into the taste of South Africa, then one of the two locations (at Farringdon and London Bridge) of Vivat Bacchus is the best London’s venue for you. Their memorable stocked cheese rooms are indeed a must-visit.
    The décor of Vivat Bacchus is slightly industrial with its open ceilings, exposed pipes and ducts, which creates the feeling of being in a working winery and builds up quite unique atmosphere. Except degustation of extraordinary wines, here you can take part in a range of enjoyable and informal wine tastings events, wine and cheese evenings, and even wine knowledge quizzes.

  • Wine at Vivat Bacchus at Farringdon

  • The Wine Tasting Shop The motto of this wine shop is try before you buy, which instantly grabbed our attention. Weekly wine degustation events, including blind tastings, accompanied by canapés and cheeses to complement the wines and conducting masterclasses are among the other things that charmed us about this venue.
    The wine shop/bar or vice versa is specialized in top-quality wines by small producers, providing exceptional value to each and every bottle. Here you will find a broad international range with 400 bottles available in-store, including organic and biodynamic wines, and their own label varieties.

  • 28º–50º There is a large variety of food delicacies that can be more than a fine accompaniment to your glass of red wine, that’s something that the 28º–50º chain knows quite well, since their venues are described not as regular bars but as wine-focused restaurants. And when we mentioned that they are part of the Michelin-starred Texture group, you guessed right that we’re talking about a whole new level of classy.
    At the venue you can enjoy a degustation or take part in a wine quiz. One quite challenging option of theirs, offers you to test your taste buds in their blind tastings. There’s more - the team who wins, goes home with a magnum of wine chosen by their Master Sommelier.

  • Bedales of Borough Intimate atmosphere and blindfolded wine tastings, which get all your senses working - do we need to say more? Well, Bedales of Borough are independent, family-owned bars, specialized in rare and unique wines. You can find three of them in the whole of London, each being special on its own. Week after week there are all kinds of wine related events such as workshops, pub quizzes and degustation. So stay tuned for their next surprise.
    Beware, though. Each event of the exploratory wine bar aims to build a community of wine enthusiasts while fostering curiosity for a lifetime of wine appreciation. So if you’re not ready for such a deep commitment, stick to the store shelves instead.

  • Wine Merchants at Bedales of Borough

  • Hedonism Wines Hedonism Wines, which is located in the heart of London’s Mayfair, was established a few years ago - in August 2012 - to become one of the most talked about wine venues in the UK’s capital. Here you will find over 6,500 fine wines and beyond 3,000 other spirits.
    Hedonism Wines claimed that they’re taking only the crème de la crème from each region of the world whilst carefully checking the provenance of every wine bottle. The name of this venue came naturally, since the team members stated that they strongly believe in the ancient Greek hedonism’s maxim that the pleasure is the only intrinsic good So if you’re pretentious when it comes to wine tasting, you may just have found the right place for you.

  • London Cru

  • We’ve saved the best for the end. London Cru is a working winery, situated right here in London. You can spoil yourself with a winery tour, which includes educational and fun tastings or take things to the next phase and book a winemaker for the day course, which we think that guarantees a lot of drinking in the process.
    Tucked away down a little alleyway in SW6, the first urban London Winery has quite the story - it is based in an old Victorian warehouse which was once a gin distillery. Since its launch, many of the London Cru wines have won prestigious IWC awards and are listed in numerous Michelin star restaurants in London and beyond, showing to the world that quality wines can be made in the heart of the UK capital.

Official Wine Variety Days of the Year

The variety of splendid wine tastes simply couldn’t fit in just one single day or two, or even in a week to be frank. That’s why there are a fair amount of wine dedicated days, which you can mark on your calendar, in case you’re looking for an excuse to pour yourself a glass or two of your favourite type any now and then.

The National Wine Day, which unites all varieties of this magnificent beverage are celebrated on the 25th of May every year since 2009, once it was marked in the calendar, a variety of wine appreciation days booked their own dates as well.
To be completely honest the official wine days are actually pretty unofficial. Usually, they start as a movement by a group of individuals or organizations with a passion for juice.
So in the very moment, we’re writing this article, there might be yet another official wine appreciation day.

This is not even close to a good reason not to share the data we’ve gathered with you, though.
So sit back, pour a glass of your favourite wine and relax. We’re about to present you the long list with grape juice appreciation days.

But first, have in mind that, if your favourite type is nowhere to be found in the following rows, you can always start a commemoration on your own and involve some true connoisseur in your cause. If this seems a little too overwhelming, you can always share your thoughts in the comment section below by pointing your favourite pick - a bright idea, which can start a trend or add a date, that we’ve somehow missed along the way.

Wine Days? Like we need an excuse...

  • 18th February - National Drink Wine Day
    It seems that a thing like too much wine simply doesn’t exist. So just to be sure, someone out there has decided that we need a special day dedicated to drinking wine as a whole. Whatever the variety might be, we can put our arms around, as long as it was made of grape and has alcohol in it. We’re not complaining, though, since another excuse to enjoy this delightful drink is always well appreciated.

  • 23rd February - Open That Bottle Night
    This extremely thoughtful day occurred in the first year of the new millennium – back in 2000, since then it is celebrated on every last Saturday of February, so the date can vary from the 22nd to the 29th of the second month of the year. The idea behind this is quite interesting, though. You know that everyone has at least one special bottle of wine or champagne hidden away and kept for… nobody knows why or who exactly. So Open That Bottle Night is all about drinking your private supplies of fine wine or champagne.

  • 3rd March – Mulled Wine Day
    or simply the day we can scot-free enjoy a big heart-warming batch of glogg with mulling spices.

  • 17th April - Malbec Day
    This internationally celebrated event has grown in popularity, since most recently it began to feature a large short film festival to go with your sophisticated glass of wine.

  • Share the drink with friends!

  • 4th May - Sauvignon Blanc Day
    This day is picked to match the height of the harvest in New Zealand since this grape variety is the country’s pride.

  • 9th May – Moscato Day
    Or the sweet white Muscat Blanc’s day but in Italian.

  • 21st May - Chardonnay Day
    #ChardDay becomes a thing in 2010. Rick Bakas was the initiator behind the idea, that it was kind of a necessity to have a little celebration on the Thursday before the Memorial Day weekend. It may have been done back in 2010 but since then the date remained unchanged, which is fine by us since it would be really hard to remember when exactly to celebrate the always switching Chardonnay Day.

  • 11th June or 14th August - Rosé Wine Day
    We know that it might sound a bit confusing but regardless of which day you pick, the main rule about this wine appreciation day is to drink it before Labor Day. And in case you’re not so sure – just celebrate them both – as we do.

  • 1st August - Albariño Day
    The Albariño festival in the Galician town of Cambados in Spain is the reason behind and the origin of this wine appreciation day. After all, what would Spain look like without its festivals?

  • 4th August - White Wine Day
    We’re sure that you’ve seen that coming since the rigorous red wine has its own day, so it’s only logical for the same to be in place for the delicate white wine as well. This is your free pass to spoil yourself with a refined bottle right around the height of summer.

    Wine made of white grapes!

  • 13th August - Prosecco Day
    Since we’ve recently dedicated a a whole article to this entirely fizzy wine, this will be just a quick mention before moving on to:

  • 18th August - Pinot Noir Day
    This exclusive wine made of temperamental grape holds rich colour and complex flavours, it is largely considered one of the most hedonistic wines ever made, so it’s only fair for it to have a day of its own.

  • 28th August – Red Wine
    We’re just reminding that we celebrate it today, in case you’ve already forgotten this, dazzled by all of the wine appreciation days, you can commemorate in the course of a single year. In case you wonder, this day was created by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway in 2014.

  • 3rd September – Cabernet Day
    You remember Rick Bakas, don’t you? Well he is behind this wine appreciation day as well, alongside with the twitter guru NoCal. #CabernetDay was born back in 2010 and has grown ever since.

  • 15th September – Grenache Day
    Officially the #GrenacheDay should be celebrated on the 3rd Friday of September. The Grenache Association was created in France to bring awareness to this not so well known variety and they intend to have a symposium and master class series every 3 years in order to boost its popularity worldwide.

  • Finally, it's Time for some Wine!

  • 7th November – Merlot Day
    This one somehow passes under the radar, when it comes to its first celebration or the person behind it. We won’t let it slip away, though, especially since this wine sort totally deserves a day on its own.

  • 12th November – Tempranillo Day
    The celebration of this dry climate Spanish wine variety was started a few years back by TAPAS or Tempranillo Advocates, Producers And Amigos in order to make it more popular, of course, especially beyond the country’s borders.

  • 15th November – Zinfandel Day
    National Zinfandel Day changes from year to year, landing on the third Wednesday every November. The appreciation of the day was started by ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates and Producers) who also holds a huge Zinfandel tasting in San Francisco every year.

  • 21st November - Beaujolais Nouveau Day
    Each third Thursday of November Beaujolais Nouveau Day is marked in France with fireworks, music and festivals. The French law states that the wine should be released at 12:01 a.m., just weeks after the wine's grapes have been harvested. Splendid parties (including about 120 different festivals) are held throughout the country in order to celebrate the first wine of the season.

  • 20th December – Sangria Day
    Frankly, we have no idea why someone would choose to celebrate such a fresh and refrigerant alcoholic drink (especially if you’re an admirer of its Blanco version, made with white wine) right in the middle of the winter but as long as December can offer a good excuse to become creative and make our very own kind of a wine-based fruit drink, we’re all in.

  • 31st December – Champagne Day
    One of everybody’s first association with the New Year’s Eve is the Champagne (at least right behind the midnight’s kiss tradition), so it’s no wonder that it has its own appreciation date.

Happy Wine Day to you - The bottle of my heart

We’ve gotten through all the days of the year and couldn’t find more wine appreciation days but if you have a little something in mind, we will gladly add those other grape-related events to our calendar and celebrate them with smile and style as well.

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